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ADL News: ADL Releases the Technical Repository Investigation Report

December 23, 2002.

The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative is preparing for a world where communication networks and personal information delivery devices are widespread, inexpensive and transparent to users in terms of ease of use, bandwidth and portability. ADL envisions the creation of repositories, or learning "knowledge" libraries where learning objects may be accumulated and catalogued for broad distribution and use. These objects must be readily accessible across the World Wide Web or whatever forms our global information network takes in the future.

There has recently been much effort to advance repository technologies. Current efforts in the development of repository standards and software are broad and varied, with players coming from nearly every major sector. This diversity of interest has resulted in an impressive number of competing standards and supporting technologies.

ADL is aware of the important role repository systems play in facilitating content storage, delivery and reuse. Repository systems provide key infrastructure for the development, storage, management, discovery and delivery of all types of electronic content. SCORM content packaging, with its inclusion of mandatory self-descriptive meta-data, plays an important role enabling advanced functionality for repository systems. As such, SCORM packaging plays a key role in accomplishing ADL goals for e-learning interoperability and in advancing the repository state-of-the-art.

Paul Jesukiewicz, Director of the ADL Co-Laboratory in Alexandria, has commented that: "The ADL Repository Technical Investigation Report is the first step in a long process to get a handle on the various repository efforts that could contribute to a potential application profile for SCORM. We are in about the same place today with repositories as we were three years ago with LMSs. We look forward to continuing the investigation into repositories and hope to continue as a catalyst in bringing the various communities together."

The ADL Repository Technical Investigation Report summarizes a number of major specification and standards efforts that may affect future repository architectures and be useful for managing SCORM conformant content. It does not provide an authoritative view or an exhaustive survey of all efforts, but rather focuses on those elements likely to be of interest in future development of a SCORM Repository Application Profile. It does not evaluate the reviewed systems for fitness of any specific purpose, but rather serves as a study and a resource to be used going forward in research and development of ADL repository technologies. ADL is interested in comments and questions from the community on this important topic.

See: online source.

From: ADL Tecnnical Team
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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See "Shareable Content Object Reference Model Initiative (SCORM)."

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