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Contivo Enterprise Integration Modeling (EIM) Solution 3.7

New Data Modeling Technology Speeds Integration Projects Across and Beyond the Enterprise

Contivo's EIM Solution Extends Reach to Legacy and Web Services Integration

Mountain View, California, USA. November 25, 2002.

Contivo, Inc., the leading provider of automated data integration, today announced the release of the Contivo Enterprise Integration Modeling (EIM) Solution 3.7 to help enterprises manage data integration more quickly and effectively. The Contivo EIM Solution 3.7 features enhanced capabilities to model and integrate data across and beyond the enterprise by supporting legacy systems, packaged applications, industry standards, and open standards such as Web services.

"Integration remains a primary end-user concern, ranking high on the CIO priority list. Companies struggle to reconcile information among disparate packaged applications, legacy systems, and industry data standards. Web services will help, but most production systems predate standards and need to be bridged to XML standards," said Jon Derome, program manager at the Yankee Group. "Contivo's technology allows users to model information relationships instead of mapping data at the field-level. This approach streamlines design and improves data map reusability."

Contivo's technology reduces the cost and effort of implementing and maintaining integration projects by automating the creation and management of data transformations between applications through interface modeling, automated mapping and code generation. To support the increasing number of companies recognizing the need to take a more holistic, enterprise approach to integration, the Contivo EIM Solution 3.7 gives customers a way to better understand and manage the meaning, or semantics, of their data and how that data relates to other data across and beyond the enterprise. This visibility into the meaning of integration data provides customers with invaluable information to help define and manage the complex integration projects that continue to be a top enterprise spending priority.

"By automating the transformation of data between applications, Contivo's model-based approach to integration provides companies a means to manage complex data integration projects and achieve a more streamlined business process," said Dave Hollander, Contivo's chief technology officer. "The key value of Contivo's integration modeling technology is that it introduces reuse and automated code generation into the traditionally manual effort of data integration projects thereby reducing the spend on repetitive coding and redundant connections."

Contivo's EIM Solution is comprised of two components, the Contivo Analyst, a graphical modeling and mapping tool, and the Contivo EIM Server, a semantic-based meta-data repository, which interact to automatically model data interfaces and ultimately combines the models to create data maps and data transformations. The Contivo Analyst provides customers with an intuitive graphical interface to visually create and maintain semantic models and to create and customize data maps that are derived from these models. The Contivo EIM Server also provides a centrally managed repository that enables customers to share models and maps, dramatically reducing the ongoing costs of maintaining integration projects.


Contivo EIM Solution 3.7 features include:

  • Contivo Legacy Integrator: A standalone Java utility that is seamlessly integrated into the Contivo EIM Solution that supports flat file to XML and XML to flat file processing and transformation. Supported flat file structures include COBOL Copybooks, EDI files, SAP IDoc files, delimited (CSV) and fixed-length record files.

  • Schema Namespace Editor: Enables users to edit and preserve the XML Schema namespace prefix within the target document of transformations, a necessary feature to support XML transformation for business processing.

  • In-Line Comments for Mapping Rules: A new command in the Contivo Analyst Mapping Studio allows users to include comments when defining mapping rules, enabling teams to retain valuable contextual information in the body of the transformation code.

  • New Map Simulation: Provides an integrated design, test and debug environment with the ability to simulate transformations, trace rules and variables for "debugging" and view input and output test data. This function supports testing either XSLT or Java transformations and ensures that maps are accurate and will work inside the runtime environment as expected prior to deployment.

  • Contivo Enterprise Vocabulary Manager: Offers tools and reports to assist in managing and maintaining a semantic vocabulary and its relationships to the modeled interfaces. Available reports include semantic concept usage reports and a fit-gap analysis capability to assist in defining and maintain canonical data models.

  • Java Transformation for BEA WebLogic Integration: Enables users to generate Java transform code based on maps defined within the Contivo Analyst that can be deployed and invoked from within BEA WebLogic Integration.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the Contivo EIM Solution 3.7 starts at $50,000 and is available immediately. Please contact Contivo for specific pricing or visit for more information about the Contivo EIM Solution.

About Contivo

Contivo provides product solutions that enable enterprises to dramatically reduce the time, effort, and dollars spent to design and maintain software integration efforts. The Contivo approach provides integration architects with a centrally managed repository that introduces reuse and collaboration to a previously one-off and manual task. Contivo introduced the concept of Enterprise Integration Modeling (EIM), a framework on which companies can create, leverage, and manage their knowledgebase of data integration efforts.

Contivo was founded in 1998 and has forged significant relationships with strategic partners and customers, including BEA Systems, TIBCO Software, webMethods, Agilent Technologies, HP and Hitachi America. Corporate investors include industry leaders BEA Systems, TIBCO Software, and webMethods. Venture capital investors include BA Venture Partners, MSD Capital LP, and Voyager Capital. Contivo is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, CA. More information about the company can be found at


Diane Robinette
Tel: +1 650/426-4105

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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