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BEA Announces Page Flow Portability Kit and Standards Portal

BEA Systems Delivers New Innovations, Standards Contributions to Help Developers Reduce Coding Complexity for Dramatically Increased Productivity

New Portability Kit, Open Source Project and Web Site Further Drive Investment Protection and Faster Time to Value for Customers

San Jose, California, USA. December 15, 2003.

As part of its ongoing effort to reduce computing complexity, BEA Systems, Inc., the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced new resources, including a Page Flow Portability Kit, XML Beans as an Apache Project and a BEA standards portal, all designed to help developers realize increased productivity and to help customers realize faster time to value. By delivering these innovations to the standards community, BEA continues its commitment to creating customer-driven innovations which can help ensure interoperability and therefore customers' long-term IT investment.

Today's news -- Page Flow Portability Kit, XML Beans as an Apache Project and a BEA standards portal -- was issued in response to customers' and developers' demand for easier application development and increased flexibility. BEA has traditionally provided these offerings by delivering both the first and the best implementations of new standards, helping to allow customers to experience exceptional reuse and portability of their applications. As an example, BEA created XML Beans to make XML and Java easier to use together. More recently, customers requested portability kits and open source initiatives and again, BEA has responded to help ensure application portability and interoperability.

"BEA agrees with our customers that infrastructure shouldn't be as difficult to manage as it currently is today, and that standards are a means to helping reduce that complexity," said Byron Sebastian, vice president and general manager, BEA WebLogic Workshop and Portal, BEA Systems, Inc. "We can innovate on standards, and can standardize innovations -- all on behalf of our customers and developers. Where standards exist, we can implement, support, and leverage them fully; where existing standards are inadequate, we innovate, then can meet our commitment to standardize these innovations through the appropriate channels."

Page Flow Portability Kit

The BEA WebLogic Workshop Java Page Flow innovation is designed to make it easier for developers to build enterprise-class Web applications on BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1. The new Page Flow Portability Kit is designed to give customers the flexibility to deploy their page flows to the J2EE platform of their choice. Page Flows can provide a software engineering framework that is designed to allow developers to separate user interface code from navigational control and other business logic, and to track application status. WebLogic Workshop's Page Flows are based on Struts 1.1, a popular framework embraced by many developers for building large, enterprise-scale Web sites. Struts 1.1 is powerful, but difficult to use due to the vast amount of files and configurations developers must learn and manage. Workshop's Page Flows can offer significant advantages, including the automatic generation and synchronization of XML configuration files, plus a sophisticated graphical IDE to define, build, deploy and maintain the Web application. Some customers may additionally need the flexibility to create and deploy their Page Flow applications on the J2EE platform of their choice. The new Page Flow Portability Kit is designed to give developers this flexibility to take any WebLogic Workshop Java Page Flow file and move to another J2EE-compliant platform. The BEA Page Flow Portability Kit is located at:

XML Beans as Apache Project

Launched earlier this year, XML Beans is an innovative technology that is designed to help Java developers more easily manage XML documents. XML Beans can provide Java object interfaces while preserving full access to the underlying XML messages, helping ensure true loose-coupling between applications for greater application reliability and scalability. By BEA submitting XML Beans as an Apache Project, developers can be assured that the technology will drive interoperability by supporting the broadest spectrum of XML and schema types. XML Beans as an Apache Project can be located at: XML Beans can also be located at dev2dev, BEA's comprehensive developer community, at:

Standards Portal

In response to customer request, BEA has created a standards portal that is designed to offer customers and developers up-to-date information on BEA's support for existing and emerging standards. Specifically, the standards portal can track the progress of key JSRs, Web services standards and Open Source initiatives. The standards portal is located on dev2dev at:

BEA is a committed leader driving the creation of new standards designed to solve real business problems, while innovating upon industry standards implementations. Whether BEA works with standards bodies such as the Java Community Process (JCP) and OASIS, collaborates with competitors like IBM, or generates its own customer-driven innovations such as XML Beans, BEA has a strong track record of systematically feeding these innovations back into the appropriate standards processes to help ensure maximum interoperability with other vendors' products and therefore can help deliver investment protection to customers. Also, BEA built its business by providing the highest quality implementations of J2EE and other industry standards. By arming developers with such powerful capabilities, BEA can help developers generate code faster and increase their overall value within an organization.

About BEA

BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS) is the world's leading application infrastructure software company, providing the enterprise software foundation for more than 15,000 customers around the world, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500. BEA and its WebLogic and Tuxedo brands are among the most trusted names in business.

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., BEA has 77 offices in 31 countries and is on the Web at

Contact Information

Susan Siegel
BEA Systems, Inc.
Tel: +1-408-570-8364

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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