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Computer Associates Announces Unicenter and eTrust Solutions

CA Ensures Performance, Reliability and Security of Web Services With New Unicenter and eTrust Solutions

Five Advanced Management and Security Offerings Enable IT Organizations To Optimize Service Levels for Enterprise and Customer-Facing Systems

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. July 14, 2003.

Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today announced five new Unicenter and eTrust solutions that enable customers to ensure the performance, reliability and security of enterprise and customer-facing Web services. These advanced solutions provide the intelligent, automated management and security functionality necessary to optimize service levels for the growing number of enterprise and customer-facing systems being built using Web services technologies.

CA is also utilizing Web services technologies to enhance the synergies between its other Unicenter solutions and to enable tighter integration with third-party management applications. By taking advantage of this two-pronged strategy, CA customers can better leverage existing IT resources, reduce operational costs, and capitalize on the synergies created by Web services, grid, and on-demand computing architectures.

Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM), an advanced solution for monitoring Web services across the enterprise, is the latest addition to CA's Web services portfolio. Unicenter WSDM automatically discovers and monitors Web services, enabling IT organizations to closely track a full range of performance indicators and rapidly respond to service interruptions.

"As Web services proliferate across the enterprise, IT managers responsible for the performance and reliability of those services need an effective means of discovering, monitoring and managing them," said Dmitri Tcherevik, vice president and director of Web services at CA. "CA's Web services solutions deliver this essential visibility and control -- thereby reducing the risk of business interruption and inadequate performance."

According to Nick Gall, senior vice president and principal analyst, META Group, Web services implementations will continue to be complex, requiring management and security services beyond current application architectures. Although the increased deployment of Web services in the enterprise is encouraging, it is in danger of remaining unrealized without the proper management environment to support it.

CA's products manage and secure Web services at both the Web services overlay network layer and the application server platform layer. CA is also leveraging Web services to enable open and standard application integration for CA and third-party solutions. The Unicenter product line, for example, provides broad support for Web services standards through solutions such as Unicenter ServicePlus service aware, patent-pending technology that enables developers to embed self-management capabilities into applications. Unicenter Software Delivery and Unicenter Asset Management are also being Web service enabled.

CA's latest Web services solutions include:

  • Unicenter WSDM version 3.0, a new product for managing Web services hosted in any environment at the Web services overlay network layer. Unicenter WSDM uses highly efficient "observers" to discover and monitor a wide range of service characteristics of Web services transactions. Unicenter WSDM "managers" aggregate data from the observers, and can automatically set alerting thresholds. This ensures IT's ability to pro-actively respond to technical issues before they result in service disruptions. Supporting both J2EE and .NET environments, Unicenter WSDM also provides critical service controls, including enabling/disabling and redirection of Web services. By providing centralized management with advanced reporting and predictive analysis capabilities for all Web services from a common point-of-control, Unicenter WSDM optimizes system reliability while reducing the total cost of technology ownership.

  • Two solutions -- Unicenter Management for WebSphere release 3.5 and Unicenter Management for WebLogic release 3.5 -- which monitor Web services deployed within the context of the J2EE application server, and facilitate the automatic discovery of both deployed Web services and their interfaces. In addition to ensuring the health, availability and performance of Web services, these two solutions monitor transactions within the context of a Web service, both synthetically and in real-time.

  • Unicenter Management for .NET Framework version 3.0, a new product that provides comprehensive monitoring of Web services deployed within the context of the .NET Framework with outstanding support for the specifics of ASP.NET. It provides discovery of Web services, detailed instrumentation, business relevant service level reporting, health and performance reporting, capacity utilization, and the alerting capabilities essential for Web services and applications.

  • eTrust Directory release 4.1, which provides the first truly enterprise ready UDDI implementation suitable for large-scale deployment and support of Web services. eTrust Directory 4.1 can store, replicate and distribute more than 100 million individual entries of Web services data, making it the ideal for large Web services infrastructure projects.

In addition to helping customers manage and secure Web services, CA is taking advantage of Web services technology to enhance the synergies among its solutions and to enable tighter integration with third-party management applications. The Unicenter product line, including the recently announced Unicenter ServicePlus service aware, provides broad support for Web services standards.

A dedicated Web services team, headed by Tcherevik, is leading CA's efforts to help customers use and manage Web services with the flexibility to adopt future innovations. The team is actively engaged in Web services standards efforts, with contributions to, and participation in, numerous working groups under OASIS, W3C, WS-I, DMTF, GGF and the Liberty Alliance.

"Ideally, customers will look to integrate and manage applications and Web services with a common enterprise infrastructure, and in a phased, evolutionary manner," said Sandra Rogers, Director of Web Services Software at IDC. "By continuing to expand its product line to support Web services, CA is focusing on providing secure management technology as organizations seek to adopt more services and services-oriented architectures."

About CA

Computer Associates International, Inc., one of the world's largest software companies, delivers software and services that enable organizations to manage their IT environments. Focus areas include network and systems management, storage and security management, portal and business intelligence, and application life cycle management. Founded in 1976, CA is headquartered in Islandia, NY, and operates in more than 100 countries. For more information on CA, please visit

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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