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Ipedo XML Information Hub Supports Universal XQuery Engine

Ipedo Enhancements Boost Award-Winning XML Information Hub

Content Conversion, Auto-Organization, Universal XQuery, Web Services Views Reduce Cost and Complexity of Information Delivery

Redwood City, California, USA. May 12, 2003.

Ipedo, a leading provider of software products for integrating and delivering information over the Internet, today introduced the latest version of its award-winning XML Information Hub, incorporating several important new product enhancements to facilitate the growing use of XML in Web and Web Services applications. Designed specifically to reduce cost and complexity of information delivery, the Ipedo XML Information Hub 3.3 now features integrated content conversion, rules-based auto-organization, a universal XQuery engine and enhanced XML Views for Web Services.

"With this release we strived to simplify the difficult problems of information integration and automated availability," said Nick Zhang, CEO and co-founder of Ipedo. "By fusing integration and management concepts together in the Ipedo XML Information Hub, we allow organizations to have a simpler, unified approach to managing and delivering their information."

The Ipedo XML Information Hub -- with its Integration Manager, XML Database and Web Express modules -- combines integration with information management capabilities to make information available on demand, enabling organizations to unify their data and content sources and combine them for use in multiple applications. For example, pharmaceutical companies can speed drug research by aggregating and mining genomic and clinical data from multiple online sources; financial institutions can combine data from multiple back-end sources into new compliance documents for regulatory review; and manufacturers can combine relevant pieces from product documentation for presentation in customer and partner portals.

The Ipedo XML Information Hub 3.3 introduces:

  • Content Conversion: Integrated content conversion reduces the work and manual effort required to move Word, PDF and other non-XML documents into XML, where the content can be more widely used in applications. Converted content is automatically validated for quality and indexed for optimal query performance. Includes integration with Liquent Xtent.

  • Auto-Organization: Inbound information can be inspected and organized based on business rules, reducing staff costs and allowing instant availability. XML documents are organized based on schema, content or combinations of content; additional XML tags can be added to simplify subsequent processing; and information sources can be combined and transformed.

  • Universal XQuery Engine: Local and remote content and data sources can be searched and updated using a universal XQuery engine, consolidating the number and complexity of queries while giving access to a broader range of sources. The universal XQuery engine can perform XML search and update, targeted full-text search, federated query for information aggregation and integration, as well as result set format customization -- all compliant with the latest W3C XQuery specification.

  • XML Views for Web Services: Real-time queryable views of Web Services allow applications to integrate and control feeds of information, presented in a common XML format that can be simply combined with other local and remote information sources.

  • Scalability and Availability Enhancements: Support for Linux and Windows clustering improves availability and reliability. New high-speed bulk loading provides faster import and indexing for environments with large volumes of XML data.

Ipedo XML Information Hub

The Ipedo XML Information Hub gives organizations centralized visibility and control over their information. Businesses can leverage the full potential of their critical database management systems, CRM and ERP applications and content management systems by integrating information into a flexible middle-tier hub, where information can be centrally managed and customized for the unique needs of each user or application. Comprised of a collection of tightly integrated modules employing Extensible Markup Language (XML), the Ipedo XML Information Hub connects islands of information and presents customized views to applications and users on demand. Specialized tagging and structure management techniques improve information search and merge operations, and provide more relevant information delivery.

About Ipedo

Ipedo delivers innovative information management software that simplifies the growing use of XML in online applications, making it easier for enterprises to effectively integrate, manage and deliver dynamic information over the Internet. The Ipedo XML Information Hub provides tailored access to a broad base of information through advanced XML integration, database and profile management software products. Customers in life sciences, manufacturing telecommunications, and high technology organizations rely on its advanced XML processing and patent-pending ActiveEdge performance technology to power Web, portal, and Web Services applications. Ipedo is available on the Web at

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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