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Free Version 2.0 WSDL Editor from Cape Clear

Cape Clear Software Ships New Release of Free Web Services Editor

San Mateo, California, USA. February 25, 2003.

Cape Clear Software has today released a new version of its free WSDL (Web Services Description Language) Editor. The WSDL Editor provides a friendly, graphical environment for creating and editing WSDL, the key building block of Web Services. The editor has been designed for both experienced and novice Web Services developers and works with existing languages such as .NET, Java, J2EE, and CORBA. This latest release makes the creation of Web Services faster and easier, while adding support for building Web Services from large XML Schema.

"Over thirty thousand programmers are using the first release of our WSDL Editor," said John Maughan, director of engineering at Cape Clear Software. "The overwhelming feedback from these users has provided us with a rich resource for future product development, and to illustrate our commitment to the community we've upgraded the free editor to incorporate new features and improvements that make it faster and easier to edit and create Web Services."

"The WSDL Editor is significant because software developers are increasingly placing WSDL at the center of their Web Services development process. It facilitates good Web Service design, enables the reuse of existing data type definitions, and can be used to automatically generate service implementations without developer effort," continued Maughan. This release of the WSDL Editor introduces a range of improvements over the previous release including:

  • Improved graphical environment, which makes creating and editing Web Services faster and easier.

  • New automated wizards that simplify the creation and editing of proprietary and industry-specific XML Schemas.

  • Support for large XML Schemas, which enables developers to create Web Services that interface to existing business processes.

  • Simplified process for creating different WSDL elements such as service definitions, port types, binding, template operations, and messages.

  • Broader support for WSDL validation against WSDL schema and WSDL profiling.

  • Advanced WSDL capabilities such as imports, faults, SOAP headers, multiple bindings, and parameter ordering, as defined in the latest WSDL specification.

  • Easier retrieval of WSDL files from across corporate networks, UDDI repositories, or the Internet.

System Requirements and Availability

The free upgraded WSDL Editor runs on Linux, Sun Solaris, or Microsoft Windows. It is available for download immediately from


Programmers interested in finding tutorials and resources to assist in creating and editing Web Services should visit CapeScience at

About Cape Clear Software

Cape Clear Software ( has one focus: creating Web Services technology that reduces the business costs of software integration and development. Cape Clear products offer organizations the opportunity to smooth the internal flow of business information and streamline business integration. Cape Clear's Web Services software products are a simple, fast, and economical solution to software integration based on open Internet standards. Founded in 1999, Cape Clear has offices in Dublin, London, California, and Massachusetts.


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See also from 2002-09-04: "Cape Clear Software Releases Free WSDL Editor Graphical Tool."

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