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                        March 18, 2003

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Featured News Stories

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DMTF Publishes Three Final XML Specifications for Web-Based Enterprise
The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) has published three final
Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) specifications. WBEM is a set
of management and Internet standard technologies developed to unify
the management of enterprise computing environments. "Specification
for the Representation of CIM in XML", "Specification for CIM
Operations over HTTP", and "CIM XML DTD" represent the core set of
standards defining the WBEM infrastructure.

BEA Releases Web Services Specifications Supporting Asynchrony,
Reliable Messaging, Metadata.
BEA Systems has announced new specifications for asynchrony, reliable
messaging, and general message data. WS-Acknowledgement supports
reliable message exchange between services by providing for at-least-
once and exactly-once SOAP message transfer guarantees. WS-Callback is
used to dynamically specify where to send asynchronous responses to a
SOAP request. WS-MessageData introduces the MessageData header for
standardized metadata management.

NISO Releases Proposed OpenURL Metadata and Linking Standard.
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has released a
review draft of "The OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services,
Part 1: ContextObject and Transport Mechanisms." The OpenURL
specification defines a general framework to bundle specific packages
of contextual metadata and transport them over the network. Part 2
"Initial Registry Content" details the core properties that can be
used in instantiations of the general framework.

New Web Services Specifications for Reliable Messaging and Addressing.
Two new specifications have been published as part of the Global XML
Web Services Architecture (GXA) platform. WS-ReliableMessaging is a
protocol that allows messages to be delivered reliably between
distributed applications in the presence of software component,
system, or network failures. WS-Addressing defines XML elements to
identify Web service endpoints and to secure end-to-end endpoint
identification in messages.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"The ebXML Messaging Service." By Pim van der Eijk. From (March 18, 2003). "The ebXML Messaging Service
specification (ebMS) is an OASIS Open standard that extends the SOAP
specification to provide the security and reliability features
required by many production enterprise and e-business applications; it
is supported by a variety of commercial and open source software
"XML Watch: WBXML and Basic SyncML Server Requirements. Use SyncML to
Mobilize Your Data." By Edd Dumbill (Editor and publisher, From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. March 2003. Edd
Dumbill explores Wireless Binary XML (WBXML) and examines the minimum
functionality required for a SyncML server.
"Creating SOAP Services with Cocoon." By Steve Punte. From (March 18, 2003). This article introduces the
XmlHttpTransformer, a component which allows mid-pipeline Cocoon
elements to operate as SOAP clients retrieving information from
external services.
"Generate Web Output in Multiple Formats and Languages with StrutsCX."
By Bernhard Woehrlin [WWW]. From (March 12, 2003). StrutsCX
overcomes the limitations of the Struts Framework by enabling you to
utilize XML, XSLT, and XPath technologies instead of its standard
JavaServer Pages.
"Sun Expects Bumpy Ride Ahead With WS-I. [Performance, Measurement &
Standards.]" By Paula Rooney. In CMPNetAsia (March 19, 2003). Ed
Julson, Sun's group marketing manager for Java and Web Services, said
only two out of 14 proposed WS-I standards being tossed around by
founders Microsoft and IBM have been submitted as standards.
"Web Services Interoperability Organisation ( What's it All
About?" By [Staff]. From (March 19, 2003). interviews Chris Ferris, on his views of WS-I as IBM's
representative to the Basic Profile WG.
"Industry Execs Discuss EDI's Place in an XML World. Forum Attendees
Ask Where .Net fits Into the Equation." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld
(March 18, 2003). EDI lives and .Net cannot be ignored, said industry
executives and audience members at a panel session in Santa Clara.
"OASIS Eyes Open Web Services Management Specs." By Vance McCarthy. In
Enterprise Developer News (March 10, 2003). OASIS has created a Web
Services Distributed Management (WSDM) technical committee to explore
technical solutions to managing end-to-end web services.
"xDoc Converter. [Product Review.]" By Bill Trippe (New Millennium
Publishing). In EContent Magazine (February 2003). xDoc Converter is a
solid new offering in an important emerging problem space -- the
requirement to convert various unstructured data types into XML.
"Google Gains Visual Searches. Anacubis Integrates Data Viewer Into
Google Web APIs Service." By Cathleen Moore. In InfoWorld (March 14,
2003). "Data-visualization software provider Anacubis has integrated
its anacubis Viewer technology with the Google Web APIs service to
allow developers to visually explore relationships between Web sites.
"BEA's Latest Survival Tack: Integrated Product Stack." By John
Taschek. In eWEEK (March 11, 2003). BEA's new strategy is in
integration -- taking its entire product stack and attempting to
ensure that it all works together, can be sold together, and is
fundamentally on the same development cycle.,3959,924228,00.asp
"The Interview: Eric Meyer." By Russell Dyer. From
(March 12, 2003). Russell Dyer talks to Eric Meyer, an invited expert
to the W3C's CSS working group; Eric explains how he first got into
CSS, his job with Netscape, and his future plans.
"Using SAX for Proper XML Output." By Uche Ogbuji. From (March
12, 2003). Generating XML from Python is one of the most common XML-
related tasks the average Python user will face; thus, having more
than one way to complete such a common task is especially helpful.
"Truth in Advertising. [XML-Deviant.]" By Kendall Grant Clark. From (March 12, 2003). Kendall Clark touches on the controversial
subjects of subsetting XML, registries for namespaces, and problems
with the XML-DEV list infrastructure itself.
"Microsoft Dips Toe in Choreography Waters. Software Giant Surprise
