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GXS Interoperates with UCCnet Registry

Global eXchange Services Signs 'Preferred Partners in Sync' Agreement with UCCnet

GXS and UCCnet Will Enable Suppliers and Retailers to Save Costs and Speed Time to Market by Synchronizing Product Data in Accordance With UCC.EAN Guidelines

New York, NY, USA. January 13, 2003.

UCCnet, a tax exempt industry-endorsed utility that provides standards-based item registration and data synchronization, and Global eXchange Services, Inc. (GXS) today announced that GXS has entered UCCnet's "Preferred Partners In Sync" Alliance Program. GXS will interoperate with the UCCnet registry to provide trading partners with data synchronization services that allow them to save costs and speed time to market. The announcement was made at the NRF (National Retail Federation) 92nd Annual Convention and Expo.

Successful data synchronization between buyers and suppliers ensures that the right information for the right products is always available to a trading community in a secure environment. By registering data in the UCCnet registry through GXS's Global Product Catalogue service (comprising more than 60 million line items), buyers and suppliers will enhance their ability to maintain accurate and timely product information - leading to significantly improved efficiency and profit throughout their supply chain.

As part of its new relationship with UCCnet, GXS will soon offer a UCCnet adapter for its Enterprise System integration broker and Application Integrator data transformation and mapping tool. "Global data synchronization is the foundation for any collaborative e-commerce strategy that a retailer and supplier might want to implement," said Steven Scala, vice president of marketing for GXS. "We are excited to team with UCCnet to expand our delivery of tangible business benefits to the global retail industry."

GXS provides transaction management services to more than 60,000 retail trading partners, including 50% of Fortune 100 retailers. In addition, both GXS and UCCnet have broad experience in international data pool interoperability -- currently providing infrastructure to countrywide data pools in Australia (EANnet Australia) and Canada (ECCnet).

"The relationship between UCCnet and GXS is good news for the Canadian retail community," said Art Smith, president of the Electronic Commerce Council of Canada, UCCnet's counterpart in Canada. "These two highly experienced organizations complement one another in the services they deliver, and are both dedicated to expanding the practical application of data synchronization. That provides real benefits to the U.S., Canada and our other partner countries around the globe."

Partners In Sync enables alliance partners to provide integrated collaborative commerce solutions to the expanding UCCnet community. The program certifies partners to provide best-in-class knowledge, resources and tools that enable UCCnet subscribers to implement item registry and data synchronization quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

"GXS's vision for collaborative commerce and B2B integration is synergistic with the UCCnet initiative and provides a framework for the rapid expansion of the UCCnet trading community," said Mark Monaghan, director of strategic alliances, UCCnet. "GXS will be a key component for driving continued growth of the UCCnet community."

About UCCnet

UCCnet is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt neutral organization that provides item registry and data synchronization based on industry-developed standards. UCCnet provides a foundation for electronic commerce and cost effective transaction of data among partners. Through its support of global EAN--UCC standards, UCCnet delivers an open platform for collaborative commerce services, including compliance verification, synchronization of product information, registry and lifecycle management of synchronized products, user locations and user trade capabilities.

As a subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council, Inc., the global standards organization, UCCnet leverages its position to enable the rapid, clear development of industry Internet standards and practices. In addition, UCCnet certifies technology solution providers and provides implementation methodology, allowing small, medium and large enterprises to implement item registry and data synchronization services into their business in a swift and efficient manner. For more information, visit

About Global eXchange Services

Global eXchange Services, Inc. (GXS) operates one of the largest B2B e-commerce networks in the world, managing 1 billion transactions annually for more than 100,000 trading partners. With more than 35 years experience, GXS provides supply chain products and services to 60% of Fortune 500 companies, and enables customers in more than 60 countries to transact more effectively online. GXS is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Md. Call 800/560-4347 or visit our Web site at


Global eXchange Services, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Jim Fowler
Tel: +1 301/340-5875

Uniform Code Council, Inc.
Cecily Laidman
Tel: +1 609/620-4526

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See: "Uniform Code Council (UCC) XML Program."

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