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Enosys Software Supports XQuery

Enosys Powers New Class Of Enterprise Information Integration Applications

Selection of Enosys as BEA Systems Partner Endorses XQuery

New XQuery Products from Microsoft, IBM and Oracle Mark Growing Demand for XQuery-based EII

Redwood City, California, USA. November 18, 2002.

Enosys Software, an XML-based information integration software provider, today announced a technology partnership with BEA Systems, the latest evidence of the technology industry's adoption of XQuery as the new standard for enterprise information integration (EII). The announcement follows recent news of XQuery-based products from Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM, as the increasing need for information integration catalyzes XQuery adoption.

XQuery is a W3C standard that provides a vendor-neutral method for accessing, transforming, and integrating data from disparate sources. According to IDC, the number of discrete data sources storing mission-critical information has increased exponentially, with an average of four dozen applications and 14 databases deployed throughout the typical Fortune 1000 company. With the introduction of the XML standard, data from these systems and applications can now be made available for easy access and integration, and XQuery-based EII is the only solution that leverages the XML standard. Enhanced information access can enable more accurate, timely decision-making, shorten sales cycles, and improve customer service and supply chain effectiveness, among other benefits.

"By providing a standard method for query and retrieval of XML data, XQuery is playing the role that SQL did for relational databases in the late eighties," said Dave Banks, CEO of Enosys. "Today's announcement that BEA will leverage our technology with current and future WebLogic products, along with our market education efforts, underscores the progress Enosys has made in establishing our leadership as the foremost provider of XQuery-based EII applications."

Enosys technology has deep roots in research from Stanford and University of California, where query-able real-time XML views of multiple data sources were first proposed and researched by the founders and key members of the Enosys team. Enosys was the first to harness the power of XQuery for enterprise information integration. With an XQuery-based EII offering, users spend significantly less money and less time to achieve real-time integration of data from disparate sources. Enosys also served on the W3C committee that designed and reviewed the XQuery language specifications and was the first to market with an XQuery-compliant enterprise integration server and a hands-on XQuery training course.

"Enterprises today need to rationalize existing access to multiple databases, both to cut administrative costs and to leverage cross-database proprietary information for competitive advantage, and EII gives them the means to do so," said Wayne Kernochan, Managing Vice President, Software Infrastructure at Aberdeen Group. "In the case of Web services, IT will have done only half the job and reaped half the benefits without EII to supplement the solution. EII is a key missing piece of the Web services puzzle."

"Our firm sees enormous opportunity in the emerging Enterprise Information Integration market. BEA's use of the Enosys Enterprise Integration server in the Liquid Data initiative has not only validated Enosys as a market leader, but has also reinforced our confidence in the company," said Terry Opdendyk, general partner, Onset Ventures.

About Enosys Software, Inc.

Enosys Software's mission is to enable the real-time integration of enterprise information. Enosys EII technology is aimed at enterprises that need to unlock information, see a significant return on investment from their infrastructure and applications, and reduce time-to-market. The Enosys Integration platform is the first, standards-based XML and XQuery solution that integrates data from sources within an enterprise and among its partners. Enosys Software was founded by experts in the area of XML processing, with deep research roots from University of California, San Diego and Stanford University (from the same Computer Science program as founding members of Yahoo!, Junglee and Google). With a management team coming from IBM, BEA and TIBCO, Enosys is privately funded by key investors including Battery Ventures and Onset Ventures. For more information, please visit


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See general references in "XML and Query Languages."

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