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Ipedo Introduces XML Views

Ipedo Introduces XML Views Integration Technology

Simplifies Content and Data Merging, Consolidates XML for Web and Web Services Applications

Boston, MA, USA. August 26, 2002

Ipedo, a leading provider of software products for managing and delivering dynamic content over the Internet, today introduced Ipedo XML Views, a new integration technology that unifies information management for portals, custom Web applications and Web services initiatives. Integrated into its award-winning Ipedo XML Database and Ipedo Integration Manager, XML Views expands the reach of corporate information resources while reducing the complexity.

Ipedo XML Views are virtual, real-time snapshots of information from external XML and non-XML sources presented in a standard, common XML format to simplify integration tasks in applications. Once constructed, XML Views can be manipulated using XML query and transformation standards, and multiple XML Views can be combined to create information composites tailored for specific applications. Ipedo's XML Views technology provides virtual connections to remote information sources for quick, easy access, whether structured data from databases or unstructured Web content.XML Views features include:

  • Composite Data and Content Integration - Utilizing a unified XML information model, XML Views can merge structured data from relational databases and Web services, as well as unstructured content from content management systems and repositories.

  • Simple Connect Architecture - XML Views can be created quickly and without mapping using a connection mechanism that associates source types with appropriate XML schema. Results can also be tailored using Ipedo's built-in eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) formatting engine.

  • Multi-Source Search and Update - Ipedo's XQuery processor includes a complete set of XQuery search operations for locating information across multiple sources. Updates can be performed using the XQuery update capabilities of the Ipedo XML Database.

  • Index and Cache Acceleration - XML Views are supported by a sophisticated indexing engine that speeds queries across XML collections. Queries and query results can be cached to further speed processing.

  • Intelligent Query Optimization - Ipedo's XQuery processor optimizes the performance of complex queries by splitting execution between the local cache and remote source, preventing bottlenecks from expensive merges or large result sets.

"Organizations are looking to break down the barriers to information sharing, and leverage all of their data and content assets," said Nick Zhang, CEO and co-founder of Ipedo. "Ipedo XML Views technology provides sophisticated processing in a simple and open architecture that fits easily into existing environments, whether building a supply chain application or customer service portal."

The XML Views architecture works across existing relational databases, content management systems and Web Services, and can be tailored using an adapter development kit. The all-Java design includes support for JDBC, JMS, and SOAP, and can be deployed in conjunction with J2EE application servers such as BEA WebLogic or IBM WebSphere.

About Ipedo

Ipedo delivers innovative information management software that simplifies the growing use of XML in online applications, making it easier for enterprises to effectively integrate, manage and deliver dynamic content over the Internet. The Ipedo Dynamic Information Suite provides tailored access to a broad base of information through advanced XML integration, database and profile management software products. Ipedo customers rely on its advanced XML processing and patent-pending ActiveEdge performance technology to power Web, portal, mobile and other applications. Ipedo is available on the Web at

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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