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                        December 17, 2002

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Featured News Stories

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W3C Publishes User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 as a
The "User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0" specification has become
a W3C Recommendation, supported by "Techniques for User Agent
Accessibility Guidelines 1.0." UAAG 1.0 addresses accessibility issues
for users with visual, auditory, physical, cognitive, and neurological
disabilities through device-independent, multimodal design. User agent
types include HTML and XHTML browsers, multimedia players, graphics
viewers, and assistive technologies.

US National Coffee Association Creates XML Schemas for Global Trade.
In the interest of paperwork reduction, support of innovative trading
relationships, and expeditious delivery of fresh coffee, the National
Coffee Association of America has created XML Traffic Documents for
the global coffee industry. ExImWare, Inc. and NCA have developed a
set of XML formatted e-commerce documents for the Association's four
coffee industry Standard Traffic Documents: Shipping Advice, Sample
Order, Delivery Order, and Invoice.

Creative Commons Project Offers RDF-Based Licenses for Rights
The Creative Commons Project has announced its first official product
in the form of machine-readable copyright licenses which support a
distributable, royalty-free, legally clear, XML-based mechanism for
digital rights expression. Creative Commons licenses allow copyright
holders to easily inform others that their works are free for copying
and other uses under specific conditions. RDF and Dublin Core are used
in the markup representations.

Sun Microsystems Contributes XML File Format
Specification to TC.
A posting from Michael Brauer (Sun Micro) to the OASIS Open Office XML
Format TC contains the XML file format specification
and DTD files that Sun Microsystems, Inc. will contribute to the OASIS
TC. The contribution will be discussed at the TC's first meeting on
December 16, 2002. The XML specification consists of a 571-page
" XML File Format - Technical Reference Manual" and 22
modularized XML DTD files.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"W3C Finalizes Disability Guidelines." By Paul Festa. In CNET
(December 17, 2002).
"Standardizing VoiceXML Generation Tools." By David L. Thomson. In
VoiceXML Review (December 2002).
"Enhancing VoiceXML Application Performance By Caching." By Dave
Burke. In VoiceXML Review (December 2002).
"OASIS Seeks Web Services Standards for Language Translation." By Paul
Krill. In InfoWorld (December 17, 2002).
"XBRL: Still A Ways Away From Saving the Day." By Eileen Colkin Cuneo.
In InformationWeek (December 17, 2002).
"Creative Types: A Lot in Common."  By Kendra Mayfield. In Wired News
(December 16, 2002). [RDF for rights expression],1283,56704,00.html
"Expressing Simple Dublin Core in RDF/XML." Dublin Core Metadata
Initiative Recommendation, Approved 2002-10-25. Edited by Dave Beckett
(Institute for Learning and Research Technology - ILRT, University of
Bristol), Eric Miller (W3C), and Dan Brickley (W3C/ILRT). Latest
version URL: Draft issued
"'Office 11' for Developers: Build Solutions with XML, Smart Tags, and
Visual Studio." From Microsoft 'Office XP for Developers'. December
09, 2002 or later.
"Web Services Security Core Specification." Produced by the OASIS Web
Services Security TC (WSS). Working Draft version 08. 12-
December-2002. Document identifier: WSS-Core-08. 56 pages. Edited by
Phillip Hallam-Baker (VeriSign), Chris Kaler (Microsoft), Ronald
Monzillo (Sun), and Anthony Nadalin (IBM).
"Microsoft Office Embraces XML." By Eric van der Vlist. From XMLhack
(December 16, 2002).
"Increased Attendance at IDEAlliance XML Conference & Exposition
2002." By Dianne Kennedy. Special Report from the IDEAlliance XML
Files (December 2002). With photos.
"Security Audit and Access Accountability Message Data Definitions for
Healthcare Applications." By Glen Marshall (Siemens Medical Solutions
Health Services). IETF Internet Draft. Reference: 'draft-marshall-
security-audit-00.txt'. December 2002, expires April 2003. XML Schema
in Section 6, pages 24-32.
"A Quantitative Analysis of Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES)
Usage in Data Providers Registered with the Open Archives Initiative
(OAI)." By Jewel Ward (Graduate Student, The School of Information and
Library Science, Univ ersity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; WWW).
November, 2002. 68 pages.
"Microsoft Highlights Security in Web Services Development Pack." By
Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (December 16, 2002).
"Programming with Web Services Enhancements 1.0 for Microsoft .NET."
By Tim Ewald (Microsoft Corporation). From Microsoft MSDN Library.
December 2002.
"A Question of Identity: Passport, Liberty, and the Single Sign-On
Race." By Amit Asaravala. In New Architect Volume 8, Issue 01 (January
2003), pages 22-24.
"Instant Update: Making Your Data And Spreadsheets Web Viewable
Through MVC." By Paul Sholtz. In New Architect Volume 8, Issue 01
(January 2003), pages 26-29.
"How Open is the New Office?" By Joe Wilcox. In CNET
(December 16, 2002).
"Generic Namespace Dispatch Behavior for XML." By Mark Baker (Idokorro
Mobile, Inc). Reference posted to XML-DEV. June 21, 2002 or later.
"Intercommunication between XSD and ASN.1." By Paul Thorpe (OSS
Nokalva, Inc). Abstract from the XML 2002 Conference presentation,
Baltimore. December 2002.
"Delivery Context Overview for Device Independence." Edited by Roger
Gimson (HP). W3C Working Draft 13-December-2002. First public working
draft. Latest version URL:
"XML Security Time Stamping Protocol." By Axelle Apvrille and Vincent
Girier (Storage Technology European Operations, Toulouse, France).
Presented at ISSE 2002 (Informations Security Solutions Europe, Paris
Disneyland, October 2-4, 2002).
"WS-Security Authentication and Digital Signatures with Web Services
Enhancements." Web Services Enhancements 1.0 for Microsoft .NET. By
Matt Powell (Microsoft Corporation). Microsoft MSDN Library. December
"Datatypes for XML Topic Maps (XTM): Using XML Schema Datatypes." By
Murray Altheim (Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, Milton
Keynes, Bucks, UK). Draft version 1.4 2002/12/12. Topic map available
in XML format, also zipped.
"Information Technology: A Quick-Reference List of Organizations and
Standards for Digital Rights Management." Prepared by Gordon E. Lyon
(Convergent Information Systems Division, Information Technology
Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST).
NIST Special Publication 500-241. October 2002. 20 pages.
"Novell Rolls Out UDDI Server." By Cathleen Moore. In InfoWorld
(December 11, 2002).
"IBM, BEA Take Royalty-Free Stance on BPEL4WS." By Paul Krill. In
InfoWorld (December 11, 2002).
"IBM Backs Royalty Free Approach on Web Services Choreography." By
Gavin Clarke. In Computer Business Review Online (December 12, 2002).
"The .NET Schema Object Model." By Priya Lakshminarayanan. From December 04, 2002.
"Using XSLT to Assist Regression Testing." By Sal Mangano. From December 04, 2002.
"Normalizing XML, Part 2." By Will Provost. From December 04,
"SVG's Past and Promising Future." By Antoine Quint. From
December 04, 2002.
"Feds Eye XML, Web Services." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK (December
11, 2002).,3959,760081,00.asp
"Corel XMetal 4 Adds ActiveX Support." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(December 10, 2002).,3959,758131,00.asp
"XMPP Core." By Jeremie Miller [WWW] and Peter Saint-Andre [WWW]
(Jabber Software Foundation). IETF Network Working Group, Internet-
Draft. December 06, 2002, expires June 6, 2003. Reference: 'draft-
ietf-xmpp-core-00'. XML DTDs/Schemas in appendices.
"XMPP Instant Messaging." By Jeremie Miller [WWW] and Peter Saint-
Andre [WWW] (Jabber Software Foundation). IETF Network Working Group,
Internet-Draft. December 06, 2002, expires June 6, 2003. Reference:
'draft-ietf-xmpp-im-00'. Appendices present 4 XML DTDs/Schemas.
"JEP-0054: vcard-temp." By Peter Saint-Andre [WWW] (Jabber Software
Foundation). JEP Number: 0054. Version 0.2. 2002-11-06. On vCard-XML
"XML Europe 2003 Call for Papers."
"XACML Specification Submitted to OASIS Membership for Approval as
OASIS Standard."
"Sun xmlroff XSL Formatter."

