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                        September 17, 2002
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Featured News Stories

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W3C Issues Second Candidate Recommendation for XML Inclusions
W3C has published a second Candidate Recommendation for 'XML
Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0'. This CR incorporates
implementation feedback based upon the first CR and modifies
conformance based upon the XPointer Framework. The XInclude
document specifies a processing model and syntax for general
purpose inclusion. Inclusion is accomplished by merging a number
of XML information sets into a single composite Infoset.

IONA Orbix E2A XMLBus Version 5.4 Connects Corba with Web Services.
IONA has announced Orbix E2A Web Services Integration Platform 'XMLBus
Edition' version 5.4 as the latest release of its visual environment
for developing, deploying, integrating, and managing secure Web
services. XMLBus Edition v5.4 delivers enhanced features that enable
the bridging of CORBA systems to Web services. XMLBus supports the
development of Web services from existing Java Classes, EJBs, and
CORBA systems.

Altova Introduces New XML Product Line for Design and Development.
Altova Inc. has released a new XML product line consisting of three
software tools designed to facilitate and advance the adoption of XML
technologies. XMLSPY 5 adds support for XSLT debugging, WSDL editing,
Java/C++ code generation, HTML Importing, and Tamino Integration.
AUTHENTIC 5 is a standards-based, browser-enabled document editor. The
new STYLEVISION 5 tool provides conversion utilities for migrating
HTML websites to XML-based sites.

freebXML Initiative Supports Open Source ebXML Implementations:
Message Service Handler (MSH) and Registry/Repository.
A new 'freebXML' initiative has been formed to foster the development
and adoption of ebXML and related technologies. The mission of
freebXML is to provide a centralized Website for ebXML users and
developers from around the world to access and share 'free' ebXML
code and applications. freebXML is an international effort supported
by technology firms, government organizations, standardization bodies,
and academic institutions.

W3C HLink Working Draft Defines Hyperlink Markup Facility for XHTML
W3C released an initial Working Draft for 'HLink: Link Recognition for
the XHTML Family.' The HLink module provides XHTML Family Members with
the ability to specify which attributes of elements represent
hyperlinks, and how those hyperlinks should be traversed; it extends
XLink use to a wider class of languages than those restricted to the
syntactic style allowed by XLink. Implementations are given for DTD,
RELAX NG, and XML Schema.

Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor Supports XML and SGML.
Rick Jelliffe has announced the availability of the Topologi
Collaborative Markup Editor version 1.0.1. The editing environment is
described as a innovative new tool for professional publishing teams
and individuals which supports the whole of lifecycle for large,
complex XML and SGML documents. Topologi is based upon standards from
ISO, IETF and W3C; it supports ISO RELAX NG, Schematron 1.5, XML,
Namespaces, and W3C XML Schema.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:
"Metadata for DRM. Rights Expression Languages Overview." By Grace
Agnew (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey). Presentation
given at the NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) and Digital Rights
Management (DRM) Workshop, September 9, 2002, Georgetown University
Conference Center, Washington, D.C., USA. 41 pages.
"PDF on the Fly, Part 2: Users and Systems." [Workflow] By Bernd
Zipper. In The Seybold Report, Volume 2, Number 11 (September 10,
2002), pages 8-13.
"Spanish Developer Readying New Cross-Media System." By Luke Cavanagh.
In The Seybold Report, Volume 2, Number 11 (September 10, 2002),
pages 1, 18-20.
"What Are Topic Maps?" By Lars Marius Garshol. From
(September 11, 2002).
"Simple Text Wrapping." By Antoine Quint. From
(September 11, 2002).
"Identity Crisis." By Kendall Grant Clark. From
(September 11, 2002).
"What Are XForms?" By Micah Dubinko. From
(September 11, 2002).
"Web Services-Portal Is on Tap for New Mexico." By Jim Rapoza.
In eWEEK (September 16, 2002).,3959,537458,00.asp
"Adventures in High-Performance XML Persistence, Part 2.
Benchmarking XML Parsing." By Cameron Laird (Vice president,
Phaseit, Inc). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. September 2002.
"Microsoft: All XML, All The Time." By Charles Cooper. In CNET (September 12, 2002).
"Iona Easing Web Services Integration." By Darryl K. Taft.
In eWEEK (September 16, 2002).,3959,536932,00.asp
"Iona Links CORBA Roots With Web Services." By Richard Karpinski.
In InternetWeek (September 16, 2002).
X-Fetch Performer 2.1 Benchmark Documentation." Benchmark and product
information. From Republica Corporation. September 2002. 16 pages.
"Intell Chief Calls for Knowledge Base." By Dan Caterinicchia. In
Federal Computer Week (September 14, 2002).
"Web Services to Unify Applications." By Carolyn A. April and Ed
Scannell. In InfoWorld (September 16, 2002).
"Intel Spinoff Looks to Boost Processing Power." By Jennifer Mears.
In Network World (August 19, 2002, 2002).
"Intel Spin-Off Tarari Tackles Layer 7 Processing." By Craig
Matsumoto. In EE Times (August 19, 2002).
"A Proposal for Unifying the Efforts of UBL and UN/CEFACT's Core."
From Ray Walker, via Jon Bosak [UBL Comment list]. Geneva, September
13, 2002. 2 pages.
"Tame the Information Tangle: XML Data Management Systems." By Paul
Sholtz. In New Architect Magazine Volume 7, Issue 10 (October 2002),
pages 36-40.
"When Good Servers Meet Bad Clients: Coherity XML Database (CXD) 3.0."
By Kurt Cagle. In New Architect Magazine Volume 7, Issue 10 (October
2002), pages 48-49.
"Web Services Made Easy: Macromedia ColdFusion MX." By Michael
Hurwicz. In New Architect Magazine Volume 7, Issue 10 (October 2002),
pages 50-51.
"Physical Markup Language Update." By Christian Floerkemeier and Robin
Koh. Auto-ID Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge,
MA, USA. June 2002. 9 pages.
"Wireless World Eerie Possibilities." By Ephraim Schwartz. In
InfoWorld Issue 36 (September 09, 2002), page 28.
"Speeding Up SOAP." By James R. Borck. In InfoWorld (September 13,
"WS Standards Hit the Streets. Toolkits Tackle Standards." By Carolyn
A. April , Heather Harreld , and Paul Krill. In InfoWorld Issue 36
(September 09, 2002), pages 1, 34-36.
"Controlling Media." By Stuart J. Johnston. In InfoWorld Issue 36
(September 09, 2002), pages 14-16.
"Liberty For All?" By P.J. Connolly. In InfoWorld Issue 36
(September 09, 2002), page 26.
"Web Services Applications." By Jon Udell. In InfoWorld
(September 13, 2002).
"Collaxa WSOS 2.0: An Introduction." A Collaxa Technical White
Paper available from the company development website. Draft
version: WSOS 2.0 beta 1. Last modified: September 6, 2002. 23 pages.
"WSOS Tunes Up Services." By James R. Borck. In InfoWorld
(July 5, 2002).
"Wal-Mart Mandates Secure, Internet-Based EDI For Suppliers."
By Richard Karpinski. In InternetWeek (September 12, 2002).
"Data Security Oath." By Matt Hicks. In eWEEK Volume 19, Number 36
(September 09, 2002), page 31.,3959,522529,00.asp
"Data Launched on Path to Integration." By Renee Boucher Ferguson.
In eWEEK Volume 19, Number 36 (September 09, 2002), page 13.,3959,522404,00.asp
"Developing Enterprise Java Applications Using DB2 Version 8."
By Grant Hutchison (DB2/IBM Integration Center, IBM Toronto Lab).
From IBM, DB2 Developer Domain. September 2002.
"Proposal to Unify Web Services Standards Gets Backing." By James
Niccolai and Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (September 13, 2002).

