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ManyOne Network Releases Flux 1.0 for Web 3D Development

The ManyOne Network Releases Flux Version 1.0

Flux Technology Suite Enables Faster, Easier 3D Content Creation Based on Open Standards

San Diego, CA, USA. July 30, 2003.

Today at SIGGRAPH 2003 (Booth #2346) The ManyOne Network (, announced that version 1.0 of Flux, a platform for developing high performance, real time, network-aware 3D rich media applications based on open standards, will ship in mid-August. ManyOne acquired Media Machines, the developer of Flux, earlier this month.

"Flux was built from the ground up to answer the need for a standardized delivery and deployment platform for 3D content, and its debut is an important step towards the goal of nurturing 3D development on the Web and beyond," commented Tony Parisi, creator of Flux and Senior Vice President and Fellow, Media Technologies and Developer Programs of The ManyOne Network. "Further, the integration of Flux into the ManyOne platform will answer the significant need for an open standards-based worldwide distribution network that functions on all levels of bandwidth, one that will serve to encourage and showcase the best of 3D content in a non-commercial environment."

The Flux technology suite is comprised of components for developing and deploying interactive real-time 3D content over the Web, including animations, virtual worlds, physical simulations, information spaces and advanced user interfaces. Flux is fully compatible with Extensible 3D (X3D), the new ISO standard for 3D graphics, enabling developers to select from the widest range of authoring, modeling and programming tools to suit their needs and providing an open system for developing value-added solutions. Flux is being used in commercial and non-commercial settings for a range of applications that include engineering, entertainment, simulation, and geographic visualization.

The Flux suite includes the Flux Engine, an extensible system for managing the low-level details of 3D graphics rendering and animation; Flux Web, a set of utilities for supporting Web applications, including X3D and VRML97 file readers and application programming interfaces (APIs); and the Flux Media Player, a Web browser-hosted ActiveX control that loads Flux scenes, provides user-level navigation features and connects to other Web page elements via XML/DOM scripting.

Flux Version 1.0 is available for Windows; in the future other platforms will be supported within the product lifecycle. The public Beta version of Flux is available at the Media Machines Web site ( In 2004, Flux will be fully integrated with the ManyOne platform, enabling the development, deployment, and distribution of rich and seamless 3D interfaces to Web-based information and a highly engaging browsing experience, regardless of bandwidth.

At SIGGRAPH, ManyOne will preview its breakthrough Web browser and portal service which together provide a global distribution network for developers interested in building and publishing photorealistic, rich-media content. The result will yield a new 3D medium being touted as 'Web 2.0.'

ManyOne is creating a next-generation Internet medium through the ManyOne Universal Browser and Portal Service. The ManyOne Browser is an open-source Mozilla-based browser with the Internet's first 'visual' navigation system which uses icons based on Nature to navigate 3D content portals. The ManyOne Universal Browser is powered by the ManyOne Universal Portal Service, which allows partners to create revenue-generating, private-labeled portals for their members, complete with services such as Internet access, e-mail, Universal Instant Messaging, news and content feeds, and transaction-fee-free auction and barter.

About ManyOne

ManyOne ( will soon introduce the ManyOne Universal Browser and Portal Service, which together transform the user's Internet experience from flat pages and text into a dazzling, 3D visual universe of information that is free from ads. ManyOne's reusable Web portal service enables non-profit organizations, companies and even individuals to create private-labeled, world-class portals, complete with ISP services, email, trade, and Instant Messaging within a matter of days and offer this functionality to their constituencies via subscriptions, transforming their Web sites into revenue generators.

ManyOne is a privately held, for-profit company that will become wholly owned by the non-profit ManyOne Foundation in 2004. The company and the Foundation are pioneering a new standard of social responsibility in organizational governance, objectives, and conduct. The ManyOne Foundation is guided by the Earth Charter, a roadmap of principles for a just and sustainable world. The ManyOne Foundation's Board of Directors includes social leaders such as Jane Goodall, Paul Hawken, and Maurice Strong.

To download the Beta version of the ManyOne Browser, please visit


Francie Coulter
ManyOne Network
Tel: +1 (650) 357-1560 x19


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See other details in the news story "Web3D Consortium Advances Specifications for 3D Web Applications." General references in "VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and X3D."

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