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IEEE WECWIS 2002 Program

IEEE Task Force on Electronic Commerce


Fourth International Workshop on Advanced Issues of E-Commerce and Web-based Information Systems

June 26-28, 2002, Newport Beach, California, USA

The pervasive connectivity of the Internet and the powerful architecture of the WWW have created a tremendous opportunity for conducting business on the Internet. The terms e-commerce and e-business have been used to describe those systems and technologies that make conducting business on the Internet possible. The purpose of this workshop is to identify and explore the technical and related technology management issues and solutions for e-commerce on the Internet. In particular, we are interested in the infrastructure issues to facilitate e-commerce and Web-based information systems. The WECWIS workshop is to be a forum for free exchange of ideas. Particularly welcome are reports on experimental work, experience with current standards and position papers addressing current and future needs of e-commerce and Web-based information systems. The best papers will be selected for a special issue of the Electronic Commerce Research Journal []


10:00-6:30pm Registration 
10.30-11:30 Tutorial I: WebServices: Web Services Infrastructure 
   Liang-Jie Zhang, IBM
11:30-1:00 Lunch 
1:00-2:00 Tutorial II: WebServices: R & D Challenges 
  Akhil Sahai, HP 
2:00-3:00 Tutorial III: WebServices: Architecture and Applications 
  Jen-Yao Chung, IBM
3:00-3:30 Break
3:30-5:00 Work In Progress 
Chair: Anyndia Datta 
BPML : A Process Modeling Language for Dynamic Business Models 
  Rajesh Kumar, Amit Kumar Srivatava, Ashis Kumar Pujari, Visweswar B. K 
Modeling and Exchange of Product Classification Systems using XML 
  Joerg Leukel, Volker Schmitz 
DisCSPs: Tools for efficient and generic multi-agents negotiations 
  Youssef Hamadi 
Towards a Platform for Supporting the Buyer in Trading in Heterogeneous Marketplaces 
  Bendick Mahleko, Justus Klingemann, Peter Frankhauser
5:30-7:00pm IBM Reception 
8:00-4:00pm Registration 
8:00-9:00 Continental Breakfast 
8:30-9:50 Opening Session 
Chair's Message 
   Kwei-Jay Lin, UCI
Keynote Address: Web Services and XML Good News: The Difficult Issues are Still Open 
   Matthieu Devin, Oracle
9:50-10:20 Break 
10:20-12:00 Session 1: WebServices and XML-based Protocols 
Chair: Sang H. Son 
XML-based Advanced UDDI Search Mechanism for B2B Integration 
  Jiang-Jie, Zhang, Haifei Li, Henry Chang, Tian Chao 
MQML- Message Queuing Markup Language 
  Minhua Shi, Deren Chen, Rongguo Wang 
QoS Management in Web-based Real-Time Data Services 
   Sang H. Son, Kyoung-Don Kang 
Automatic Generation and Integration of RosettaNet Based On Generic Templates and Components 
  Simon S. Y. Shim, Zhaoyuan Zeng, Jerry Gao
12:00-1:30pm Lunch 
1:30-3:10 Session 2: Business Processes and Workflow Technology 
Chair: Heiko Ludwig 
Flexible Inter-enterprise Workflow Management using E-Services 
   Jie Meng, Raja Krithivasan, Stanley Y. W. Su, Sumi Helal 
Integration of Web Services into Workflows through a Multi-Level Schema Architecture 
   Gunter Preuner, Michael Schrefl 
Converting Business Documents: A Classification of Problems and Solutions using XML/XSLT 
   Erik Wustner, Thorsten Hotzel, Peter Buxmann 
Separating Business Process from User Interaction Utilizing Process-Aware XSLT Style-Sheets 
   Karl Aberer, Anwitaman Datta, Zoran Despotovic
3:10-3:40 Break
3:40-5:20 Session 3: E-Markets: Pricing, Negotiations and Trust 
Chair: JoAnne Holliday 
On the Sensitivity of Incremental Algorithms for Combinatorial Auctions 
   Ryan Kastner, Christina Hsieh, Miodrag Potkonjak, Majid Sarrafzadeh 
Pricing Bundled Information Goods 
   Kemal Altinkemer, Jeevan Jaisingh 
Negotiated Revealing of Traders' Credentials in e-Marketplaces:
   Dealing with Trust and Privacy issues 
   Marco Casassa Mont, Mike Yearworth 
A New Category of Business Negotiation Primitives for Bilateral
Negotiation Agents and Associated Algorithm to Find Pareto Optimal Solutions 
   Haifei Li
6:30-9:00 Banquet 
      Speaker: "WebServices: Enabling Business Integration and Collaboration, John Sayah, IBM
8:00-11:00am Registration 
8:00-9:00 Continental Breakfast
8:30-10:10 Session 4: Internet Infrastructure 
Chair: Kun-Lung Wu 
A Service Level Agreement Language for Electronic Services 
  Heiko Ludwig, Alexander Keller, Asit Dan, Richard King 
I-DG: A Secure Protocol for Disseminating Data to Subscribers via IP Multicast 
   Aslihan Celik, JoAnne Holliday, BindumadhaviRamavarjula 
Key Management and Access Control for Large Dynamic Multicast Group 
   Jing Liu, Mingtian Zhou 
Characterization of E-Commerce Traffic 
   Udaykiran Vallamsetty, Krishna Kant, Prasant Mohapatra
10:10-10:30 Break 
10:30-12:30 Session 5: Industrial Session 
Chair: Lucy Cherkasova 
B2B Integration Technology Architecture 
   Christoph Bussler, Oracle 
Web Transaction Monitoring 
   Thomas Gscwhind, Kave Eshgihi, Pankay Garg, Klaus Wurster, HP 
Dynamic Netvalue Analyzer - A Pricing Plan Modeling Tool for ISPs Using Actual Network Usage Data 
   Jorn Altmann, Lee Rhodes, HP 
Proxy-Based Acceleration of Dynamically Generated Content
on the World Wide Web: an Approach and Implementation 
   Anindya Datta, Kauhik Dutta, Debra VanderMeer, Helen Thomas Suresha; Kriti Ramamritham, Chutney 
Clustering Web Accelerators 
   James Feenan, Patrick Fry, Ming Lei, Oracle
12:30-1:50pm Lunch 
    Speaker: HP: E-nabling the E-conomy, Alan Karp, HP Laboratories 
1:50-3:10 Session 6: Wireless Infrastructure and the Web 
Chair: Jen-Yao Chung 
Dynamic Refinement of Table Summarization for M-Commerce 
Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. Yu 
SmartClick: An Enabler for Human-Centered Wireless Web Service 
Seongryong Kang, Hoh In, Wei Zhao 
An Integrated Visual Framework for Human-Web Interface 
Kang Zhang, Mao-Lin Huang, Kei-Chun Li
3:10-3:40 Break
3:40-5:20 Session 7: E-Commerce Applications: Personalization and Recommendation 
Chair: Ephraim Feig 
Mining Client-Side Activity for Personalization 
   Kurt D. Fenstermacher, Mark Ginsburg 
Modular Content Personalization Service Architecture for E-Commerce Applications 
   Susanne Boll 
Recommendation of Web Pages Based on Concept Association 
   Mingyu Lu, Yan Wang, Yuchang Lu, Lizhu Zhou 
Mediator Systems in E-Commerce Applications 
   Alberto Pan, Juan Raposo, Manuel Álvarez

