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BEA Demonstrates Standards Leadership in WS-Federation

BEA Co-Authors WS-Federation, Demonstrating Continued Standards Leadership

San Jose, California, USA. July 09, 2003.

[See the Update from 2007-03-21]

DID YOU KNOW? As an industry leader in driving the adoption of Web services, BEA Systems has long worked with customers, partners and competitors to drive the development of open standards, which are critical for the robust, secure implementation of Web services. Whether authoring a standard or specification, or providing technical leadership in a standards body, BEA devotes significant resources to driving the standards that can ultimately enable customers to reduce the cost and complexity in their business initiatives. In its latest efforts, BEA is helping to bring critical security capabilities to Web services, working with IBM, Microsoft, RSA and VeriSign to introduce WS-Federation, a set of specifications designed to allow developers a standard way to build and manage Web services security across heterogeneous environments.

Not only a standards author, BEA maintains leadership positions in the key standards bodies, including seats on the Board of Directors for OASIS, Object Management Group and the Web Services Interoperability Organization. BEA also holds a seat on the Java Executive Committee that oversees Java enterprise standards, and either leads or participates in over 20 Java Specification Requests (JSR) within the Java Community Process (JCP). BEA not only demonstrates leadership in key standards bodies, but also in bringing these standards to market, and is consistently one of the first to implement new standards and technologies, such as WS-Security and reliable messaging for Web services. And, as BEA innovates with such products as BEA WebLogic Workshop, it continues to make these innovations broadly available, offering technologies to the JCP for standardization such as the WebLogic Workshop innovations embodied in JSR 181 and JSR 207. BEA has long collaborated with industry leaders to drive new Web services standards, as in its collaborations with IBM, Microsoft and others around business processes, transactions, security and reliable messaging, along with the new WS-Federation specifications.

Why is BEA so committed to standards? Because BEA is dedicated to bringing customers the flexibility, lower costs and investment protection offered by open, standards-based solutions. BEA's open, standards-based BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform helps customers reduce the cost and complexity of business integration, and realize faster time to value for their critical business initiatives.

WS-Federation Source Documents

For more information on WS-Federation, visit the following:


Tel: +1-408-570-8004

Update 2007-03-21: On March 19, 2007 OASIS acknowledged receipt of a draft TC charter proposal to create a Web Services Federation (WSFED) Technical Committee. The TC would accept as input the WS-Federation specification (Version 1.1) published by BEA Systems, BMC Software, CA, IBM, Layer 7 Technologies, Microsoft, Novell, and VeriSign. The revised WS-Federation specification Version 1.2 would extend basic federation capabilities enabled by WS-Security, WS-SecureConversation, WS-Trust, and WS-SecurityPolicy. Representatives from twenty-three companies provided statements of support for the charter proposal. See: "Proposed Charter: OASIS Web Services Federation (WSFED) Technical Committee."

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See the news story "Web Services Federation Language Provides Federated Identity Mapping Mechanisms."

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