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Featured News Stories

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IBM Releases Updated Web Services Tool Kit for Mobile Devices.
IBM alphaWorks has released an update for its Web Services Tool Kit
for Mobile Devices. Release 2.0.1 provides a preview implementation of
the "J2ME Web Services Specification" (JSR 172) v 0.9 specification,
together with support for J2ME, WCE, and SMF environments. The WSTKMD
provides tools and run-time environments for development of
applications that use Web Services on small mobile devices, gateway
devices, and intelligent controllers.

OASIS Members Form Product Life Cycle Support Technical Committee.
OASIS has announced a Product Life Cycle Support Technical Committee
supporting owners/operators of complex products and systems such as
aircraft, ships and power plants. The PLCS TC will establish
structured data exchange and sharing capabilities for use by industry
to support complex engineered assets throughout their total life
cycle. Data Exchange Sets (DEXs) will be based upon the new ISO 10303
(STEP) Application Protocol 239.

W3C Releases Public Working Draft for the Ink Markup Language (InkML).
The W3C Multimodal Interaction Working Group has issued an "Ink Markup
Language" working draft defining a data format for representing ink
entered with an electronic pen or stylus. InkML markup supports the
input and processing of handwriting, gestures, sketches, music, and
other notational languages. It provides a common format for exchange
of ink data between handwriting and gesture recognizers, signature
verifiers, and other ink-aware modules.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Fast Web Services." By Paul Sandoz, Santiago Pericas-Geertsen,
Kohuske Kawaguchi, Marc Hadley, and Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart. Sun
Microsystems Web Services library. Appendices include a WSDL Example
and an ASN.1 Schema for SOAP. With 21 references. August 2003. Fast
Web Services is an initiative at Sun Microsystems aimed at the
identification of performance problems in existing implementations of
Web Services standards. Fast Web Services explores the use of more
efficient binary encodings as an alternative to textual XML
"The XML Enabled Directory." By Steven Legg (Adacel Technologies Ltd)
and Daniel Prager (Department of Computing and Mathematics, Deakin
University, Victoria, Australia). IETF Internet Draft. Reference:
'draft-legg-xed-roadmap-00.txt'. Intended Category: Standard Track. 10
pages. The XML Enabled Directory (XED) framework leverages existing
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and X.500 directory
technology to create a directory service that stores, manages and
transmits Extensible Markup Language (XML) format data, while
maintaining interoperability with LDAP clients, X.500 Directory User
Agents (DUAs), and X.500 Directory System Agents (DSAs).
"XED: Schema Language Integration." By Steven Legg (Adacel
Technologies Ltd) and Daniel Prager (Department of Computing and
Mathematics, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia). IETF Internet
Draft. Reference: 'draft-legg-xed-glue-00.txt'. Intended Category:
Standard Track. August 7, 2003. 14 pages. This document defines the
means by which an Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) specification
can incorporate the definitions of types and elements in
specifications written in other Extensible Markup Language (XML)
schema languages.
"Mindreef SOAPscope 1.0. Bring SOAP Protocol into View with Handy
Diagnostic Tool." By Joe Mitchko. In Web Services Journal Volume 3,
Issue 7 (July 2003), pages 54-55. Mindreef SOAPscope 1.0 is a Web
services diagnostic tool, designed to provide toolkit-independent
logging and monitoring of SOAP network traffic. It is composed of two
components, a network sniffer and a browser-based message viewer.
"Instant Logging: Harness the Power of log4j with Jabber. Learn How to
Extend the log4j Framework with Your Own Appenders."  By Ruth Zamorano
and Rafael Luque (Orange Soft). From IBM developerWorks, Java
technology. August 12, 2003. The authors explain how to use the
extension ability of log4j to enable distributed Java applications to
be monitored by instant messaging (IM).
"JBoss Fork Spawns Apache Project. ASF Begins Work on New J2EE Server
Called Geronimo." By Robert McMillan. In InfoWorld (August 11, 2003).
A rift between the developers of the open source JBoss J2EE (Java 2
Enterprise Edition) application server has brought the Apache Software
Foundation (ASF) into the J2EE game. The ASF announced that it had
begun work on a new J2EE server called Geronimo.
"STnG: A Streaming Transformations and Glue Framework." By K. Ari
Krupnikov (Research Associate, University of Edinburgh, HCRC Language
Technology Group). In [Preliminary] Proceedings for Extreme Markup
Languages 2003, held in August 2003, Montréal, Québec. STnG is a
framework for processing XML and other structured text. The goal is to
allow complex transformations beyond those afforded by traditional XML
transforming tools, such as XSLT, yet make the framework simple to
"XIndirect: Indirect Addressing for XML." By W. Eliot Kimber (ISOGEN
International, LLC). In [Preliminary] Proceedings for Extreme Markup
Languages 2003, held in August 2003, Montréal, Québec. XIndirect
defines a simple mechanism for representing indirect addresses that
can be used with other XML-based linking and addressing facilities,
such as XLink and XInclude. This paper illustrates some of the key use
cases that motivate the need for the XIndirect facility, describes the
facility itself, and discusses a reference implementation of the
XIndirect facility.
"Datatype- and Namespace-Aware DTDs: A Minimal Extension." By Fabio
Vitali, Nicola Amorosi, and Nicola Gessa (Department of Computer
Science, University of Bologna). In [Preliminary] Proceedings for
Extreme Markup Languages 2003, held in August 2003, Montréal, Québec.
DTD++ provides a DTD-like syntax to XML Schema constructs, thereby
enriching the ease of use and reading of DTDs with the expressive
power of XML Schema.
"New and Improved String Handling." By Bob DuCharme. From
(August 06, 2003). In this Transforming XML column Bob DuCharme
explains some of the new and improved string handling functions -- for
concatenation, search, and replace -- in XSLT/XPath 2.0.

