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                          April 29, 2003

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Featured News Stories

Recently featured news stories from the Cover Pages news at:  OR

Working Draft for Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
Version 2.1.
XBRL International has released an XBRL version 2.1 Working Draft and
announced a 60-day review period preliminary to consideration of the
business reporting spec as a final XBRL 2.1 Recommendation. The prose
portion of XBRL version 2.1 has expanded by 54 pages, including many
more usage examples, code fragments from the defining XML schemas,
greater detail about pre-existing XBRL 2.0 features, and detailed
explanations of new features.

OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets Specification Moves Toward
The version 1.0 "Web Services for Remote Portlets Specification"
produced jointly by the OASIS WSRP and WSIA technical committees has
been approved as a Committee Specification. The design goal in the
WSRP specification is to enable an application designer or
administrator to pick from a rich choice of compliant remote content
and application providers, and integrate them with just a few mouse
clicks and no programming effort.

The Holy Grail of Content Reuse: IBM's DITA XML.
IBM's Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an XML
architecture for designing, writing, managing, and publishing
technical documentation, whether in print, as online help, or on the
Web. It implements the principles of information design, information
typing, and information architecture. Michael Priestley has
collaborated in the creation of a new DITA resource collection which
features key articles and presentations.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Portal Syndication: Embedding One Web Site's Functionality in
Another." By Ivelin Ivanov.  From (April 29,
2003).  The latest generation web portals demand more than posting
news stories. Embedding and personalizing rich content and behavior
from remote portals is becoming a necessity. Ivelin Ivanov discusses
embedding remote web site functionality using Apache Cocoon.
"XML Transactions for Web Services, Part 2." By Faheem Khan.  From (April 29, 2003).  The article is Part 2 of a
series on the use of atomic transactions in web services applications;
Part 1 introduced federated web service applications and transactional
web services, including brief descriptions of of the WS-Coordination
and WS-Transaction specifications.
"Open Source and Open Standards."  By Peter Saint-André. From O'Reilly (April 29, 2003). On the intersection of protocol, source,
and community. Only time will tell if Jabber/XMPP becomes a standard
for real-time messaging and presence.
"Mozilla Plan Sticks to Basics." By Jim Rapoza. In eWEEK (April 28,
2003). The Mozilla Organization earlier this month began planning the
next phase of Mozilla development. Probably the biggest change for
most users will be the move away from the all-encompassing browser
suite to individual components that can be easily integrated if a user
so chooses.,3959,1046356,00.asp
"Bleepin' BPELs." By John Taschek. In eWEEK (April 28, 2003). Is it
possible that something once pronounced Bipple and now Be-PEL is
shaking up the Web services world? Are Microsoft, IBM and BEA icing
Oracle and Sun and their customers?,3959,1046421,00.asp
"Bluestream Upgrades XML Database." By Lisa Vaas. In eWEEK (April 29,
2003). Bluestream Database Software Corp. has released an upgrade to
its native XML database that features smoother handling of
collaborative content management with XML and binary data.,3959,1048146,00.asp
"OASIS Pushes Global E-Procurement Standardization." By Mark Leon. In (April 28, 2003). OASIS has created a forum for
government agencies, organizations, and private companies to work
together on global e-procurement standards.
"OASIS: Net Procurement Needs to Align." By Paul Festa. In CNET (April 28, 2003). A Web services standards group has launched
an effort to push for uniform practices in the way supplies are bought
and sold online.
"Introducing WS-Coordination. A Big Step Toward a New Standard." By
Jim Webber and Mark Little (Arjuna Technologies Limited). In
WebServices Journal Volume 3, Issue 5 (May 24, 2003). With 5 figures.
In July 2002, BEA, IBM, and Microsoft released a trio of
specifications designed to support business transactions over Web
services [BPEL4WS, WS-Transaction, and WS-Coordination]. This article
introduces the underlying concepts of Web Services Coordination, and
shows how a generic coordination framework can be used to provide the
foundations for higher-level business processes.
"Business Processes: Turning Integration Upside Down." By Jim Mackay
(Business Technology Group, webMethods). In WebServices Journal Volume
3, Issue 5 (May 24, 2003). In the IT world, integration became an
issue as soon as the second computer with the second application came
online... Perhaps the largest group to latch onto business process
integration is enterprise system vendors.
"Exposing Legacy Applications. An Apache SOAP Framework That Provides
an Excellent Implementation." By Adelene Ng (Xerox Corporation,
Rochester, NY). In WebServices Journal Volume 3, Issue 5 (May 24,
2003). With 10 figures. In this article, I propose a solution using
SOAP that allows legacy client methods to be called from a SOAP
"Don't Segment Desktop XML. InfoPath Needs to be Everywhere." By Jon
Udell. In InfoWorld (April 25, 2003). Udell's vocal support for the
next version of Microsoft Office has drawn heat in various quarters.
Naysayers are convinced that Microsoft will find some way to cripple
the XML capabilities of Word, Excel, and InfoPath.
"Web Services Creation Made Easy. Beta of BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1
Insulates Developers from J2EE Trials and Tribulations." By Rick
Grehan. In InfoWorld (April 25, 2003). BEA WebLogic Workshop is a
combination development/run-time environment, very much in the spirit
of IBM's WebSphere Application Developer. But WebLogic Workshop
exclusively generates J2EE applications, and it operates at a dizzying
level of abstraction compared with similar tools.
"Programming for the 21st Century -- o:XML." By Jeff Davies. In ZDNet
News (April 25, 2003). Martin Klang has announced the availability of
ObjectBox 1.0. This is currently closed-source license, but he's going
to release the next version under GPL or similar license.
"XML for Data: Reuse It Or Lose It, Part 2. Understanding Reusable
Components." By Kevin Williams (CEO, Blue Oxide Technologies, LLC).
From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. April 25, 2003. The author
describes the types of components that can be reused in XML designs
and provides examples of each in XML and XML Schema.
"Tibco Promotes Flexibility Through BPM and Analytics." By [Staff]. In (April 25, 2003). Because web services interfaces
have become mandatory for all integration products, it has become
tough to differentiate based on open protocols. Tibco is focusing on
enabling the dynamic enterprise by putting business process management
(BPM) and analytics functionality higher in the stack.
"Judge Upholds Law Requiring ISPs to Name Downloaders. Critics Say
Ruling is Big Blow to Internet Users' Privacy." By Grant Gross. In
InfoWorld (April 25, 2003). A U.S. federal judge has again sided with
the recording industry in its efforts to subpoena the name of a music
downloader, upholding a portion of the Digital Millennium Copyright
Act (DMCA) that requires Internet service providers to turn over names
of alleged copyright infringers.
"XML Grows... and Slows." By Jim Ericson. In Line56 (April 24, 2003).
With standards adoption spreading, some wonder if a messaging glut
will lead to infrastructure overload. XML standards and specifications
are more and more coming to bear on a variety of business processes
inside and outside the four walls in support of new architectures that
are flexible and loosely coupled.
"SIMPLE-XMPP Interworking." By Daniel-Constantin Mierla (Fraunhofer
FOKUS, Berlin, Germany). IETF Network Working Group, Internet-Draft.
Reference: 'draft-mierla-simple-xmpp-interworking-00'. April 23, 2003,
expires October 22, 2003. This document describes the behavior for the
logical entity known as the SIMPLE-XMPP Interworking Function (SIMPLE-
XMPP IWF) that will allow the interworking between the SIMPLE (Session
Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging
Extensions) and XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)
"An SVG Case Study: Integrated, Dynamic Avalanche Forecasting." By
Chris Cochella and Tyler Cruickshank. From (April 23, 2003).
An article demonstrating the use of SVG to present integrated
information on skiing weather conditions.
"At Microsoft's Mercy." By Kendall Grant Clark. From (April
23, 2003). The future of XML editing is largely in Microsoft's hands,
observes Kendall Clark.
"Online Magazines with Apache Cocoon." By Steve Punte. From
(April 23, 2003). Apache Cocoon makes publishing magazines easy.
Steven Punte brings together HTML and RSS documents to show how
Cocoon's XML-directed architecture lends itself to elegant publishing
"Northrop's Latest Patent: Legitimate or Just 'A Silly Claim'? The
Worldwide i-Technology Community Responds." By Jeremy Geelan. In XML
Journal (April 23, 2003). The USPTO has granted patent number
6,546,413 to Charlie Northrup for an 'Access Method Independent
Exchange Using a Communication Primitive', seen by some as potentially
legally blocking a variety of Web services, and illustrating the
complete brokenness of the patent system.
"New Technologies Face Legal Headaches." By Lisa M Bowman. In ZDNet
News (April 22, 2003). Companies face a host of legal land mines that
they need to consider when developing emerging technology, attorneys
at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference told developers.,2000048640,20273895,00.htm

