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Modulant Forms Solutions Center

Modulant Forms Industry Solutions Center to Solve Data Standards Entanglement Problem

Leverages Advanced Model-Based Mapping Technology to Bridge Chasm Among Popular Standard Data Vocabularies

San Francisco, California, USA. September 16, 2002.

Modulant, the leading provider of semantics-based interoperability solutions, today announced the formation of an Industry Solutions Center -- a strategic group dedicated to establishing interoperability among leading standard data vocabularies.

Modulant has created the Industry Solutions Center to address a long-standing challenge in the IT community: how to reconcile the use of disparate, competitive data standards for business exchanges. The group's charter is to create cross-platform mappings that bridge diverse data vocabularies among a wide range of standards.

Initially, Modulant will leverage its deep expertise in the area of collaborative commerce and product lifecycle data management to unite standard formats such as ebXML, STEP, OAG, EDIFACT, X12, and RosettaNet into a common framework for data-level interoperability. Product data standards, in particular, have evolved into a bewildering assortment of non-interoperable formats and data definitions due to the high degree of fragmentation, constantly evolving baseline, lack of widespread agreement on a common vocabulary, and ensuing proliferation of 'standard' hybrids to accommodate local vocabulary variations.

"Modulant is ushering in a new age of enterprise interoperability in which companies no longer have to make a lot of the business tradeoffs they've had to make in the past in order to support collaboration," said Gene Eubanks, Modulant's chief executive officer. "Our new Industry Solutions Center makes it possible for companies to leverage standards work without being held hostage by rigid restrictions."

Modulant's Industry Solutions Center is committed to breaking down the barriers to collaborative commerce caused by incompatible data vocabularies. Modulant's model-based mappings leverage advanced semantics technology and methodology to solve persistent data compatibility problems. The results of this approach are consistent, open, and computable maps for bridging the chasm among popular standard data vocabularies.

"The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) requires formalized techniques, tools, and methodologies in order to understand and manage the vast and complex nature of their enterprise-wide information systems, and begin to realize the ultimate goal of interoperability," said Robert S. Kidwell, vice president and senior technical director of the Enterprise Integration Center at ManTech - a leading integration service provider for the U.S. DoD. "Modulant's formation of the Industry Solutions Center demonstrates a continuing commitment to untangling the persistent problems of interoperability within highly complex environments."

About Modulant

Modulant is the leading provider of semantics-based interoperability solutions that improve the speed, success rate, and ROI of integration efforts along the product value chain. Fundamentally different from traditional integration approaches, Modulant's semantic mapping, modeling, and mediation capabilities enable product lifecycle management (PLM) applications to exchange information with other applications across the extended enterprise - without requiring agreement on standard data vocabularies or custom coding of data transformations. Modulant's unique semantic mediation approach creates a loosely-coupled, scalable, and highly-adaptable interoperability framework that enables companies to significantly improve efficiency, agility, and collaboration capabilities throughout the product lifecycle - from development through sourcing, production, and distribution. For more information, please visit

Media Contact

Andrea Bruno
Modulant Solutions, Inc.
Tel: +1 415-281-4551


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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