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Antarctica Systems Releases Visual Net 4.0

Antarctica Systems Announces Visual Net 4.0

Maximizing Information Display to Reveal Clarity, Truth in Data

Vancouver, BC, Canada. September 29, 2003.

Antarctica Systems Inc., a pioneer developer of visualization technology, today announced the availability of version 4.0 of its Visual Net (VN) software. Visual Net's map-based visual displays convey the relevant, meaningful content that business users need to address key business issues.

Most enterprise software tools focus on collecting, aggregating and slicing/dicing data -- they have not focused on presenting information in a compelling and usable manner. As a result, many of these tools obscure problems more than they help to clarify. "The business problems that people address on a daily basis are complex and multidimensional," states Tim Bray, founder and CTO of Antarctica Systems. "Other tools fail to meet this challenge. Sometimes key problems and opportunities are missed, even though all of the required information exists." The improvements in Visual Net 4.0 are aimed at changing the user focus from dealing with the complexities of constructing complex queries to dealing with key business issues. Specifically:

  • The VN maps display all the complexities inherent in real business issues, showing multiple dimensions of both macro and micro data, unlike other enterprise tools that try to present complex business problems boiled down to one-dimensional snapshots. This enables users to have a complete view of their business problems.

  • Users are presented with better/more relevant information. The VN interface is designed to provide the maximum amount of relevant content to users. Business users do not need to access multiple reports, screens, graphics etc to collect the information required to solve problems. Visual Net screens contain 60-80% relevant content compared to less than 25% for most other enterprise tools.

  • Key issues 'rise to the top' so they can be acted upon quickly before they become critical problems. Once a problem is identified, users can easily drill down to investigate and gather more details -- "to clarify, add detail."

  • Critical business information is easily made available to executives and business users, instead of a small set of 'power users'. Users do not need to know how to construct complex queries or generate reports.

  • Visual Net 4.0 has built in more interactivity, allowing users at all levels of the organization to manipulate and filter data to customize the information on the maps, giving users more flexibility in what they see.

  • Visual Net is now equally adept at visualizing three types of information: numeric, textual and geographic -- either individually or in combination.

Visual Net 4.0 is available immediately and is deployed in weeks, not months or years so organizations can reap the benefits and ROI quickly.

About Antarctica Systems Inc.

With offices in Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL and headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Antarctica is a pioneer developer of visualization technology. Antarctica was founded in 1999 by search engine pioneer and XML co-creator Tim Bray. Privately held, Antarctica's investment partners include BDC, Royal Bank Capital Partners, the Working Opportunity Fund and Primaxis Technology Ventures Inc. For additional information, please visit or call 866-NET-MAPS.

[See also: Visual Net FAQ document.]


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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