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Mobilkom Austria and Weblicon Announce World's First Wireless SyncML
Synchronization on the Sun One Platform."

"OASIS Members Form Web Services Business Process Execution Language
(WSBPEL) Technical Committee."

"Intalio Joins IBM, Microsoft to Promote OASIS BPM Standard. Intalio
Co-Submits BPEL Spec, is Initial Member on OASIS Technical Committee
to Drive Industry Towards BPM Standards Convergence."

"Commerce One Releases Open Source, Royalty Free DocSOAP XML Developer
Kit for Document Style SOAP. DocSOAP XML Developer Kit Designed to
Increase Use and Adoption of Web Services in Business. Provides Better
Performance and More Complete Standards Support Than Other Solutions."

"Bluestream Releases XStreamDB 3.0 Native XML Database.  Major Upgrade
Adds Features for Collaborative Content Management."

"OASIS Guides Development of Global Electronic Procurement

"BEA and Siebel Systems Expand Alliance to Deliver Integration
Solutions for Universal Application Network. Customers Speed Time to
Value and Minimize Long-Term Cost of Ownership for Application
Integration With Emerging Integration and Process Standards."

"WS-I Announces Availability of Testing Tools. Pre-Release Now
Available for Public Comment."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

W3C Workshop on the Long Term Future of P3P and Enterprise Privacy
Languages.  June 18 - 20, 2003. Multimedia Campus Kiel, Kiel
(Schleswig-Holstein), Germany.

2003 JavaOne Conference.  June 10 - 13, 2003.  Moscone Convention
Center, San Francisco, CA, USA.

PODS 2003 Conference.  22nd ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on
Principles of Database Systems. June 9 - 12, 2003.  Town and Country
Hotel, San Diego, California, USA.

The Third ACM+IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL 2003).
May 27 - 31, 2003. Rice University, Houston, TX, USA.

ebXML Showcase. May 5 - 6, 2003.  Hilton London Metropole, London, UK.

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