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Featured News Stories

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RSS 2.0 Specification Published by Berkman Center Under Creative
Commons License.
The RSS Version 2.0 specification developed by Userland has been
transferred to the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard
Law School. It has been republished under the Creative Commons
Attribution/Share Alike license which permits others to distribute
derivative works under a license identical to the one that governs the
licensor's work. RSS and other emerging XML formats for news
syndication are becoming increasingly popular.

HP Contributes Web Services Management Framework Specification to
HP has announced Web Services Management Framework Version 2.0 and
plans to contribute the specification set to the OASIS WSDM TC. WSMF
contains three specifications describing components of a management
stack: "WSMF-Foundation" defines a base framework for management using
Web services; "WS-Events" defines a Web services based event
notification mechanism; "WSMF-Web Services Management" defines the
model for management of Web services.

JSR 168 Portlet API Specification 1.0 Released for Public Review.
The release of the JSR-000168 Portlet API Specification 1.0 Public
Review Draft has been accompanied by announcements of immediate
support from Sun and Oracle. The "Portlet Specification" defines a
standard for the Java portlet API outlined in JSR 168, designed to
enable interoperability between portlets and portals by defining a set
of APIs for Portal computing addressing the areas of aggregation,
personalization, presentation and security.

Extreme Topics Presented at Extreme Markup Languages Conference 2003.
The complete program has been published for Extreme Markup Languages
Conference 2003, "There's Nothing So Practical as a Good Theory."
Extreme 2003 will be held on August 4 - 8, 2003, once again in
Montréal, Québec, Canada. Extreme covers markup practice and theory;
knowledge access and navigation; formal languages; modeling
approaches, markup software development; information philosophy;
ontologies, taxonomies, and vocabularies.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.2. Edited by Dean Jackson (W3C). W3C
Working Draft 15-July-2003. Third public working draft of the SVG 1.2
specification, produced by the W3C SVG Working Group as part of the W3C
Graphics Activity within the Interaction Domain. This document specifies
version 1.2 of the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Language, a modularized
language for describing two-dimensional vector and mixed vector/raster
graphics in XML. This draft of SVG 1.2 is a snapshot of a work-in-
progress. The SVG Working Group believe the most of the features here are
complete and stable enough for implementors to begin work and provide
"Dynamic Scalable Vector Graphics (dSVG) 1.1 Specification." Edited by
Gordon G. Bowman. July 09, 2003. Copyright (c) 2003 Corel Corporation.
See the expanded Table of Contents and file listing from the distribution
package. "This specification defines the features and syntax for Dynamic
Scalable Vector Graphics (dSVG), an XML language that extends SVG,
providing enhanced dynamic and interactive capabilities that were
previously only available via scripting. dSVG is a language for
describing UI controls and behaviors in XML.
"SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism." Edited by Noah
Mendelsohn (IBM), Mark Nottingham (BEA), and Hervi Ruellan (Canon). W3C
Working Draft 21-July-2003. The W3C XML Protocol Working Group has
released the first public Working Draft of the SOAP Message Transmission
Optimization Mechanism. Inspired by PASWA and enhancing the SOAP HTTP
Binding, this technical report presents a mechanism for improving SOAP
performance in the abstract and in a concrete implementation.
"Web Services Security, Part 4." By Bilal Siddiq. In O'Reilly (July 21, 2003). In this fourth article of the
series, the author puts the pieces together to demonstrate the
simultaneous use of all four of the XML security standards (XML
signature, XML encryption, WSS, and SAML) in one application.
"Groove Tackles Project Management. Workspace Project Edition Taps
TeamDirection Tools." By Cathleen Moore. In InfoWorld (July 22, 2003).
Groove Networks has rolled out a project management version of its
desktop collaboration software designed to help distributed project teams
work together more effectively.
"XML Watch: Tracking Provenance of RDF Data. RDF Tools Are Beginning to
Come of Age." By Edd Dumbill (Editor and publisher, In IBM
DeveloperWorks (July 21, 2003). When you start aggregating data from
around the Web, keeping track of where it came from is vital. In this
article, Edd Dumbill looks into the contexts feature of the Redland
Resource Description Format (RDF) application framework and creates an
RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0 aggregator as a demonstration.
"IBM Adds Grid Computing to WebSphere." By Peter Sayer. In ComputerWorld
(July 22, 2003). IBM will add some grid-computing capabilities to the
