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Content Services Specification from Interwoven

Interwoven, Supported by Leading Portal Vendors, Introduces Content Services Specification, Industry's First and Emerging Standard for Web Services-Enabled ECM

Vendor Adoption of Proposed Content Services Standard Enables Joint Customers to Build and Deliver Business Applications Using Interwoven's Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Sunnyvale, California, USA. March 18, 2002.

Interwoven, Inc., the leader in Enterprise Content Management, joined by major portal vendors, today announced the publication of the Content Services specification, the industry's first open and implemented Web Services specification for access to Enterprise Content Management functionality. This proposed standard was championed by Interwoven with support from leading application vendors with portal offerings, including BEA, Bowstreet, Sun Microsystems, Inc., SAP Portals, Sybase and TIBCO Software, and will be submitted this month for consideration by one of the international open standards bodies.

"There has been a lot of talk about Web Services in the content and portal space, but there has been a shortage of real services for organizations to use in their portals," said Mark Gilbert, research director, Gartner, Inc. "A standard for accessing enterprise content management functionality as Web Services provides a way to make the content management functionality more versatile and more accessible across the organization, and even to partners outside the organization."

Key Benefits of Content Services

This business critical proposed specification provides an enterprise content management foundation that is interoperable, reliable and future-proofed for enterprise applications. Future proofing provides a long-term, sustainable ecosystem in several ways: the customer is not tied to the product planning process of a single vendor; increased choice of vendors leads to higher quality products at lower prices; best-of-breed products are combined into enterprise applications more quickly and easily because of their interoperability; and best practices are learned from the experiences of many systems.

"A company's portal brings people together with other people, knowledge, and data. Uniform access to email, business processes, task lists, databases, and document archives helps organizations speed their operations and improve their productivity," said Jack Jia, CTO of Interwoven. "Interwoven saw a real need to provide a common platform for portal vendors to build on in order to deliver these benefits to customers as quickly, reliably, and efficiently as possible. Content Services provides that foundation, and its adoption by so many market-leading vendors is what customers are demanding to enable them to fully leverage their corporate information and human assets enterprise wide."

Design of Content Services

The new standard, championed by Interwoven in conjunction with leading portal partners, delivers these business benefits because of its comprehensive design. It encompasses all lifecycle elements of enterprise content management, including content transfer, metadata, workflow, workareas, locking, and many other functions. These functions are made available as Web Services in a vendor-neutral solution, promising to hide many of the differences between competing software platforms, programming languages, and hardware specifics.

The proposed standard is built on the basic foundational standards for Web Services: WSDL (Web Service Description Language) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Those standards are already well established, and development tools to support them are now becoming available. This is a significant advantage for customers because Web Services form the foundation of major initiatives in the software industry, including the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) and Microsoft's .NET.

Availability of Content Services

The Content Services specification is available now through the site for anyone to review, comment on, and implement. A full reference solution is included in the Interwoven implementation.

Continuing its highly active role in the open standards community, Interwoven, with support from its partners, will submit Content Services for consideration by one of the international open standards bodies, and will continue to work toward its broader adoption throughout the industry. Interwoven is active in all of the W3C, OASIS, JCP, IETF and IDEAlliance standards communities.

About Interwoven

Interwoven, Inc. is the world's leader in Enterprise Content Management. Its Content Infrastructure product suite includes content aggregation, content collaboration, content management, content intelligence and content distribution. Its products are the de facto standard for more than 900 global companies including British Airways, Cisco Systems, General Electric, General Motors and Philips. Interwoven teams with the leading best-of-breed eBusiness application providers to provide customers an end-to-end platform for eBusiness. Recently, Interwoven won Transform Magazine's "2001 Product of the Year" award for Enterprise Content and Collaboration Technology. For more information on Interwoven and its proven XML-based content infrastructure solutions, visit the Interwoven home page at


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See the news item: "Interwoven Publishes Draft Content Services Specification."

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