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                        November 26, 2002

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Featured News Stories

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New OASIS Translation Web Services Technical Committee.
OASIS has issued a Call for Participation in a new Translation Web
Services Technical Committee. The purpose of the TC is to define
industry standard business process terminology which will then drive
the development of an industry standard WSDL file and UDDI business
service entries. The TC will define the service types that are
relevent to the software/content localisation and translation
industry. The first TC meeting is January 16, 2003.

W3C Announces New Generation of Markup Validator Tool.
A new version of the W3C Markup Validator tool has been released,
available as source code and through an online forms-based interface.
Maintained by members of the W3C QA Activity Team and external
collaborators, the Markup Validator is a free service that checks
documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations
and other standards. Users can nominate URIs or upload local files for
validation, specifying the document type and encoding.

Entrust Contributes Digital Signature Protocol Specifications to OASIS
Entrust has contributed three specifications to the OASIS Digital
Signature Services TC. "An X-KISS Extension for Digital Signature
Verification" defines an extension to XKMS X-KISS that supports the
verification of digital signatures. "Digital Signature Web Service
Interface" describes an RPC interface for a centralized D-sig web
service. "Tokens and Protocol for the Temporal Integrity Markup
Language (TIML)" defines a timestamping Schema.

ZING Initiative Publishes Search/Retrieve Web Service (SRW) Version
The Z39.50 Maintenance Agency has announced the release of SRW and CQL
Version 1.0 specifications. The SRW (Search/Retrieve Web Service)
protocol aims to integrate access to various networked resources and
to promote interoperability between distributed databases. SRW
features both SOAP and URL-based access mechanisms, using the CQL/XCQL
query languages. SRW mandates the use of W3C XML Schema, and where
appropriate, XPath and SOAP.

XMLA Advisory Council Announces XML for Analysis Specification Version
Hyperion, Microsoft Corp., and SAS have announced the release of "XML
for Analysis Specification" Version 1.1, defining an API standard for
vendors to access multidimensional databases as a Web service. XMLA
provides a set of XML Message Interfaces that use SOAP to define the
data access interaction between a client application and an analytical
data provider (OLAP and data mining) working over the Internet.
Interoperability testing continues.

RELAX NG Compact Syntax Published as an OASIS Committee Specification.
The OASIS RELAX NG Technical Committee has released a committee
specification for "RELAX NG Compact Syntax". Edited by James Clark,
the specification describes a compact, non-XML syntax for the "RELAX
NG Specification." The syntax is specified by a grammar in BNF;
translation into the XML syntax is specified by annotations in the
grammar. The compact syntax notation is designed to maximize
readability and support ease of human authoring.

OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) Publishes XML Specification Version 2002B.
The OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) released Version 2002B of its Extensible
Markup Language (XML) specification for public review. OTA develops
XML-based communications specifications to support the efficient and
effective exchange of travel industry information via the Internet.
Version 2002B expands on the messages previously published and re-
defines XML schemas according to OTA's "Best Practices Guidelines" for
all XML data assets.
W3C Releases New Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Specifications.
W3C has advanced both "Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1
Specification" and "Mobile SVG Profiles: SVG Tiny and SVG Basic" to
Proposed Recommendation status. Implementation reports have been
published. "Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.2" was released as a
Working Draft; potential areas of new work in SVG 1.2 include
integration with other XML formats, text wrapping, printing,
streaming, painting, rendering model, and DOM enhancements.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Message Queuing for Business Integration."  By Dieter Gawlick
(Oracle). In EAI Journal, Volume 4, Number 10 (October 2002), pages
"Adobe FrameMaker 7.0." By Robert J. Boeri. In EContent Magazine
(November 2002). EContent Decision-Maker Review.
"Seeds of SVG Being Planted: Will they Grow?"  By Luke Cavanagh.  In
The Bulletin: Seybold News and Views On Electronic Publishing, Volume
8, Number 9 (November 27, 2002).
"Perspective: The Five Biggest Myths About Web Services." By Bob Sutor
(IBM). In CNET (November 26, 2002).
"XML Spy Tops as XML Editor." By Timothy Dyck. In eWEEK (November 25,
"XML Common Biometric Format (XCBF)." OASIS TC Working Draft, Version
01. Sunday, 17-November-2002. 81 pages. Edited by Phillip H. Griffin
(Griffin Consulting). Produced by members of the OASIS XML Common
Biometric Format (XCBF) TC.
"Web Services Security XCBF Token Profile." Edited by Phillip H.
Griffin (Griffin Consulting) and Monica J. Martin (Drake Certivo Inc).
Submitted to the OASIS Web Services Security TC (WSS). OASIS TC
Working Draft. Version 1.0. Monday, 25 November 2002. 15 pages.
"XMP: The Path to Metadata Salvation? [Content Management.]" By Bill
Rosenblatt. In The Seybold Report Volume 2, Number 16 (November 25,
2002). ISSN: 1533-9211.
"What is an RSS Channel, Anyway?" By Mark Nottingham. Reference posted
to the RSS-DEV Mailing List. November 25, 2002.
"The Undecidability of the Schematron Conformance Problem." By Robert
C. Lyons (Unidex, Inc). November 2002.
"The Significance of CPPA v2." By Jon Bosak. Posting to 'ebXML-DEV'
list 2002-11-23.
"Web-Services Security Quality of Protection." Version 0.9. November
22, 2002. 25 pages.
"Tip: Control White Space in an XSLT Style Sheet. Create the Document
You Want by Understanding White Space Stripping." By Nicholas Chase
(President, Chase and Chase Inc). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone.
November 2002.
"Coca-Cola, UCCnet Revamping Supply Chain." By Ted Kemp. In
InternetWeek (November 25, 2002).
"Groove Ups .Net Support." By Dennis Callaghan. In eWEEK
(November 25, 2002).,3959,723524,00.asp
"Microsoft, SAS, Hyperion Release New XMLA Specification." By Dennis
Callaghan. In eWEEK (November 21, 2002).,3959,718340,00.asp
"The Myths of 'Standard' Data Semantics. Faulty Assumptions Must Be
Rooted Out." By William C. Burkett (Senior Information Engineer,
PDIT). In XML Journal Volume 3, Issue 11 (November 2002).
"The 19th Annual Awards for Technical Excellence. 'Protocols' Winners:
SAML and WS-Security." By the Editors of PC Magazine. In PC Magazine
(November 19, 2002).,4149,715069,00.asp
"Debug XSLT On The Fly: Debugging Tricks That Keep it Simple." By Uche
Ogbuji (Principal Consultant, Fourthought, Inc). From IBM
developerWorks, XML zone. November 2002.
"W3C XML Schema Design Patterns: Avoiding Complexity." By Dare
Obasanjo. From November 20, 2002.
"XML Versus the Infoset." By Rich Salz. From November 20,
"RPV: Triples Made Plain." By Kendall Grant Clark. From
November 20, 2002.
"The RPV (Resource/Property/Value) Syntax for RDF." By Tim Bray.
November 2002.
"Web Services Choreography Standard 18-24 Months Away." By Paul Krill.
In InfoWorld (November 20, 2002).
"Raising the Bar on RSS Feed Quality." By Timothy Appnel. From the
O'Reilly Web Services DevCenter. November 19, 2002.
"Sun Presents XML Office Challenge." By [ComputerWire Staff]. In The
Register (November 21, 2002).
"OASIS Calls for OpenOffice XML Specification." By Margaret Kane. In
ZDNet (November 21, 2002).
"OASIS Aims to Create Office Document Standard." By Matt Berger. In
InfoWorld (November 20, 2002).
"SAML 1.0 Signals Next Step in Evolution of Web Services Security.
Industry Analysts Provide Insight on SAML's Role Among Other Prominent
Security Standards." By Matt Migliore, James Kobielus (Senior Analyst,
Burton Group) and Ray Wagner (Gartner Inc). In Enterprise Systems
(November 20, 2002).
"Guidelines for the Use of XML within IETF Protocols." By Scott
Hollenbeck (VeriSign, Inc.), Marshall T. Rose (Dover Beach Consulting,
Inc), and Larry Masinter (Adobe Systems Incorporated) [WWW]. IETF
Network Working Group, Internet-Draft. Reference: 'draft-hollenbeck-
ietf-xml-guidelines-07.txt'. November 2, 2002, expires May 3, 2003.
IETF Approved BCP.
"OASIS at Work on Standard for Office Apps." By Peter Galli. In eWEEK
(November 20, 2002).,3959,716573,00.asp
"Location, Location, Location-Based Services. Location-Based Security
for Wireless Apps." By Harsha Srivatsa (Independent software
consultant). From IBM developerWorks, Wireless Security. November
"jEdit Plugin for RenderX XSL Formatter XEP."
"TEI Meets RelaxNG, MathML, SVG, W3C Schema."
"IBM alphaWorks Releases XML Processing Plus Plus."
"HP Hires Computer Pioneer Alan Kay."
"RELAX NG Compact Syntax Utilities."
"New Open XPath NG Mailing List."
"New Open Source Schematron Implemented for Java JAXP."
"Online XML Schema Validator from DecisionSoft."

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Vendors to Unveil New Solutions at XML Conference and Exposition
2002. More Than 50 Vendors to Showcase Offerings and Present Latest
"Core Integration Automates Data Warehouse Construction. Firm's Suite
of Rapid Deployment Solutions Can Cut Development Time up to 70
"Hyperion, Microsoft and SAS Release New Specification of XML for
Analysis. New Specification and New XMLA Advisory Council Members Help
Drive XMLA as an Industry Standard."
"TextCafe Version 3.0 Now Supports SVG. Generates Scalable Vector
Graphics, Enhanced Navigation XML, Document Indexes."
"OASIS Members Collaborate to Advance Open XML Format for Office
Applications. Arbortext, Boeing, Corel, Drake Certivo, Sun
Microsystems, and Others Develop Open Office Standard at Global

Selected references from the events calendar at:

XML Europe 2003 Conference & Exposition. "Powering the Information
Society."  May 5 - 8, 2003.  Hilton London Metropole, London, UK.
IUC 23.  Twenty-third International Unicode Conference.  "Unicode,
Internationalization and the Web: The Global Connection."
March 24 - 28, 2003. Prague, Czech Republic.
LISA 45th International Conference.  LISA Global Strategies Summit
USA.  "Understanding Customer Requirements."  March 3 - 6, 2003.  San
Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.
XML and Libraries. January 24, 2003.  Pennsylvania Convention Center,
Philadelphia, PA, USA.

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