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Common Alerting Protocol v1.0 Submission

CAP Specification Submitted for OASIS Standard

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 08:35:17 -0500
From:      Karl F. Best <>
Subject:   CAP specification submitted for OASIS Standard

OASIS members:

The OASIS Emergency Management TC has submitted the Common Alerting Protocol v1.0 specification, which is an approved Committee Draft, for review and consideration for approval by OASIS members to become an OASIS Standard. The TC's submission is attached below.

In accordance with the OASIS Technical Process, the specification has already gone through a 30 day public review period. OASIS members now have 15 days to familiarize themselves with the submission. By the 16th of the month I will send out a Call For Vote to the voting representative of each OASIS member organization, who will have until the end of the month to cast their ballots on whether this Committee Draft should be approved as an OASIS Standard. OASIS members should give their input on this question to the voting reps of their respective organizations.

The normative TC Process for approval of Committee Drafts as OASIS Standards is found at:

OASIS is unaware of any IPR claims having been made pertaining to this specification.


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648

1. A formal specification that is a valid member of its type, together with appropriate documentation for the specification, both of which must be written using approved OASIS templates.

The Common Alerting Protocol, v1.0

2. A clear English-language summary of the specification.

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is a simple but general format for exchanging all-hazard emergency alerts and public warnings over all kinds of networks. CAP allows a consistent warning message to be disseminated simultaneously over many different warning systems, thus increasing warning effectiveness while simplifying the warning task. CAP also facilitates the detection of emerging patterns in local warnings of various kinds, such as might indicate an undetected hazard or hostile act. And CAP provides a template for effective warning messages based on best practices identified in academic research and real-world experience.

3. A statement regarding the relationship of this specification to similar work of other OASIS TCs or other standards developing organizations.

Per a TC discussion recorded at, there are no known efforts working on this type of standard; however the TC will continue to interact with groups that do have efforts in the general "family" of emergency management.

4. Certification by at least three OASIS member organizations that they are successfully using the specification consistently with the OASIS IPR Policy.

Partnership for Public Warning

U.S. Department of the Interior

Disaster Management Interoperability Services

5. An account of each of the comments/issues raised during the public review period, along with its resolution.

The spreadsheet at lists the comments received during the public review conducted from 30 October to 30 November 2003, and their resolution.

6. An account of and results of the voting to approve the approve the specification as a Committee Draft.

Approval of the specification as a Committee Draft was 10 February 2004

7. An account of or pointer to votes and comments received in any earlier attempts to standardize substantially the same specification, together with the originating TC's response to each comment.

This specification has not previously been submitted to OASIS.

8. A pointer to the publicly visible comments archive for the originating TC.

EM TC List:

EM TC Comment List:

MSG SC List:

9. A statement from the chair of the TC certifying that all members of the TC have been provided with a copy of the OASIS IPR Policy.

As Chair, I certify that the membership has been provided the OASIS IPR Policy as noted in the message at

10. Optionally, a pointer to any minority reports submitted by one or more TC members who did not vote in favor of approving the Committee Draft, or certification by the chair that no minority reports exist.

There are no formal minority reports, however the following comments were received from members of the TC in relation to the votes to approve and submit the specification.

Submitted by the TC chair, Allen Wyke,


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See the news story "Common Alerting Protocol Version 1.0 Approved by OASIS Emergency Management TC."

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