enterprise edition of its WebSphere Application Server, allowing
companies to squeeze more performance from disparate Web applications
running on clusters of servers through better load balancing.,10801,83302,00.html
"WSRP: The Web Services Standard for Portals." By Lowell Rapaport. In
Transform Magazine (July 2003). Web Services for Remote Portals (WSRP) is
an emerging standard designed to simplify integration. WSRP is expected
to cut portal development costs by standardizing the way a remotely
executed portlet integrates with a portal. WSRP specifies how a Web
service downloads its results to a portal in HTML via simple object
access protocol (SOAP).
"Web Services Spending Down But Not Out." By Martin LaMonica. In
BusinessWeek Online (July 22, 2003). A new Gartner survey finds that Web
services projects remain a top priority for corporations despite budget
cutbacks that are due to the economic downturn.
"WSDL First." By Will Provost. In O'Reilly (July 22,
2003). f you're serious about developing RPC-style services, you should
know WSDL as well as you know WXS [W3C XML Schema]; you should be
creating and editing descriptors frequently. More importantly, a WSDL
descriptor should be the source document for your web service build
process, for a number of reasons, including anticipating industry
standardization, maintaining fidelity in transmitting service semantics,
and achieving the best interoperability through strong typing and WXS.
"Web Services and Sessions." By Sergey Beryozkin. In O'Reilly (July 22, 2003). An enterprise application is usually
exposed to the outside world as a single monolithic service, which can
receive request messages and possibly return response messages, as
determined by some contract. Services designed according to the
principles of a service-oriented architecture can be either stateless or
"Introduction to JSR 168 - The Java Portlet Specification." From Sun
Microsystems. Whitepaper. 19 pages. "The Java Specification Request 168
Portlet Specification (JSR 168) standardizes how components for portal
servers are to be developed. It defines a common Portlet API and
infrastructure that provides facilities for personalization,
presentation, and security. Portlets using this API and adhering to the
specification will be product agnostic, and may be deployed to any portal
product that conforms to the specification.
"Identity-Management Plans Draw Praise." By Steven Marlin. In
InformationWeek (July 17, 2003). Liberty Alliance and SAML earn plaudits
from the Financial Services Technology Consortium for making single sign-
on easier for customers. FSTC praised two identity-management proposals,
Liberty Alliance and Security Assertion Markup Language, for sparing
customers the chore of maintaining multiple sets of IDs and passwords.
"SPML Passes Demo As Multi-Platform Provisioning Specification." By Vance
McCarthy. In Enterprise Developer News (July 15, 2003). OASIS passed a
hurdle last week, as member companies successfully demoed the Service
Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) as an XML-derived standard for multi-
platform provisioning during last week's Catalyst Conference.
"XSLT Performance in .NET." By Dan Frumin. In O'Reilly (July
14, 2003). The Microsoft .NET Framework brings with it many new tools and
improvements for developers. Among them is a very rich and powerful set
of XML classes that allow the developer to tap into XML and XSLT in their
"An XML Fragment Reader." By William Brogden. In (July 21, 2003).
A lot of XML parsing deals with document fragments, as opposed to
complete documents, but XML parsers prefer to deal with entire documents.
A Java solution turns out to be simple and quite flexible; it enables you
to combine many bits of XML formatted character streams to feed an XML
"From XML to Wireless, Office Suites Move With the Times. Enhanced Basics
and Added Features Change the Dynamics of Office Suites " By Cecil
Wooley. In Government Computer News Volume 22, Number 19 (July 21, 2003).
Office suites are even more indispensable than paper at government
agencies. In this review the author tested four leading office suites,
grading them for quality, ease of use and price.
"BEA Ships WebLogic Platform 8.1. The Suite Includes BEA's Application
Server and JRockit Java Virtual Machine." By James Niccolai. In
ComputerWorld (July 18, 2003). "BEA Systems Inc. has announced the
general availability of WebLogic Platform 8.1, the latest edition of its
suite of Java server software for developing, deploying and integrating
business applications.,10801,83206,00.html
"EIPs More Compelling Than Ever." By Jim Rapoza. In eWEEK (July 21,
2003). Portals provide the much-needed ability to integrate and unify
access to a company's applications, back-end systems, data sources and
content repositories. Unlike many other pricey enterprise applications,
EIPs continue to show an excellent return on investment.,3959,1199230,00.asp
"The Security Components Exchange Protocol (SCXP)." By Yixian Yang
(Information Security Center, Beijing University of Posts and Telecom,
BUPT). IETF Internet Draft. Reference: draft-yang-scxp-00. June 2003,