Attendee at W3C Meeting." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March 14,
2003). Microsoft recently [2003-03-13] participated in an W3C meeting
involving an industry effort to standardize Web services choreography.
"WSRP an Oasis for Portal Deployment." By David Rubinstein. In SD
Times (March 17, 2003). The Web Services for Remote Portals (WSRP)
specification seeks to define a way for Web services to plug into
portals, according to OASIS TC Chair, Thomas Schaeck (IBM).
"Manage Users With JMS. Use JMS to Build a Unified User Management
Framework Within Your Enterprise." By Amit Goel and David Marshall. In
Java World (March 17, 2003). JMS links enterprise systems together
through reliable messages, even over unreliable networks, and promotes
decoupling and scalability of the system at the same time.
"BEA Upgrades Java Software, All Versions 8.1. Company Presents
Unified Platform." By Alan Zeichick. In SD Times Issue 074 (March 15,
2003). BEA's unified, integrated platform software has been upgraded
to WebLogic version 8.1 and supports the nascent WS-Security and WS-
Acknowledgement specifications recently published by BEA.
"Actional Boosts Web Services Management. Console, Agent Technology
Added to Platform." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March 17, 2003).
Actional unveils new policy management software, agent technology, and
an upgraded version of its services broker.
"A Brief Introduction to XACML." A contribution from Sun Microsystems
to the OASIS Extensible Access Control Markup Language TC. Last
updated: March 14, 2003. Posted 2003-03-14 to the XACML TC mailing
list by Anne Anderson (Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Burlington, MA,
"Web Services Security and More: The Global XML Web Services (GXA)
Initiative." By Joseph Chiusano (Booz Allen Hamilton). Presentation
prepared for the Conference on Open Source for National and Local
eGovernment Programs in the U.S. and EU (March 17 - 19, 2003, Cafritz
Conference Center, The George Washington University, Washington, DC,
USA). 64 pages, from the slides. Overview of the published GXA
specifications within the seven main areas of concentration.
"2003 Dr. Dobb's Excellence in Programming Award." By Jonathan
Erickson (DDJ Editor-in-chief). In Dr. Dobb's Journal #347 Volume 28,
Issue 4 (April 2003), pages 16-17. Special Issue on Web Services. Don
Chamberlin is honored as the recipient of the 2003 Dr. Dobb's
Excellence in Programming Award.
"C++WSP: A C++ Web Services Platform. A Native C++ Approach to Web
Services." By Khushnood Naqvi and Yassar Sharaafath C.A. (Infosys
Technologies Ltd). In Dr. Dobb's Journal #347 Volume 28, Issue 4
(April 2003), pages 18-26. Special Issue on Web Services, edited by
Jonathan Erickson. C++WSP quickly exposes existing C/C++ systems as
web services, and it's more elegant than JNI while avoiding the
platform limitations of .NET.
"Web Services Faces Standards Snarl." By Martin LaMonica. In CNET (March 13, 2003). A group of software makers, led by IBM and
Microsoft, announced a proposal to make Web services messaging more
reliable, overlapping an earlier standards effort.
"IBM, Microsoft Tout Two Web Services Specs. Several Vendors Look to
Bolster Message Delivery." By Nancy Weil. In InfoWorld (March 13,
2003). Two new specifications related to message delivery for
interoperable Web services applications have been released, along with
a high-level white paper produced by IBM and Microsoft.
"IBM, Microsoft Team on Reliability Spec for Web Services." By John
Fontana. In Network World (March 13, 2003). Two new protocol
specifications are designed to guarantee the delivery of messages
between applications that may be separated by a number of
intermediaries and distributed over a number of platforms.
"IETF Problem Statement." Edited by Elwyn B. Davies (Nortel Networks).
IETF Problem Statement, Internet Draft. Reference: 'draft-ietf-
problem-issue-statement-00.txt'. February 24, 2003, expires August 25,
2003. The memo summarizes perceived problems in the structure,
function and processes of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
"Web Services Choreography Group Kicks Off. W3C Panel to Hold First
Meeting." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March 13, 2003). Comment on the
first meeting of the W3C Web Services Choreography Working Group.
"Collaxa Readies Web Services Tool. Software Backs IBM-Microsoft-BEA
Specification." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March 10, 2003). Collaxa
plans to release Collaxa Orchestration Server 2.0, a Web services
deployment tool that utilizes the BPEL4WS specification backed by IBM,
Microsoft, and BEA Systems.
"U.S. Navy Formalizes XML Management." By Dan Verton. In Computerworld
(March 13, 2003). The U.S. Department of the Navy has announced the
creation of its XML Business Standards Council (BSC), one of four
working-level groups that will form the basis for the service's first
enterprisewide XML governance structure.,10801,79348,00.html
"How Air Force Will Move to Web Services." By Susan M. Menke. In
Government Computer News (March 12, 2003). The Global Combat Support
System will be one of the main projects using XML messaging to connect
22 pipelines for supplies, transportation, maintenance and other

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"IFX Forum to Review Web Services Opportunities."

"XyEnterprise Announces Web Services Development Kit for XML

"Distributed Management Task Force Releases Final Status of WBEM
Specifications. Standard Enables Industry Organizations to Make
Significant Progress on 2003 Initiatives."

"Seybold Seminars, Publications and Consulting Announces New Mega-
Event in San Francisco. Seybold San Francisco is Reborn at Moscone
West. Nine Focused Channels Cover the Breadth of Publishing Today."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

Seybold San Francisco 2003.  September 8 - 12, 2003.  Moscone Center
West, San Francisco, California, USA.

Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2003).  May 20 -
24, 2003. Budapest, Hungary.

ebXML Showcase. May 5 - 6, 2003.  Hilton London Metropole, London, UK."

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2003.  April 22 - 25, 2003.
Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA, USA.

RSA Conference 2003.  April 13 - 17, 2003.  Moscone Center, San
Francisco, California, USA.

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