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Inktomi Search Toolkit Supports XML

Inktomi Unveils Next-Generation Information Retrieval Technology to Provide Advanced Search Functionality within Enterprise Applications

New XML-Based, OEM Offering Combines Keyword and Parametric Search Capabilities to Improve Application Usability and Increase End-User Productivity

Foster City, California, USA. May 14, 2002.

Inktomi Corp., developer of scalable network infrastructure software, today announced next-generation information retrieval technology for software developers and systems integrators that will provide advanced search functionality within enterprise applications. Built with native XML support, Inktomi Search Toolkit is an innovative OEM solution for extracting highly relevant data from structured, unstructured and semi-structured content. This new OEM offering will deliver significantly enhanced information retrieval within content-rich applications such as content management, enterprise portal, CRM and commerce solutions. Inktomi Search Toolkit helps customers develop cutting-edge software solutions, reduce time to market, increase cost savings and deliver an enhanced end-user experience.

As enterprise applications continue to build upon XML and evolve toward Web services, it is critical that they include search functionality that is fully compatible with XML. Inktomi Search Toolkit is the first OEM solution that delivers the advanced XML-based retrieval capabilities for finding structured, unstructured and semi-structured content within enterprise applications to improve application usability and increase end-user productivity.

"XML plays a major role within Interwoven's product architecture and the integration of XML-enabled search from Inktomi within Interwoven TeamSite software will allow our customers to best leverage the valuable information created and stored within their global networks," said Kevin Cochrane, vice president of product management at Interwoven. "After an extensive evaluation of the leading OEM search technologies, we selected Inktomi Search Toolkit for our TeamSite software because of its advanced semi-structured search capabilities and innovative approach to information retrieval."

Inktomi Search Toolkit will enable software developers and systems integrators to:

  • Leverage next-generation OEM search technology: The native-XML search engine is schema independent, offering an embeddable solution designed to support the applications being built today as well as future versions.

  • Get to market faster: Server-based architecture, open APIs and a standards-based query language make the Inktomi Search Toolkit easy to integrate into most environments. Additionally, since the server operates as a separate process, valuable data within the application is protected, reducing development time.

  • Reduce system costs: Ease of integration coupled with the ability to search and retrieve structured, unstructured and semi-structured content from one system simplifies software design and reduces total system cost.

  • Enhance end-user experience: By combining powerful parametric search capabilities with the simplicity of keyword search, users will be able to find more precise data with increased efficiency as well as have a consistent view of content regardless of format.

"Inktomi Search Toolkit provides the next-generation retrieval capabilities that software developers and systems integrators need today to offer a complete solution that improves application usability and increases end-user productivity," said Troy Toman, vice president and general manager, Inktomi Enterprise Search Solutions. "We have been working closely with our partners and customers to expand our information retrieval solution suite to include new technologies that address the broader knowledge management requirements within the enterprise, and we will continue to innovate and build upon this new OEM offering to meet future needs of our customers."

Inktomi Search Toolkit: How it Works

Inktomi Search Toolkit provides the unstructured search functionality of a keyword search engine, such as relevance ranking, natural language search and filtering for various file formats. Additionally, it delivers XQuery-based structured query capabilities that allow sophisticated retrieval functions such as parametric searching and retrieval of content based on a document's structure. Inktomi Search Toolkit returns results that include references to documents as well as the actual documents or fragments of those documents that contain the precise information requested. For example, in a commerce application, a user can find all invoices that include "television" and "36-inch" dated after January 1, 2001 and return item descriptions and invoice amounts.


Inktomi Search Toolkit is available now. For more information go to

About Inktomi

Based in Foster City, Calif., Inktomi develops and markets scalable network infrastructure software solutions essential for global enterprises and service providers. The company's products are used to publish, distribute, manage and retrieve corporate-critical information across worldwide networks, helping organizations increase productivity while lowering costs. Inktomi's industry-leading solutions include network caching, content distribution, media publishing, and enterprise and Web search technologies. Inktomi distributes its products directly, as well as through global channel partners and leading hardware vendors that embed Inktomi content networking software in a range of server appliances. Inktomi's customer and strategic partner base includes such leading companies as America Online, AT&T, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Yahoo! The company has offices in North America, Asia and Europe. For more information, visit


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: (1) the news item: "New XML-Based Inktomi Search Toolkit Combines Keyword and Parametric Search."; (2) "XML and Query Languages."

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