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Birdstep RDM XML

Birdstep Technology Announces True Native XML Embeddable Database for Mobile Applications

Company Also Releases New Version of RDM Mobile Database

Seattle, WA, USA. September 16, 2002.

Birdstep Technology Inc. today introduced its first true native XML database, RDM XML, which supports both Java and C++ programming languages.

The company also released version 2.0 of its RDM Mobile embeddable database, which includes native C++ and Java interfaces and is ideal for applications with high performance requirements or extremely limited storage capabilities.

Both products offer full-bodied database functionality in a small footprint using an architecture based on the object-oriented internal structure and COM-based programming interfaces. The architecture is optimized to handle hierarchical data, which meets the requirements of XML data representation.

"Developers will find Birdstep's RDM XML and RDM Mobile databases leverage the unique power and storage models used by mobile devices," said Hans-Arne L'orange, chief executive officer of Birdstep Technology Inc. "These databases are designed to meet small code, small data footprint, portability and minimal runtime memory requirements which makes them ideal for mobile applications."

RDM XML provides interfaces, such as SAX, DOM and XPATH, for storage and retrieval of data. It also implements the emerging DOM/XPATH integration standard supported by the WWW Consortium (W3C).

New features of RDM Mobile include the regular expressions tool for evaluating arbitrary expressions and matching string attribute data, and casual attributes for unstructured XML documents. The optional transaction handling module keeps the database consistent by using a transaction log and allows a transaction to be aborted through a user call.

RDM Mobile 2.0 database engine is approximately 175 kB on the Win32 platform. The size can be reduced to 150 kB by removing the transaction handling feature. The complete XML package includes full DOM, XPATH and SAX export functionality and adds 215kB to the RDM Mobile engine. The optional XML parser and SAX file import DLL comprise an additional 150kB.

Both databases are deployed with the developer's application, giving the developer control and predictability over the application's data management. Customers include Navara Ltd. and Software AG. RDM XML and RDM Mobile are also embedded in Birdstep's own wireless products, IP Zone server and Mobile IP client software.

About Birdstep Technology

Birdstep Technology was founded in Oslo, Norway in 1996 and is traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) under ticker "BIRD". The company has approximately 80 employees in Oslo and Seattle. Birdstep's small footprint, high performance database technologies combined with its wireless roaming and access software enables companies to build innovative solutions for embedded systems and the Mobile Internet. Birdstep makes your information accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device and on any infrastructure. For more information, visit


The Ardell Group
Jenny Gilcrest
Tel: +1 858/792-4974


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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