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<indecs>2rdd Adopted as MPEG 21 Baseline Technology

21 January 2002.

Rightscom, the digital rights strategy consultancy, today announced on behalf of the <indecs>2rdd Consortium, the adoption of <indecs>2RDD as baseline technology for the MPEG-21 Rights Data Dictionary standard. The adoption follows the MPEG meeting in Pattaya, Thailand, in December 2001 at which 9 proposals were evaluated. The MPEG-21 Rights Data Dictionary, based on <indecs>2rdd principles, will provide a key part of the architecture required to deliver interoperability between digital rights management (DRM) systems.

The adoption of the <indecs>2rdd proposal marks the beginning of the collaborative phase of this very important work in MPEG, which is scheduled for International Standard in March 2003. The MPEG rights Data Dictionary and the accompanying Rights Expression Language specifications will allow interoperable large-scale exchange of digital media, including subscription services, trusted peer-to-peer services and a wide variety of other distribution models.

The current <indecs>2rdd Consortium, (Accenture, ContentGuard, EDItEUR, Enpia Systems, International DOI Foundation), Melodies and Memories Global (MMG/a subsidiary of Dentsu), the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), are actively discussing further funding for continuation of the <indecs>2rdd initiative.

About Rightscom

Rightscom is a digital rights strategy consultancy. The company provides solutions for the management and trading of intellectual property assets in digital environments. It offers high-level consultancy on the operational, technical, commercial and regulatory processes needed for successful implementation of profitable content-rich digital commerce strategies.

With backgrounds in Rights Societies, as well as in the publishing and music industries, Rightscom's consultants have extensive expertise in rights network infrastructures, rights licensing, business modelling, metadata processes and Digital Rights Management technologies. Rightscom's consultants play prominent roles in international standards initiatives such as MPEG and OeBF, giving them unique insight into the issues that will determine the successful technologies of the future.

Rightscom's clients include major rights holder organisations, technology companies and service providers, as well as Government organisations and NGOs.


Angus Cheyne
MIDEM 0492 98 70 97

Further Information on Participating Companies

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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: "<indecs>2rdd Consortium - Rights Data Dictionary."

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