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                         December 09, 2003

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Featured News Stories

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W3C TAG Publishes Last Call Working Draft for Architecture of the
World Wide Web.
W3C's Technical Architecture Group (TAG) has released a Last Call
Working Draft for the "Architecture of the World Wide Web, First
Edition." Written for Web developers, implementers, content authors,
and publishers, the WD describes desirable properties of the Web and
design choices that have been made to achieve them. Three
architectural bases of the Web are discussed, including identification
(URIs), interaction (protocols, agents), and data formats.

HR-XML Consortium Approves Assessments Specification for Skills
The "Assessments 1.0" specification recently approved by the
membership of the HR-XML Consortium features six new XML Schemas
supporting order requests to providers of assessment and testing
services, and the return of assessment status and results. The HR-XML
Assessments 1.0 standard provides employers the flexibility and
efficiencies of being able to order, manage, and apply assessments
from within their HR or recruiting solution of choice.

IBM Submits EPAL Version 1.2 Privacy Specification to W3C.
W3C has acknowledged receipt of IBM's "Enterprise Privacy
Authorization Language (EPAL) Version 1.2" as a Member Submission
request. The specification includes a prose description of syntax and
semantics, with formal definition of the EPAL syntax in an XML Schema.
EPAL defines a formal language for writing enterprise privacy policies
to govern data handling practices in IT systems according to fine-
grained positive and negative authorization rights.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"OASIS Elects IBM, Nokia, Oracle Staff to Board. Companies Fill New
Seats Created During Organization's Expansion." By Stacy Cowley. In
InfoWorld (December 08, 2003). Representatives from Nokia Corp.,
Oracle Corp. and IBM Corp. have joined the Organization for the
Advancement of Structured Information Standards' (OASIS) Board of
Directors: Frederick Hirsch of Nokia, Jeff Mischkinsky of Oracle, and
Michael Weiner of IBM were elected to fill three new seats created
through the recent expansion of OASIS' board.
"Review: StarOffice 7 -- Innovation In Action." By Bruce Byfield. From
OSDN NewsForge (December 08, 2003). Sun Microsystems' StarOffice 7,
released November 12, offers significant advantages in performance,
usability, and stability over rival commercial office suites,
including Microsoft Office.
"Blue Titan Ships SOA Tool. Network Director 2.5 Features Faster Linux
Performance." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (December 09, 2003). Blue
Titan is shipping Network Director 2.5, which the company is calling
an enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA) 'Fabric.' The
company describes an SOA Fabric as a network overlay that provides a
unified control layer for Web services-based interactions.
"Intelligent Documents Headline XML 2003." By Edd Dumbill. From (December 09, 2003). At the opening of this year's XML USA
conference in Philadephia, PA, smart XML documents were the star.
Keynotes from Jon Udell of InfoWorld and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe
focused on XML documents that conveyed the nuance of real world
"Microsoft, Adobe and W3C to Shake Up Electronic Forms Market." By
Bill Trippe. In The Gilbane Report Volume 11, Number 8 (October 2003),
pages 1-10. eForms technology has grown by providing better
functionality in at least three areas: improvements in the rendering
of the forms; improvements in the validation and user interface;
improvements in the interoperability of the forms technology with
other software.
"XML Developers Get Slew of New Tools." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(December 09, 2003). With XML adoption widespread in the industry,
vendors exhibiting at the XML Conference and Expo 2003 are offering
solutions to make it even more palatable for users and developers.,4149,1407750,00.asp
"WS-I Issues Use Cases for Web Services. Ten Companies, Including IBM,
Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Provide Implementations." By Paul Krill. In
InfoWorld (December 09, 2003). WS-I has released its WS-I Sample
Application 1.0 documents, providing use cases for interoperable Web
services. Being released at XML 2003, the documents consist of WS-I
Supply Chain Use Cases 1.0, Usage Scenarios, Supply Chain Management
Technical Architecture, and Sample Application 1.0 implementations
developed by 10 vendor companies.
"Making Web Services Work at Amazon." By Edd Dumbill. From
(December 09, 2003). Jeff Barr, Amazon's web services evangelist,
explained to XML 2003 attendees the decisions facing Amazon in opening
up their systems for public use via web services. His talk provided
many good pointers for large businesses considering opening themselves
to greater programmatic interaction with developers.
"Software AG Extends Access to Natural Programs. Version 6 of
Development Environment is Launched." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld
(December 09, 2003). "Software AG is shipping Version 6 of its Natural
4GL development environment, enabling Windows developers to access
Natural programs running on a Unix or mainframe system.
"Building a Security Infrastructure." By Rich Salz. From O'Reilly (December 09, 2003). Having offered a rationale
for XKMS as an important web service and looked at reducing the
problem of implementing such a service to a reasonable size, Salz now
builds the infrastructure necessary to develop and deploy an XKMS
registration server that can issue certificates and which is intended
for use within an enterprise.
"Oracle Launches HR-XML Product. Will Microsoft Word Follow?" By
Ephraim Schwartz. In InfoWorld (December 08, 2003). Human Resources
recruiters received welcome news when Oracle announcesd that its Human
Resources Management System will use the HR-XML standard for data
exchange. The HR-XML standard promises to reduce time spent in
manually re-inputting resumes into custom systems and fees expended
for resume parsing software and services.
"Open Integration and Security: XML Firewalls Provide Ease of
Integration and Security." By John Lilly (Reactivity). In XML Journal
Volume 4, Issue 12 (December 2003). XML firewalls can provide robust
integration and interoperability points. Using an XML firewall,
security architects and business managers can define the level of
security enforcement they need to protect the enterprise and also meet
their business requirements.
"Computer Associates Shows its WSDM." By Matt Villano. In CRN
(December 08, 2003). Computer Associates's newly shipping Unicenter
Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) software is the company's
first offering to monitor and manage Web services across an
"U.K. Government Considers Sun in Open Source Software Push." By
Scarlet Pruitt. In NetworkWorld (December 08, 2003). The U.K.
government has signed a five-year agreement with Sun to potentially
offer the company's new Java Desktop System and Java Enterprise System
software to public sector agencies as part of an overall open source
push. The OGC is just one of a growing number of government agencies
looking to curb costs through the adoption of open source software.
"CA Releases Unicenter Web-Services Management System." By Darryl K.
Taft. In eWEEK (December 08, 2003). Computer Associates has released
its Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management system. It manages
Web services natively at the service level by monitoring SOAP
"News Standard Summit Wrapup." By Sam Ruby (
December 08, 2003. Notes on the Philadelphia News Standards Summit. A
presentation on the Atom syndication format was given by Sam Ruby at
the News Standards Summit, held 2003-12-08 in conjunction with XML
"A Potluck Party for XML." By Clint Boulton. From
(December 08, 2003). At XML 2003 key standards bodies including the
W3C, OASIS, and WS-I all showed interoperability demonstrations. XML
2003 allowed participants the chance to showcase their progress in
developing standards-compliant software, and offers attendees the
opportunity to see numerous product demonstrations in action.
"Web Services Intermediaries Evolve." By Phillip J. Windley. In
InfoWorld (December 16, 2003). WSI (Web services intermediaries)
address the need for faster, more flexible application integration
with configurable tools for creating reliable, scalable Web services
Test Center Analysts Debate Wrapping Up Web Presence. Will Web
Services Be the Catalyst for Collaboration Evolution?" By P.J.
Connolly and Jon Udell. In InfoWorld (December 05, 2003). Enterprise
collaboration faces a number of challenges in the years to come. IM
systems today are where e-mail was back in the late 1980s: islands of
common use separated by protocols, vendors, and the network itself.
"Versioning XML Vocabularies." By David Orchard. From
(December 03, 2003). A whitepaper presenting best practices for
versioning W3C XML Schema based XML vocabularies, describing
techniques to achieve more effective loose coupling between systems by
increasing the possibility for backwards- and forwards-compatible
changes to occur when related systems evolve.
"Styling RDF Graphs with GSS." By Emmanuel Pietriga. From
(December 03, 2003). Visualising RDF graphs is a hard problem, as they
can quickly become unwieldy. This article introduces a solution in the
form off GSS (Graph Style Sheets), an RDF vocabulary for describing
rule-based style sheets used to modify the visual representation of
RDF models represented as node-link diagrams.
"Trees, Temporarily." By Bob DuCharme. From (December 03,
2003). In his latest Transforming XML column Bob DuCharme explains
XSLT 2.0's Temporary Trees, and then he demonstrates how to use them.
"IBM, BEA Lay Out New Java Specs. Sun, Oracle, Not Behind Initiative."
By Ed Scannell. In InfoWorld (December 01, 2003). IBM and BEA Systems
have disclosed that they are working jointly on three new
specifications for the Java platform. The new specifications (Service
Data Objects, Work Manager for Application Servers, and Timer for
Applications Servers) are designed to increase application portability
between IBM's WebSphere and BEA's WebLogic application servers.