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"OpenHSF v8.0 Specification Released by the OpenHSF Advisory Council.
First Membership-driven Extension for Document/Assembly Structure
"World Wide Web Consortium Issues User Agent Accessibility Guidelines
1.0 as a W3C Recommendation. Third in Set of Web Accessibility
Initiative (WAI) Guidelines Helps Developers Make Accessible Browsers
and Multimedia Players."
"OASIS Members to Develop Web Services Standard for Translation.
DataPower, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Others Collaborate on
Localization Specification."
"Creative Commons Unveils Machine-Readable Copyright Licenses."
"Microsoft Delivers Latest Developer Tools for Building Advanced, More
Secure Web Services. Web Services Enhancements 1.0 Available for
Visual Studio .NET. Developers, With Support From Companies Such as F5
Networks, WestGlobal and WRQ."
"PostX Announces Plan to Support and Integrate New Liberty Alliance
v1.1 Specification for Federated Identity Management Standard. Leading
Secure Messaging Company first to Embrace Powerful New Open Standard.
Also Announces Support of SAML v1.0 (Security Assertion Markup
"OSS Nokalva Announces XML Support."
"Veridocs Announces Beta Release of XMLdocs at XML 2002. Small to Mid-
sized Firms to Benefit from Affordable XML Content Management
Solution. Beta Release Available Free Through January 2003."
"Novell Adds Secure Identity Management to Key Web Services Standard."
"Vordel to Launch New XML Security Suite for Distributed Security and
Management of Web Services."
"Corel to Preview New Tools for Smart Content Creation at XML 2002.
Company to Unveil New Technologies for Creating XML and SVG
"WfMC Announces Release of Workflow Standard XML Process Definition
Language (XPDL 1.0)."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

SVG Open 2003. July 13 - 19, 2003. Vancouver, BC, Canada.
EEMA 2003. EEMA Sixteenth Annual Conference. "Management and
Compatibility of Web Services: The Impact on Your Business."
June 16 - 18, 2002.  Prague, Czech Republic.
XML Europe 2003 Conference & Exposition. "Powering the Information
Society."  May 5 - 8, 2003.  Hilton London Metropole, London, UK.
WS-I Community Meeting Spring 2003.  March 18 - 20, 2003. Salt Lake
City, Utah, USA.
UN/CEFACT Forum 2003.  March 10 - 14, 2003. Hilton San Diego Mission
Valley, San Diego, CA, USA.
Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.  HICSS-36.
January 6 - 9, 2003. Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort, Island of Hawaii,

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