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DocSOAP XML Developer Kit from Commerce One

Commerce One Releases Open Source, Royalty Free DocSOAP XML Developer Kit for Document Style SOAP

DocSOAP XML Developer Kit Designed to Increase Use and Adoption of Web Services in Business

Provides Better Performance and More Complete Standards Support Than Other Solutions

Pleasanton, California, USA. April 29, 2003.

Commerce One today announced that it has posted an Open Source, royalty free Web services and SOAP XML Development Kit as part of its ongoing drive to foster the adoption of Web services technology for business. The DocSOAP XML Development Kit (DocSOAP XDK) is designed to provide developers and businesses with advanced XML and SOAP tools to take advantage of Web services technology, particularly when used to handle the large business documents associated with e-commerce integration and the development of composite applications.

One of the major predicted uses for SOAP is the integration of businesses, systems and partners. This requires efficient handling of potentially large XML and non-XML documents. The DocSOAP XDK is designed specifically to address this type of problem. In initial tests conducted by Commerce One, the DocSOAP XDK processed large-sized XML documents up to twice as fast and using less memory than other available SOAP toolkits.

The DocSOAP XDK includes:

  • "UNIParser," an XML compiler that parses and validates XML documents and checks for compliance with their XML schema
  • "Xgen," an XML Java bean generator that generates Java beans to make it easier for Java programmers to manipulate XML documents without understanding XML
  • "Document Framework APIs" that facilitate the efficient manipulation of XML documents through DOM, SAX and Bean interfaces. Efficient support for non-XML documents is also provided
  • "DocSOAP Framework APIs" that can generate and process SOAP messages that conform to SOAP versions 1.1 and 1.2, SOAP with Attachments and DIME.

To optimize developer flexibility and choice, the UNIParser XML parser and the Xgen bean generator provide more complete support for XML schema than other Java schema compilers, allowing developers to more fully exploit the features of XML schema. The DocSOAP XDK can be downloaded by developers from the Commerce One developer's Web site:

The DocSOAP XDK is used by the Commerce One Conductor platform, the industry's first standards-based composite application platform. Unlike many initial Open Source offerings, the code has already undergone rigorous development and testing during the development of Commerce One Conductor. To assure that the technology retains its leading-edge position and standards focus, Commerce One is committing resources to the on-going development and enhancement of the DocSOAP XDK in the Open Source community. Activities are planned to provide support for the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 and the final version of the SOAP 1.2 specification as these standards mature.

"Commerce One has always maintained a commitment to the creation and extension of flexible, standards-based and cross-enterprise technologies. Our Commerce One Conductor platform is a statement to the market about the benefits of leveraging standards and Web services technology," said Mark Hoffman, chairman and CEO of Commerce One. "With this DocSOAP XDK, we are making the added commitment to provide advanced tools, supporting Web services, SOAP and XML to the widest possible audience of developers who can benefit most from them."

About Commerce One

From its initial roots in Internet-based software applications to its establishment of the world's largest e-commerce trading network, Commerce One has consistently been at the forefront of delivering advanced technologies that help global businesses collaborate with their partners, customers and suppliers over the Internet. Commerce One has defined many of the open standards and protocols established for business networks today and our global customer base represent leaders in a wide range of industries. Our newest Commerce One Conductor platform and supporting set of composite applications represent the next generation of collaborative solutions that help enterprises optimize their existing technology investments and enhance functionality of existing applications and processes. For more information, go to


Commerce One
Jeff Watts
Tel: +1 925/520-4403

Commerce One, UK
Catherine Stenson
Tel: +44 17534 8 3089


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See the news item "Commerce One Releases Open Source DocSOAP XML Developer Kit for Document Style SOAP."

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