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CIDX Releases Chem eStandards Version 2.0.2

Alexandria, VA, USA. October 1, 2001. The Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) has released version 2.0.2 of its Chem eStandards.

This sub-release provides upgrades to the existing 47 business transactions first published as version 2.0 on March 1, 2001 and incorporates over 150 requests for functional enhancements made by chemical industry implementers. "This sub-release is a part of our continuing effort to enhance and further develop XML-based standards to improve the ease, speed and cost effectiveness of conducting business electronically between chemical companies and their trading partners," said Ken Hutcheson, Standards Director of CIDX. Version 2.0.2 of the Chem eStandards can be downloaded at

Seven new business transactions will be made available to CIDX member companies for pilot testing in November. The new transactions developed include: certificate of analysis, report of testing results, invoice response, shipment status request, shipment instructions, price and availability request, and price and availability response.

The next major release of the Chem eStandards is planned for the spring. Version 3.0 will upgrade all of the documentation from version 2.0, supporting the 54 business transactions that will exist at that time. This major release may also introduce support for XML Schemas as well as Document Type Definitions (DTDs). In general, CIDX will publish major releases in which supporting documentation is provided annually, with the potential for semi-annual publication if there is an industry need to do so. CIDX will make every effort to ensure that major releases are backward compatible but this cannot be guaranteed since the Chem eStandards are still in the early stages of development. CIDX will publish backward compatible sub-releases of Chem eStandards DTD's or XML Schemas every six months, with the potential for quarterly sub-release publication if there is an industry need to do so.

The Chem eStandards initiative is a multicompany-funded undertaking dedicated to improving the ease, speed and cost of conducting electronic business in the chemical industry, including the development and promotion of nonproprietary, XML-based standards. Participating and contributing to this initiative are leading chemical companies, chemical marketplaces and service providers. Companies interested in joining CIDX or participating in the development of Chem eStandards should send an e-mail to Chem eStandards are being developed in compliance with applicable laws, including antitrust laws, and pursuant to a standard intellectual property rights policy ensuring open access and use, while at the same time preserving contributing companies' individual rights to their own intellectual property. Further information can be found at


Data Interchange Standards Association
Julia O'Brien
+1 703/837-6155

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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