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Iopsis iNsight for OASIS ebBPSS and BPEL4WS Modeling

Iopsis Unveils Web Services Assembly Product for ebXML and Business Process Orchestration

Iopsis iNsight Provides Architecture and Modeling Tools for Web Services Applications

San Mateo, California, USA. JavaOne 2003. June 3, 2003.

Iopsis Software, an innovator in production grade Web services development tools and infrastructure, today announced version 2.1 of its iNsight application assembly product. Iopsis iNsight is the industry's first tool that lets developers use standard UML notation to define and orchestrate Web services, and it has pioneering support for OASIS ebBPSS and BPEL4WS modeling. Working as a supplement to the Sun ONE Studio and NetBeans Integrated Development Environments from Sun Microsystems, Iopsis iNsight provides modeling, code generation, choreography, and assembly of Web services for use in business processes and end-user applications.

"Iopsis's iNsight 2.1 is an ideal complement to Sun ONE Studio 4 Enterprise Edition for Java, providing a complete platform for businesses to rapidly develop enterprise class Web services applications," said Ashwin Rao, Senior Product Manager for SunONE Studio. "iNsight, with Sun ONE Studio provides one of the most comprehensive sets of development tools for Web services creation, modeling and consumption found in the market today."

Iopsis iNsight allows developers to rapidly assemble Web services from existing Java code. Unlike previous tools that blindly generate WSDL and XML from low-level Java interfaces, iNsight helps developers use rich business logic interfaces (e.g., "reserve inventory") in long-running Web services transactions. "Until now, tools generated WSDL files that merely reflected internal interfaces that were often useless for application-level contracts," said Rajesh Pradhan, CTO of Iopsis. "Iopsis iNsight works at a higher level and automatically handles versioning, object naming and interoperability issues, creating Web services that are useful in a real business context."

Iopsis will be showcasing iNsight in booth 406 at San Francisco's JavaOne next week. The demonstrations will show modeling Web services interfaces, choreographing their actions in long-running business processes, and deploying working applications to the standard environments of .NET, Apache and J2EE's JaxRPC.

iNsight's new features

Iopsis iNsight has always worked as a seamless extension to the SunONE Studio IDE, providing ease of use and automation to Java developers working in Web services. iNsight has added a series of packs that lower the costs and time involved with developing Web services applications:

  • Foundation Pack: The core components that extend the SunONE IDE with new windows and code generators for XML and WSDL, plus functionality for repurposing existing software assets in SAP R/3 and XML data sources.

  • Basic Pack: Creates Web Service Interfaces that conform to the WS-I Basic profile, extending the IDE capabilities with UML based modeling of WSDL interfaces

  • Orchestration Pack: Creates choreography interfaces based on BPEL4WS 1.1 and ebXML BPSS 1.05 modeling, facilitating deployment to IBM's BPWS4J, Collaxa's Orchestration server, and ebMSH 2.0-compliant servers.

  • Mobile Access Pack: The Configuration and deployment tools for wireless web service applications using the Iopsis iNfinite multi-channel application framework

Product Availability and Pricing

Iopsis iNsight 2.1 will be available for free download, evaluation and purchase in June 2003 at iNsight runs on Solaris 8 + 9, Windows 2000 + XP, and RedHat Linux 7. Iopsis iNsight 2.1 is typically $1000-2000 per developer seat, depending on the number of packs used.

About Iopsis Software

Iopsis Software has been a profitable company for 12 straight quarters by being both a project implementer and software vendor of Web services-based products. Iopsis has built its business upon standards such as Java, COM+, WSDL, WSCI, and ebXML to provide scalable Web services products and turnkey solutions. Iopsis is an active participant in JCP and OASIS working groups, and is a member of the IBM WOW advisory group. Iopsis products provide business-driven modeling, code generation, and assembly of Web services, integration and extension tools, and eCommerce infrastructure for mobile devices. Iopsis' consulting projects span a wide range of commercial projects that involve trading partners and mobile devices. Founded in 1999, Iopsis is dual-headquartered in Pune, India and San Mateo, CA. Find out more at


Iopsis Software
Amit Pradhan
Tel: +1 650/358-2522 ext. 807

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. Related references: (1) "Electronic Business XML Initiative (ebXML)"; (2) "Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS)."

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