expires December 2003. Section 7 supplies the SCXP XML DTDs (SCXP DTD,
channelType Option DTD, channelPRI Option DTD). This document describes
the Security Components Exchange Protocol (SCXP), an application-level
protocol for exchanging data between security components. Built on BEEP,
SCXP supports mutual-authentication, integrity, confidentiality and
replay protection over a connection-oriented protocol.
"SCO Takes Aim at Linux Users." By Stephen Shankland and Lisa M. Bowman.
In CNET (July 21, 2003). SCO Group, a company that says Linux
infringes on its Unix intellectual property, announced on Monday that it
has been granted key Unix copyrights and will start a program to let
companies that run Linux avoid litigation by paying licensing fees.
"XQuery and SQL: Vive la Différence." By Ken North. In DB2 Magazine
(Quarter 3, 2003). "Sometimes SQL and XML documents get along fine;
sometimes they don't. The new W3C XQuery language developed by SQL
veterans is promising to smooth things over and get everything talking
"Foundry Networks Launches XML Switching for Load Balancer. TrafficWorks
Ironware OS is Used in its Upper-Layer Load Balancing Switches." By Matt
Hamblen. In ComputerWorld (July 21, 2003). Foundry Networks Inc. is
releasing a new version of its TrafficWorks Ironware operating system,
which is used in its upper-layer load-balancing switches. A key
ingredient of Version 9.0 is XML switching capability to control and
direct traffic based on XML tags.,10801,83266,00.html
"Content-Centric XML: Coming Soon to an Intranet Near You?" By Robert J.
Boeri. In (July 20, 2003). "Content-centric XML hasn't followed its
original five-year script. Although use of XML to transfer information
between applications was one of the World Wide Web Consortium's original
goals, emphasis was on content-centric XML: Web pages and documents. What
"Auto-ID Center Opens Demo Lab." By [RFID Journal Staff]. In RFID Journal
News (July 11, 2003). The Auto-ID Center has opened a robotic
demonstration lab at its facility in Cambridge to show off RFID's
manufacturing capabilities. The demonstration highlights use of a robot
for automatic picking, placing, storage and flexible packaging. The
technology uses a Physical Markup Language (PML) server.
"Debate Flares Over Weblog Standards. Despite Technical Battles, Weblogs
Prepare to Alter the Collaboration and Content Management Space." By
Cathleen Moore. In InfoWorld (July 18, 2003). Weblogs are poised to roil
the status quo of enterprise collaboration and content management despite
recent debate regarding the protocols underpinning the technology. Online
personal publishing technology has skyrocketed in popularity during the
past year, attracting serious interest from megaplayers such as AOL and
"XML Semantics and Digital Libraries." By Allen Renear (University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), David Dubin (University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign), C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (MIT Laboratory for Computer
Science), and Claus Huitfeldt (Department for Culture, Language, and
Information Technology, Bergen University Research Foundation). Pages
303-305 (with 14 references) in Proceedings of the Third ACM/IEEE-CS
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL 2003, May 27-31, 2003, Rice
Univerersity, Houston, Texas, USA). Session on Standards, Markup, and
Metadata. The BECHAMEL Markup Semantics Project explores representation
and inference issues in document markup semantics, surveys properties of
popular markup languages, and is developing a formal, machine-readable
declarative representation scheme in which the semantics of a markup
language can be expressed.
"The XML Log Standard for Digital Libraries: Analysis, Evolution, and
Deployment." By Marcos André Gonçalves, Ganesh Panchanathan, Unnikrishnan
Ravindranathan, Aaron Krowne, and Edward A. Fox (Virginia Polytechnic and
State University, Blacksburg, VA); Filip Jagodzinski and Lillian Cassel
(Villanova University, Villanova, PA). Pre-publication version of the
paper delivered at JCDL 2003. Pages 312-314 (with 5 references) in
Proceedings of the Third ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital
Libraries (JCDL 2003, May 27-31, 2003, Rice Univerersity, Houston, Texas,
USA). Session on Standards, Markup, and Metadata. The authors describe
current efforts and developments building on our proposal for an XML log
standard format for digital library (DL) logging analysis and companion
tools. Focus is given to the evolution of formats and tools, based on
analysis of deployment in several DL systems and testbeds.
"Logic Grammars and XML Schema." By C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (World Wide
Web Consortium / MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, Cambridge MA).
Draft version of paper prepared for Extreme Markup Languages 2003,
Montréal. This document describes some possible applications of logic
grammars to schema processing as described in the XML Schema
specification. It introduces basic ideas for using logic grammars as a
way of animating the XML Schema specification / modeling XML Schema.

