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XSL Formatter V2.3 Release Information

Antenna House, Inc. September 30, 2002.

Antenna House, Inc. is pleased to inform you that it has upgraded its XSL-FO processor [XSL Formatter] to V2.3. V2.3 provides you with the significant enhancement of layout function capability, multilingual formatting function capability. XSL Formatter V2.3 becomes the most advanced XSL tool for multilingual formatting in the world.

Enhancement of layout functional capability

Implements the float in XSL Spec and enhances the layout function. This function provides capabilities of produce the layout of putting images, illustrations and text side-by-side or putting text around the image.

Enhancement of multilingual formatting function

Enhances the function of multilingual format. XSL Formatter implements the function of bidirectionality by Unicode BIDI, the text running from left to right as English, Japanese and the text running from right to left as Arabic, Hebrew can be mixed in a single block with mixed directionality. In addition, Arabic justification becomes capable by inserting the glyph 'Kashida'.

PDF Output Option newly provides you to get PDF files in Arabic and Hebrew.

By using XSL Formatter V2.3 and PDF Option, it's possible to do layout the multilingual publications with the flexible mixture of Latin, Cyrillic, Greek alphabet, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), HAT (Hebrew, Arabic, Thai) and output to PDF.

Enhancement of PDF creation by Acrobat

In case of creating PDF using Adobe Acrobat Distiller from XSL Formatter formatted result, a high quality PDF will be created. From V2.3, links and bookmarks are automatically created in PDF using Distiller. In addition, both EPS with preview image and EPS without preview image can be embedded in PDF via Distiller.

Graphics support enhancement

By using Plug-in (MathPlayerV1.0) downloadable, the formula written by MathML can be embedded. XSL Formatter supports almost every image formats for Windows.

Enhancement of Interface

Enhances COM Interface for integrating into server application.

Enriches Sample Page

Prepares rich and plenty samples, such as various layouts using XSL, formatting samples of the 39 languages of the countries in the world.

See sample Page from:


Home page:


(1) XSL: Extensible Markup Language for short. Global Standard recomended by W3C, the consortium that promotes Web standardizaion as a specification for printing XML beautifully. For example, concerning float, the way of setting frame before float or side float is regulated.

(2) Unicode BIDI: if Arabic script is in English text, writing direction changes from right to left or from left to right in the text. This is the global standard of this processing.

(3) Kashida: Arabic word is justified by inserting Kashida between characters in a word and extending the width of the word.

(4) EPS: Encapsulated Postscrpt for short. A file expressing a high quality image by Postscript language.

(5) MathML: Mathmatical Markup Language for short. Global standard recomended by W3C as a specication for describing mathmatical equations in XSL.

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See "XSL/XSLT Software Support."

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