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CA's Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM)

CA Ships Innovative Solution to Monitor and Manage Web Services Across and Beyond the Enterprise

Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management Ensures Reliability and Performance for On-Demand Computing

Islandia, NY, USA. December 08, 2003.

Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today announced the general availability of Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM), the first complete solution for monitoring and managing Web services across and beyond the enterprise.

Unicenter WSDM is the latest addition to CA's portfolio of end-to-end management solutions that help customers build enterprise-class reliability and security into their Web services applications and supporting infrastructure. By automatically discovering, testing and monitoring Web services, Unicenter WSDM enables IT organizations to closely track a full range of performance indicators and rapidly respond to service interruptions.

Web services are emerging as key business enablers for efficiency of business processes within the enterprise, and to facilitate commerce beyond the enterprise. Effective management of Web services is therefore essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of on-demand computing environments.

MapPoint, the technology behind Microsoft's mapping and location services platforms and applications, plans to use Unicenter WSDM to provide visibility into 15 million daily transactions.

"Microsoft MapPoint views the ability to provide personalized support and care of its customers as essential in the competitive services business," said Jeff Carson, group operations manager of the MapPoint Business Unit at Microsoft Corp. "With Unicenter WSDM, MapPoint is able to provide detailed, customer-specific help and analysis during customers' development and production life-cycle phases."

Managing J2EE and .NET Web services natively at the services network level, Unicenter WSDM:

  • Optimizes performance of Web services through real-time monitoring of metrics such as response times, transaction volume and message size.

  • Speeds deployment of management capabilities through automatic detection, discovery and cataloging of newly-deployed Web services in the enterprise.

  • Improves application availability by ensuring that Web services are responsive and performing at appropriate service levels.

  • Reduces costs and complexity of Web services by providing a central point-of-management with advanced reporting and predictive analysis capabilities.

  • Increases enterprise responsiveness through non-intrusive monitoring and automatic detection of problems and service failures, real-time alerts and self-configuration capabilities.

"To effectively manage Web services in an on-demand environment, IT needs visibility into and control over individual Web services, the interdependencies between Web services, and the underlying infrastructure," said Dmitri Tcherevik, vice president of Web services at CA. "With Unicenter WSDM, CA is helping our customers make a smooth transition to service-oriented enterprise architectures."

CA's end-to-end management solutions help customers build enterprise-class reliability and security into their new deployments, empowering dynamic allocation of infrastructure resources to Web services and other critical applications driven by changing business requirements.

Unicenter Management for WebSphere and Unicenter Management for WebLogic provide in-depth visibility and control over the performance of the underlying application infrastructure, including application servers, back-end messaging and database systems, application components, and Web transactions. CA's eTrust Directory provides the first truly enterprise-ready UDDI implementation for large-scale Web services deployments.

CA is also utilizing Web services technologies to enhance product synergies and to facilitate tighter integration with third-party management applications. Unicenter WSDM runs on Windows 2000/XP, Linux and Solaris.

More information about Unicenter WSDM and CA's other Web services management solutions is available at

About CA

Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE:CA), one of the world's largest software companies, delivers software and services that enable organizations to manage their IT environments. Focus areas include network and systems management, storage and security management, portal and business intelligence, and application life cycle management. Founded in 1976, CA is headquartered in Islandia, NY, and operates in more than 100 countries. For more information on CA, please visit

Industry Partners Support CA's Unicenter WSDM

BEA Systems

"CA's Unicenter WSDM can help simplify the management of Web services-based applications deployed on BEA WebLogic Platform. The integration of Unicenter WSDM to WebLogic Platform is designed to provide developers, quality assurance engineers, and IT staff with the visibility to monitor and manage enterprise Web service deployments."

Benjamin Renaud
Deputy CTO
BEA Systems Inc.


"An increasing number of enterprises are adopting XML Web services and BPEL as the foundation for their integration and business process management projects. Collaxa enables the robust orchestration of Web services. However, management of those orchestrated services to deliver ongoing visibility and control to customers' enterprise Web services is required. CA is leading the industry with a WSDM implementation that provides our mutual customers the ability to manage business processes."

Edwin Khodabakchian


"In large organizations, real-world Web services deployments require the ability to scale the operational complexity in a cost-effective and reliable manner. The combination of DataPower's XML-aware networking devices and CA's Unicenter WSDM represents a key technological advancement and enables our mutual customers' management capabilities to cope with the enormous complexity of Web services that are widely distributed across enterprise environments. Working together, CA and DataPower are leading the way toward the successful implementation of large-scale XML Web services with the levels of performance, security and reliability required by Global 2000 companies."

Eugene Kuznetsov
Chairman and CTO
DataPower Technology Inc.


"JBoss Group is pleased to support CA and its new Web services management product, which is a key ingredient to ensuring successful deployment of Web services in the enterprise. JBoss Group's alignment with CA's new product gives our mutual customers added performance and control when deploying Web services on the JBoss platform."

Marc Fleury
President, JBoss Group LLC


"Because of the heterogeneous nature of Web services, a key component in meeting the management challenge for enterprise customers includes providing interoperable support for business functions that span multiple platforms. Microsoft is pleased to be working with Computer Associates to ensure best-of-breed .NET Web services management in heterogeneous environments within and across enterprises."

David Hamilton
Director, Enterprise Management Division
Microsoft Corp.


"Bugs and interoperability issues in Web services can quickly spread throughout a system, making the source extremely difficult to identify. Now, the tool developers use to find and fix problems during development is available to fix product problems - reducing resolution time and minimizing service interruptions. By receiving SOAP faults detected from Unicenter WSDM, SOAPscope drills down to root causes with a comprehensive suite of tools that add value to all stages of the service oriented lifecycle."

Mark Ericson
Mindreef Inc.


"Sun has made major strides in simplifying customers' IT environments with the Java Enterprise System. Working with CA to integrate Unicenter WSDM with Java Enterprise System product line, customers are able to natively monitor and manage Web services, helping them better manage and control all stages of the software development lifecycle. This alliance bridges an important gap in managed Web services as both companies participate on OASIS Web services standards committees."

Stuart Wells
Vice President, Market Development
Sun Microsystems Inc.


"We're very pleased to be working with Computer Associates. Unicenter WSDM provides a complete management solution for Web services, and together with Systinet WASP makes it possible to build and deploy sophisticated, business-critical Web services-based applications."

Wendell Lansford
Systinet Corp.


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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