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Seybold San Francisco Transformed: Ten Key Conferences Include
Enterprise Publishing and Digital Media. New Look, Vision for 22-Year-Old
Gathering of 'All Things Publishing' Set for Sept. 8-12, 2003, at Moscone
"HP Acquires PipeBeach to Strengthen Leadership in Growing VoiceXML
Interactive Voice Market. Standards-based Products from PipeBeach Bolster
HP OpenCall Portfolio and Enhance HP's Ability to Deliver Speech-based
"Web Services Enable More Success for Digital Photography Printing
Services. Lack of Interoperability Is Making It Difficult for Consumers
to Use Digital Photo Services."
"Intergraph Advances Open Data Exchange of Geospatial Information with
New GML and WFS Interoperability Extensions. Free Desktop GeoMedia Viewer
to Enable GML and WFS Query and Viewing Capabilities."
"Interwoven Releases TeamSite 6.0 - The New Benchmark in the Content
Management Industry.  New Release Empowers Enterprises to Boost Workforce
Productivity and Enable Faster, Smarter Decision-Making with an All New,
Easy, and Customizable User Experience."
"HP Fuels Industry-standard Approach to Web Services Management. HP to
Submit Technology to Standards Consortium, Supported by Ascential
Software, BEA Systems, Informatica, IONA, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, TIBCO
Software, and webMethods."
"BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 Ships.  New Products Offer Faster Time to
Value by Converging the Development and Integration of Applications,
Portals and Business Processes."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

Seybold San Francisco 2003.  September 8 - 12, 2003.  Moscone Center
West, San Francisco, California, USA.

XML Database Symposium (XSym 2003).  September 8, 2003.  The Humboldt-
Universitaet zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

HyperText '03.  The Fourteenth ACM Conference on Hypertext and
Hypermedia.  August 26 - 30, 2003.  Jubilee Campus, University of
Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.

ECDL 2003. Seventh European Conference on Research and Advanced
Technology for Digital Libraries. August 17 - 22, 2003. Britannia Hotel,
Trondheim, Norway.

XML Web Services One Boston. "Solutions for Practical XML Web Services
Development."  August 12 - 15, 2003. World Trade Center, Boston, MA,

Extreme Markup Languages 2003. August 4 - 8, 2003.  Hilton Hotel,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2003 LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. August 4 - 7, 2003.  The Moscone
Center, San Francisco, CA, USA.

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