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Java Support for SecureXML Digital Signature

Infomosaic Releases Java Support for SecureXML Digital Signature

Santa Clara, California, USA. January 07, 2003.

Infomosaic Corporation today announced the release of Java Support for SecureXML Digital Signature, rounding its Digital Signature product offering and support for software developers utilizing the following programming languages and development environments: C, C++, Java, VB/ VB Script/ ASP, JavaScript/ Web, C#/ VB.NET/ ASP.NET and Cold Fusion.

SecureXML makes it extremely easy for software developers and system integrators to add industry standard digital signature to their web and standalone applications. SecureXML provides functionality to sign web pages, forms, XML data and documents in Word, PDF and other formats.

Manoj Srivastava, President and CEO of Infomosaic Corp., said, "With the addition of support for Java (Sun JDK 1.4.1) in SecureXML, Java developers can now take full advantage of Windows native cryptography and XML Signature without having to reinvent everything."

The website provides 30 days free trial of the SecureXML software.

About Digital Signature

As more and more companies transmit data across the Web and archive information electronically, the security of documents becomes increasingly important. Electronic Signatures on documents and data files are replacing the traditional hand written signatures on financial, legal, medical and business documents. Electronic Signatures assure the following:

  • Integrity -- The data/document isn't changed as it goes from the sender to the receiver
  • Authenticity -- The document actually came from the indicated sender
  • Non Repudiation -- The sender of the document cannot claim that they did not send it or that the content was altered
  • Acceptance -- The signing process establishes the agreement of the signer with what is being signed

About Infomosaic Corporation

Infomosaic Corporation is a leading provider of Digital Signature products and services. Its SecureXML product family was the first C-language implementation of the XML Digital Signature standard. It is highly optimized for high volume XML transaction applications, intended for digitally signing network data, web content and standalone documents. The software can be used in workflow and other e-business automation applications.

Infomosaic is a member of OASIS and is currently an active participant in the e-notary and digital signature services technical committees. Manoj Srivastava serves as an editor for both technical committees. Infomosaic Corporation can be reached on the Internet at, by email at, at phone numbers (800) 673-4107 and (408) 988-4337.


Infomosaic Corp.
Aki Kaniel
Tel: +1 408/988-4303

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: "Digital Signatures."

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