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CECID Guide Based Upon UMM, ebXML Core Components, and UBL

CECID Completes XML Schema Design and Management Guide

The University of Hong Kong. February 06, 2004.

Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has completed the XML Schema Design and Management Guide for Information and Technology Services Department (ITSD) of the HKSAR Government (HKSARG). The Guide, which aims to provide a process for designing and defining quality, consistent and reusable XML Schema Definitions (XSDs) in a systematic manner, is now available for download at ITSD website: The Hong Kong Observatory, Department of Health and Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau are first to use this Guide in their XML projects of weather news, notifiable infectious disease notification and electronic surveillance system and Integrated Criminal Justice System respectively.

Based on international best practices such as UN/CEFACT's Modeling Methodology (UMM), ebXML Core Components (CC), and Universal Business Language (UBL), CECID developed the XML Schema Design & Management Guide for HKSARG to assist bureaux and departments, as well as their business partners, in implementing e-government joined-up service projects (G2G and G2B).

When a new joined-up service project is implemented, project teams must conduct a data alignment exercise to agree on the definition and representation of each data element of the information to be exchanged. Further, data conversion or data mapping between the exchanged data may need to be performed. To achieve interoperability for information exchange, XML has been identified by HKSARG as the technical standard. This XML Schema Design and Management Guide will facilitate data interoperability by providing (i) a methodology to specify the definitions and representations of information in a consistent and structured way as reusable information models; (ii) an approach to convert the information models of data elements into XML Schema Definition (XSD) code; and (iii) guidelines to adopt, contribute, and manage XML Schemas to maximize reuse.

The XML Schema Design & Management Guide consists of two major parts. The first part is the Design Guide which introduces a methodology for modeling the business process and information requirements systematically in a project. It also provides guidelines for programmers to convert information models specified by the business analysts into XSD code. The second part is the Management Guide which serves as a handbook for bureaux and departments to harmonize data elements and manage reusable XML Schemas. Besides the Guide, the HKSARG has also set up a Central Registry ( to store and manage schemas to facilitate government projects' adoption.

About ITSD

Information Technology Services Department (ITSD) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is an executive agency responsible for implementing Government policy on the development of Information Technology (IT) in Hong Kong. It promotes and enables the extensive use of IT in Government and in the community. It also aims to enable individuals, businesses and the Government to interact easily and securely through the use of IT. Its work programmes reflect their commitment to implementing the Digital 21 Strategy, which is Hong Kong's blueprint for IT development in the future, and the E-Government Strategy that forms a significant part of that blueprint.


Established in January 2002, Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID) at the University of Hong Kong conducts e-commerce research and development with the vision of helping organizations increase their competitiveness in the global economy. CECID develops e-commerce enabling technologies, participates in important international e-commerce initiatives, supports e-commerce standardization for Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region, and transfers e-commerce technology and skills to the community. With projects primarily funded by the Hong Kong Government's Innovation and Technology Commission, CECID is a member of OASIS, W3C, RosettaNet, and the ebXML Asia Committee. The Center also collaborates with a number of lead technology users in the Asia-Pacific Region on turning R&D results into real-life business applications. CECID's recent contributions to the community include its code donation of Hermes and ebMail to FreebXML ( and the production of an in-depth design and management guide on XML Schemas for the Hong Kong Government.

PR Contacts for Press and Analysts

Dorris Tai
Business Manager
Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID)
Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems
The University of Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2859 2818
Fax: +852 2547 4611


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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See details in the news story: "CECID Releases XML Schema Guide Based on UN/CEFACT UMM, ebXML Core Components, and UBL."

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