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CIDX, PIDX and RAPID to Jointly Develop Common eBusiness Standards

CIDX, PIDX and RAPID as Leading Industry Standards Bodies Agree to Jointly Develop Common eBusiness Standards

Chemicals, Petroleum, Agricultural Industries Launch Effort

Alexandria, VA, USA June 12, 2002.

Standards-setting bodies serving the chemicals, petroleum and agricultural industries are planning to collaborate on the development and support of common platform-independent electronic business data communications standards.

The Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX), Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) and RAPID, Inc., a non-profit trade association representing the agricultural industry, announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on information, technology and process standardization within and between their respective industries.

Together, CIDX, PIDX and RAPID will leverage resources and "know-how" to:

  • Define a set of voluntary vertical industry standards for trade within and between their respective industries
  • Represent the 'voice of the combined industries' to cross-industry XML standards initiatives
  • Work with solution providers to accelerate development and implementation of improved technologies and methodologies to support the common standards
  • Share implementation "know-how," case studies, and support materials

"Our collective industries are important trading partners to one another, and this collaboration between standards bodies is a natural evolution of the work each organization has completed independently," said Patricia B. Simmons, CIDX Executive Director. "We intend to leverage our individual experiences and best practices to improve the flow of electronic transactions between our industries."

"Despite certain business and transactional practices unique to each industry, the chemical, petroleum and agricultural industries have many common processes and practices," added Randy Clark, PIDX Chair. "By jointly working toward common standards, we reduce costs and improve business operating efficiencies across our industries."

A joint collaboration advisory team comprised of management representatives from each organization will establish the scope of all projects related this agreement. Together, the three groups will manage, maintain and disseminate the common standards to ensure integrity and availability.

Separately, each organization will assess its own needs and priorities funneling this information back to the joint collaboration advisory team that is charged with identifying common areas of interest and selecting and prioritizing topics and initiatives to be addressed.

Once developed, the shared electronic standards will be free to all interested businesses, and voluntary adoption of the eBusiness standards will be encouraged through joint communications efforts.

Collaborative efforts have been initiated in standards architecture, design and content, implementation framework and guidelines, cross-industry standards convergence, and communication with solution providers.

"CIDX, PIDX and RAPID share the desire to leverage past successes and extend our common efforts to trading partners to achieve even greater returns on our eBusiness investments," said Ron Farrell, RAPID President and Executive Director. "Under this agreement, we now share the commitment and resources to achieve these goals."

About CIDX

CIDX (Chemical Industry Data eXchange) is a global trade association and standards body, whose mission is to improve the ease, speed and cost of conducting business electronically between chemical companies and their trading partners.

Through the collaborative effort of over 80 chemical industry leaders, CIDX has built the XML based Chem eStandards, which define 52 business messages required by chemical companies to carry out highly secure transactions with suppliers and customers over the Internet. The Chemical Industry Data Exchange uses the trademarks CIDX and Chem eStandards.

About PIDX

The American Petroleum Institute's Electronic Commerce Committee, the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX), was formed in 1987 to develop and promote the implementation of electronic standards for the oil and natural gas industry.

The PIDX mission is to provide the process, technology, and information standards to enable seamless, efficient electronic business within the petroleum industry and its trading community. PIDX is a registered trademark of the American Petroleum Institute.


RAPID is a non-profit trade association formed in 1995 to promote standardized electronic connectivity in the agricultural industry. RAPID's mission is: "RAPID actively enables agri-business to achieve the economic and stewardship benefits of electronic business. RAPID develops and maintains the quality of commonly supported standards, processes, databases, pilots, and promotes electronic connectivity."


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Tel: 773/866-1822

American Petroleum Institute
Sarita Leassear
Tel: 202/682-8491

Marilyn Hunter
Tel: 202/293-1233


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See other references in the news item.

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