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Birdstep Technology Announces True Native XML Embeddable Database for
Mobile Applications. Company Also Releases New Version of RDM Mobile
"Modulant Forms Industry Solutions Center to Solve Data Standards
Entanglement Problem. Leverages Advanced Model-Based Mapping
Technology to Bridge Chasm Among Popular Standard Data Vocabularies."
"IONA Orbix E2A XMLBus v5.4 Extends and Optimizes Corba Investments
With Web Services. XMLBus v5.4 Enables CORBA, .NET, J2EE, MQSeries and
Mainframe Application Connectivity. Designed to Enhance Availability
of Enterprise Systems for Application Integration and New Revenue
"CambridgeDocs Addresses Need for XML Content Integration with New
Backbone Strategy and Future Products. Multi-billion dollar markets
including Content Management, Document Management, Enterprise
Information Portals, and Web Services intersect content integration
using XML technology."
"Context Media Pledges Support for PRISM. Context Media Reaffirms
Commitment to Key Industry Open Standards Initiatives."
"Republica Releases X-Fetch Performer 2.1, Accelerating XML
Application Development."
"Altova Inc. Releases New Product Line of XML Tools to Accelerate XML
Adoption in the Enterprise. Powerful New Product Line of XML Editing
Tools to Satisfy Unique Needs of Developers, Web Designers and
Business Users."
"CDC Solutions Launches Complete eCTD Solution to Manage The Entire
Regulatory Submission Lifecycle. Sophisticated eCTD Solution Unveiled
at Momentum 2002 in Orlando, FL."
"CECID Donates MSH Code to ebXML Development Community."
"Chutney Technologies Eliminates Web Services Bottlenecks with
New Chutney Apptimizer for SOAP."

Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2003).
May 20 - 24, 2003. Budapest, Hungary.
XML Security 2002. 2002 ACM Workshop on XML Security. November 22,
2002. Johnson Center in George Mason University, Fairfax VA, USA.
XML Forum for Texas State and Local Government.  October 16, 2002.
J.J. Pickle Research Campus, Austin, Texas, USA.
XML World 2002.  September 23 - 25, 2002.  New Orleans Marriott,
New Orleans, LA, USA.
Open eBook Forum (OeBF) Fall Working Group Summit and AAP Emerging
Technologies Committee Meeting.  September 18 - 20, 2002.
New York City, NY, USA.

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