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Corel XMetaL Version 4

Corel XMetaL 4 Now Available

The Corel XMetaL 4 Platform Extends the Reach of XML Authoring to the Web and Delivers on the Promise of Content Reuse

Ottawa, Canada. February 10, 2003.

Corel Corporation today announced the availability of Corel XMetaL 4. Focusing on the specific needs of both developers and end users, Corel XMetaL 4 is a new platform that extends XML content editing to virtually any Windows application, including email and Web browsers.

The Corel XMetaL 4 platform provides the only richly-customizable XML editing solutions that support dynamic validation for both DTDs and W3C Schemas. It is composed of four separate applications designed to meet the unique requirements of IT managers, developers, and end users.

Corel XMetaL offers tight integration with leading content management systems and provides the ideal environment for enterprise-wide XML content creation. Maximizing content reuse, Corel XMetaL enables authors to create compound documents of valid XML data -- forming documents from reusable sections or 'chunks' that can be managed individually, dramatically improving the way organizations create and reuse their XML content.

"Corel XMetaL is known for its ability to make XML content creation easy. But creating the XML is only the first step - how you use it is even more vital. The ability to reuse and re-purpose content must be as widespread as possible," said Bruce Sharpe, executive vice president of XML content solutions for Corel. "Designed specifically for XML, Corel XMetaL 4 provides an optimal environment to create and edit XML content while ensuring that it can be easily shared and reused. With the addition of ActiveX support, we are bringing the promise of valid XML content to virtually any application."

"XML adoption grows steadily as organizations update their workflow to support multi-channel delivery of content to the Web, print, and mobile devices. The ability to easily create reusable content is essential," said Michael Maziarka, Director at CAP Ventures, a leading analyst firm specializing in business communication technologies. "Corel XMetaL 4 takes great strides in helping to remove the barriers to XML adoption by delivering an easy to maintain and configurable environment for IT managers and end users alike."

The Corel XMetaL 4 Platform is Composed of Four Components

  • Corel XMetaL Author is a customizable XML editing environment that makes it easy to create valid and well-formed XML documents. XMetaL Author includes the comprehensive writing tools featured in Corel Ventura and WordPerfect Office as well as support for DTDs and Schema, all in an environment that provides the same ease of use as a traditional word processor.

  • Corel XMetaL for ActiveX is an editing interface that developers can embed into any ActiveX-compliant Windows application, including Web browsers. Corel XMetaL for ActiveX features comprehensive editing and document viewing functionality, delivering robust XML creation capabilities to business users virtually anywhere.

  • Corel XMetaL Developer is a centralized development environment for creating Corel XMetaL customizations and applications. Designed as a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, it enables developers to use familiar Web development skills such as scripting, COM and DOM to create customizations for both XMetaL Author and XMetaL for ActiveX. Corel XMetaL 4 Developer also lets developers create and edit Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and includes the Corel XMetaL Forms Toolkit for creating custom forms interfaces.

  • Corel XMetaL Central completes the platform by providing a server-based XML environment management tool that simplifies the deployment and maintenance of customized XML applications across an organization. Corel XMetaL Central enables IT managers to leverage the power of Web services to remotely manage and maintain enterprise customizations and takes advantage of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology to provide easy access to the most up-to-date XML customization files, including style sheets, scripts, CSS and templates.

Pricing and Availability

Corel XMetaL 4 is now available through the Corel Licensing Program. Base Pricing ($US) before volume discounts is as follows:

Corel XMetaL Developer Full:    $999, Upgrade $599 
Corel XMetaL Author Full:       $499, Upgrade $199 
Corel XMetaL for ActiveX Full:  $499, Upgrade $199
* Alternative concurrent pricing options also available

For more information about Corel XMetaL 4, please visit:

[From the Corel XMetaL 4 document: "Corel XMetaL 4 is a set of tools designed to simplify the implementation of XML applications across an organization. Corel XMetaL 4 offers four integrated components (Corel XMetaL Author, Corel XMetaL Developer, Corel XMetaL for ActiveX and Corel XMetaL Central), each built to meet the precise needs of authors, developers and IT managers. This robust platform enables anyone to create valid XML content, and streamlines the process of distributing information to the Web, print and other media. Corel XMetaL 4 offers a full-featured validating XML editor that can be quickly personalized to enable any user within an enterprise to create XML content. It also offers an open and scriptable development environment, and allows developers to use common Web development and programming skills to transform the way Corel XMetaL 4 looks and acts, based on the documents you need to create and the expertise of your users... Corel XMetaL 4 offers developers the first XML editor with a rich development environment that supports World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Schema. In addition, it provides new development tools and capabilities to control exactly how XML is displayed and entered by users. Corel XMetaL Developer features include support for significant document editing features of W3C Schema (XSD); the Corel XMetaL 4 Forms Toolkit, a powerful integrated drag-and-drop development environment for creating inline forms and dialog boxes to easily capture end user input; and a Java API, which allows organizations that have standardized on Java to access Corel XMetaL 4 directly, without using a COM wrapper."]

About Corel Corporation

Founded in 1985, Corel Corporation ( is a leading technology company specializing in content creation tools, business process management and XML-enabled enterprise solutions. The company's goal is to give consumers and enterprise customers the ability to create, exchange and instantly interact with visual content that is always relevant, accurate and available. With its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, Corel's common stock trades on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol CORL and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol COR.


Jessica Gould
Tel: (613) 728-0826 x 5405

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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