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"IPTC Joins in XML News Standards Summit. IPTC Roadmap 2005 for
NewsML, NITF and SportsML."

"Software AG Increases XML Support Within Its Natural Development
Environment for Windows, UNIX and Linux Platforms. Natural version 6
Enables Developers to Access XML Documents Stored in the Company's
Tamino XML Server Without Learning an XML-Specific Query Language."

"Blue Titan Advances Industry's First Enterprise SOA Fabric. Network
Director 2.5 Delivers Increased Scalability and Extensibility."

"Sun's Radical New Java System Software Wins Whitehall Approval. Sun
Microsystems and the UK Government Sign Software Purchasing Agreement
to Offer the Public Sector Open, Secure Software Technology and
Reduced IT Costs."

"CA Ships Innovative Solution to Monitor and Manage Web Services
Across and Beyond the Enterprise. Unicenter Web Services Distributed
Management Ensures Reliability and Performance for On-Demand

"XyEnterprise Releases Version 1.1 of XPP Web Services Toolkit.  New
XPP Personal Edition Available."

"Oracle Leads Development of Open Standards for Human Resources
Software, Helps Customers Automate Information Exchange and Reduce
Integration Costs. Oracle Human Resources Management System One of
First to Receive HR-XML Certification."

"Web Editor Framework Out of Beta. Ontopia Announces Ontopia Knowledge
Suite Release 2.0."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

WWW2004. The Thirteenth International World Wide Web Conference. May
17-22, 2004.  New York Sheraton, New York, NY, USA.

ODRL International Workshop 2004. April 21 - 23, 2004. Vienna
University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna, Austria.

The Gilbane Conference on Content Management.  March 24 - 26, 2004.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

AIIM 2004 Conference. March 8 - 10, 2004. Javits Convention Center,
New York, NY, USA.

Web Services Edge 2004 East International Conference & Expo.  February
24 - 26, 2004.  Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, USA.

IASTED Special Session on Architectures and Languages for Digital
Rights Management and Access Control. December 11, 2003. New York
City, NY, USA.

XML 2003 Conference and Exhibition.  "Now We're Cooking".
December 7 - 12, 2003.  Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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