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Choreology Releases Cohesions 1.0 for Business Transaction Management

Choreology Launches Cohesions 1.0: BTM Software for Application Coordination and Process Synchronization

London, UK. Tuesday, June 17, 2003.

Choreology Ltd, the business transaction management (BTM) software company, has released Cohesions 1.0, a coordination service that enables the synchronization of related business processes and the coordination of update operations spanning multiple applications.

Cohesions ensures application-level consistency, and automated completion of business transactions, even in the event of failures. When processes and interactions between systems involve complex or high-value transactions, inconsistent business results can create serious costs, risks and delays which both afflict internal operations and damage customer relations and business reputation.

Until now, there has not been a versatile solution, in product form, for the management of business transactions across applications. Traditionally, organizations have been faced with two choices: either they build complicated logic into their applications or they identify and manually repair transactional discrepancies after the fact. In either case the processes are costly and time-consuming to operate or construct.

The management of business transactions spanning multiple applications is a common requirement across a broad range of business sectors. In investment and commercial banks applications include numerous aspects of straight through processing, transactional account aggregation and consistent cross-system data dispersal, such as distributed credit approval. In the insurance sector long-running transactions are common in policy and claims processing. Coordination of multiple systems is also needed in the telecommunications sector where service provisioning and billing applications are widespread.

Cohesions implements OASIS Business Transaction Protocol and Web Services Coordination+Transaction. It works in the native Java environment and is also integrated with several leading Web Services toolkits -- as well as working in the context of the developing Grid services environment. Cohesions is a critical underlay for reliable BPEL-based processes, simplifying their design and providing transactional control and automated recovery of business state.

Cohesions is the culmination of two and a half years of theoretical and practical pioneering work in the developing field of business transaction management. The Cohesions product reflects the experience of Choreology's staff who have previously been involved in the engineering and marketing of three commercial transactional product lines.

Cohesions is the first product to make application coordination and process synchronization a reality in today's heterogeneous enterprise.

For information about Cohesions visit:

To obtain the Cohesions software for evaluation visit:


Katy Birch
Choreology Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0) 207 670 1794

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. On Web Services Coordination+Transaction, see: (1) WS-Coordination Specification Index Page and (2) WS-Coordination Transaction Index Page. General references also in "OASIS Business Transactions Technical Committee."

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