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AND makes Global Address XML Definition available to OASIS

Date:      Fri, 01 Dec 2000 17:12:30 +0100
From:      Vincent Buller <>
Subject:   AND makes Global Address XML Definition available to OASIS

AND Makes Global Address XML Definition Available to OASIS

Rotterdam. December 01, 2000.

AND Data Solutions has made its global address XML definition available to the OASIS Customer Information Quality (CIQ) Technical Committee. With this global address definition AND wishes to contribute to the development of open world standards for address management.

AND Data Solutions has developed the XML data structure to standardize on the worldwide presentation of addresses. The global address structure is now available for 36 countries, which will grow to 85 individual countries on short notice.

OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, is a non-profit, international consortium that creates interoperable industry specifications based on public standards such as XML and SGML, as well as others that are related to structured information processing.

Customer data, with address information as a key component, forms the foundation to build effective customer relationships. OASIS has therefore recently set up the CIQ Technical Committee, dedicated to work on cross industry XML standards for customer profile management and exchange. The committee^Rs work will help improve information system interoperability, and enable consistent communication and handling of customer information by trading partners.

Market research indicates that, driven by the use of the Internet, the current enthusiasm for customer relationship management and the proliferation in the number of business using call centers, the amount of information generated shows no sign of slowing down. The research shows that three quarters of respondents expect their address databases to grow in terms of records in the next year, some expecting increases of up to 300 per cent.

Yet this data - supplied through multi-channel sources such as the Internet, telephone, WAP phones and even digital and interactive TV - can be unreliable. Many companies are capturing this information from e-business activities where customers are responsible for inputting their own details.

This research has shown an urgent need for good quality address products, for which AND can provide online address verification and completion services based on its worldwide address data. Address Data consists of datasets including postcodes, cities, streets and locations covering more than 80 countries across the world.

The growing AND Global Address Data customer base includes Sony, Philips, Kodak, Compaq, Xerox, Gateway 2000 and Client Logic.

Making the XML data structure available for the OASIS platform is key in AND's strategy to improve address management services for the Internet and Mobile environment.

See also from the CIQ mailing list:

Subject:    AND GlobalAddress submission 
From:       Vincent Buller <> 
To:         'Ram Kumar' <>, 
Date:       Fri, 01 Dec 2000 10:26:59 +0100

AND has submitted its Global Address definition in XML for inclusion in the OASIS CIQ initiative. This definition has a substantial history within the company, and has been field-tested extensively with data from 36 countries.

You may download it at:

We distribute this information under the Terms of Use that are also on the site - you are bound by its terms, unless of course you are downloading it for use within OASIS (and CIQ more specifically) in which case you will be downloading our contribution to OASIS. Such contribution is governed by the OASIS Policy on IPR (, section OASIS.IPR.3.1. All Contributions). In my own laymen's terms this means we can take the GlobalAddress definition and include it in our CIQ developments.

Looking forward to see many of you next week,

Kind regards,

Vincent Buller
AND Data Solutions B.V.
Product Development
P.O. Box 29134
3001 GC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

AND Data Solutions

AND Data Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of AND International Publishers N.V. -- an international high-tech publisher with its head office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and listed on the Amsterdam Exchanges. AND Data Solutions specializes in the collection, processing and marketing of world-wide address, flight and road data and in the development of software solutions to leverage this data. AND Data Solutions' data sets, components and applications are widely used by companies across a diverse range of industries to enrich their customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, sales force automation, logistics and e-business activities, while a growing portfolio of route, flight, location and proximity services is being developed for web and mobile applications. For more information visit the company's website at AND Data Solutions is sponsor member of OASIS, the organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. AND co-chairs the OASIS CIQ Technical Committee.

For further information please contact:
Catherine Miller
AND Data Solutions
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 200 800

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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