Important Dates

5 January 2002 Submission of papers (extended until 19 January 2002) 
15 March 2002 Notification of acceptance 
12 April 2002 Camera-Ready copy of accepted papers due 
26-28 June 2002 Workshop


General Chair: Kwei-Jay Lin, UCI 
Industrial Chair: Lucy Cherkasova, HP, USA 
Program Co-Chairs: Martin Bichler and Jen-Yao Chung, IBM, USA 
Publicity Chair: Christof Weinhardt, Univ. of Karlsruhe, Germany 
Publication Chair: Sang Hyuk Son, University of Virginia, USA 
Web Chair: Haifei Li, IBM, USA 
WIP Chair: Anindya Datta, Georgia Inst of Techn., USA 

Program Committee

K. Aberer, EPFL, Switzerland 
E. Bertino, Univ. di Milano, Italy 
L. Bing, Univ. of Singapore, Singapore 
A. Buchmann, TU Darmstadt, Germany 
H.-U. Buhl, Univ. of Augsburg, Germany 
A. Celik, Santa Clara University, USA 
D. Chen, Zhejiang Univ., China 
M.-S. Chen, NTU, Taiwan 
L. Cherkasova, HP, USA 
S. Field, IBM Zurich, Switzerland 
M. Freeman, CSC, USA 
B. Gavish, Vanderbilt University, USA 
S. Helal, Univ. of Florida, USA 
G. Kersten, Concordia University, Canada 
W. Koenig, Frankfurt University, Germany 
N. Komoda, Osaka Univ., Japan 
R. Krishnan, CMU, USA 
V. Kumar, Univ. of Missouri Kansas City, USA 
W. Lamersdorf, Hamburg University, Germany 
G. Mueller, Univ. of Freiburg, Germany 
S. Narasimhan, GIT, USA 
G. Neumann, WU Vienna, Austria 
G. Pernul, University of Essen, Germany 
K. Ramamritham, IIT-Bombay, India 
W. Sanders, Univ. of Illinois, USA 
B. Schmid, Univ. of St. Gallen, Switzerland 
M.-C. Shan, HP, USA 
M. Shaw, University of Illinois, USA 
S. Shim, San Jose State U., USA 
S. Son, Univeristy of Virginia, USA 
S. Su, University of Florida, USA 
A Tjoa, TU Vienna, Austria 
J. Tsai, UIC, USA 
C. Weinhardt, Univ. of Karlsruhe, Germany 
H. Werthner, itc, Italy 
K.-L. Wu, IBM Research, USA 
W. Zhao, Texas A&M Univ., USA 
P. In, Texas A&M Univ., USA 

List of Topics

The following list provides topics relevant to the TF on e-Commerce:

Agent-mediated e-commerce 
Ad-hoc collaboration technology 
Auction and negotiation technology 
Automated shopping and trading 
Business process reengineering for e-commerce 
Case studies in electronic commerce 
Consumer protection in electronic commerce 
Costs and benefit aspects 
Commerce-oriented middleware services 
Competitive strategies 
Computational markets for information services 
Content creation & management 
Economic analysis 
E-commerce education 
E-market and exchange infrastructures 
Information economies 
Innovative business models 
Intellectual property license management 
Languages for describing goods, services, and contracts 
Legal issues 
Marketing and advertising technology 
Online transactions for community and non-profit services 
Payment and exchange protocols 
Performance evaluation and testing of e-commerce systems 
Privacy issues 
Recommendation and referral systems 
Reputation and trust mechanisms and issues 
Security and cryptographic issues, methods and applications 
Shopping tools 
Social, organizational and cross-cultural implications of new technologies 
Software requirements and architectures for e-commerce 
Standards for electronic commerce 
Supply chains, coalitions, and virtual enterprises 
User interface support for e-commerce 
Visualization of e-commerce data and systems 


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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