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Entrust Submits Security Standards Proposals

Entrust Leads Security Standards Development for Web Services

Leading EAI Vendors, including webMethods and TIBCO, Support Security Standards to Accelerate Web Services Deployment

Dallas, TX, USA. October 07, 2002.

Entrust, Inc., a leading global provider of Internet security solutions and services, today announced that it has submitted a set of security standards proposals for Web services to the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). These standards proposals specify open, XML protocols for digital signature and timestamping services operating in a Web services context. Entrust has submitted these proposals to accelerate the adoption of Web services standards, and is committed to implementing these standards as they evolve through and emerge from the OASIS standards body.

Complementing and extending Web services security standards such as WS-Security and XML Digital Signatures, these proposals will enable new capabilities necessary for binding and auditable transactions. Transactions within and between organizations will require this security to enable automated business processes that will allow organizations to realize the promise of interoperable Web services. Leading Enterprise Application Integration vendors including TIBCO and webMethods recognize the value of these capabilities and support Entrust's submission of these proposed interfaces to OASIS.

"As a company dedicated to delivering robust business integration solutions, Web services represents a critical component in our integration strategy," said Don Adams, principal security architect at TIBCO Software, Inc. "This technology delivers the interoperability necessary to meet our customers' demanding requirements. Security is a critical and necessary component to realize the promise of Web services. We applaud Entrust's leadership role in developing these new Web services security standards. TIBCO is committed to participation in this important standards effort and to the adoption of standards emerging from OASIS."

"From the beginning, webMethods' software has been based upon XML and built as a service based architecture," said Jeremy Epstein, director of product security for webMethods. "Due to our long legacy creating Web services for large global organizations, we're well-versed in the security requirements necessary to fill the gaps in the existing Web services standards. We believe Entrust's pioneering efforts in the new Web services security standards will play an important role in providing companies with the comfort level they need to promote the mass adoption of Web services."

"As a sponsor member of OASIS, we are excited about these proposals which we feel are essential to the development of Web services security," said Bill Conner, chairman, president and CEO of Entrust. "We view open, interoperable digital signature and timestamping services as critical components of our recently announced, comprehensive Entrust Secure Transaction Platform. In addition, we are bolstered by the level of support our standardization efforts have already received from important Web services partners."

"Just as it led in the early stages of standardizing public key infrastructure, Entrust is a key contributor and leader in developing the next generation of Web services security standards, and in making such services accessible to enterprise customers. Commerce between companies and supply chains require timestamping and signing services from trusted sources to support non-repudiation for high value business transactions. OASIS provides an open standards forum to continue the work begun by Entrust in this important aspect of securing Web services."

Digital signatures and timestamping provide the necessary long-term integrity and accountability for online business transactions. Through these capabilities, organizations are able to determine the parties involved in a transaction, the specific moment in time the transaction occurred, and that the transaction has not been altered since it was digitally signed -- all essential attributes of important business transactions.

Entrust's digital signature and timestamping Services represent two central capabilities of the Entrust Verification Service, which enables long-term accountability and integrity for Web services transactions. The Verification Service is part of Entrust's Secure Transaction Platform, a portfolio of products that deliver security for Web services. This new platform will support a broad range of additional standards to maximize interoperability, including XML, SOAP, SAML, and WS-Security.

About Entrust

Entrust Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU) is a leading global provider of Internet security solutions and services that make it safer to do business and complete transactions over the Internet. Entrust has the industry's broadest set of identification, entitlements, verification, privacy and security management capabilities. More than 1,500 major corporations, service providers, financial institutions and government agencies in more than 40 countries use the privacy, security and trust provided through Entrust's portfolio of award-winning technologies. For more information, please visit


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See the related announcement 2002-10-07: "Entrust Leads Security Standards Development for Web Services. Leading EAI Vendors, including webMethods and TIBCO, Support Security Standards to Accelerate Web Services Deployment."

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