"XACML J2SE Platform Policy Profile." By Anne H. Anderson (Sun
Microsystems Laboratories, Burlington, MA, USA). Version 1.28. Updated
July 21, 2003. This document contains a proposed profile for
supporting use of OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language
(XACML) Version 1.0 policies for applications written for the Java 2
Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). The proposal recommends creation of
a J2SE Policy Provider that accepts XACML policies as its policy
"Web Services Architecture." Edited by David Booth (W3C Fellow /
Hewlett-Packard), Hugo Haas (W3C), Francis McCabe (Fujitsu Labs of
America), Eric Newcomer (Iona), Michael Champion (Software AG), Chris
Ferris (IBM), David Orchard (BEA Systems). W3C Working Draft 8-
August-2003. Third public Working Draft, produced by the W3C Web
Services Architecture Working Group as part of the W3C Web Services
Activity. This document defines the Web Services Architecture. The
architecture identifies the functional components, defines the
relationships among those components, and establishes a set of
constraints upon each to effect the desired properties of the overall
architecture. Since the last publication, the concepts and
relationships have been organized into five architectural models.
"XML Namespaces and Training Wheels. It Would Help to Have Tools to
Avoid Creating Problems for Downstream Applications." By Jon Udell. In
InfoWorld (August 08, 2003). There is an ongoing controversy in the
XML world about the use of a feature called namespaces. The idea is to
be able to mix and match XML vocabularies in a modular way [but]
clearly there's something counter-intuitive about XML namespaces.
"Special Report: E-Gov Under Construction." By Gail Repsher Emery. In
Washington Technology (July 21, 2003). A look at three prominent
programs reveals how far government has come and how far it has to go.
"BEA Pins Future on Weblogic as Integration Software. Greatly Expanded
Role for Workshop Development Tool." By Robert McMillan. In InfoWorld
(August 04, 2003). Executives from BEA Systems Inc. outlined their
vision of BEA as an integration software vendor at the official launch
of BEA's WebLogic 8.1 product, which represents a major upgrade to the
previous version of the product.

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Mindreef Announces Availability of SOAPscope 2.0. Features First WSDL
Interoperability Checker, Including Rules for WS-I Basic Profile 1.0."

"WS-I Announces General Availability of the Basic Profile 1.0. WS-I
Member Community Delivers Guidelines to Ensure Interoperability,
Reduce Cost and Lower Complexity of Implementing Web Services

Selected references from the events calendar at:

W3C Workshop on Binary Interchange of XML Information Item Sets.
September 24 - 26, 2003. Santa Clara, California, USA.

ICWS-Europe 2003. The International Conference on Web Services -
Europe 2003.  "Web Services Architectures, Infrastructures and
Applications."  September 23 - 24, 2003. Erfurt, Germany.

W3C Event on P3P and Enterprise Privacy Languages.  September 09,
2003.  IBM Center, Sydney, Australia.

Seybold San Francisco 2003.  September 8 - 12, 2003.  Moscone Center
West, San Francisco, California, USA.

XML Database Symposium (XSym 2003).  September 8, 2003.  The Humboldt-
Universitaet zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

24th Internationalization and Unicode Conference. "Unicode,
Internationalization and the Web: Powering Global Business."
September 3 - 5, 2003. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

HyperText '03.  The Fourteenth ACM Conference on Hypertext and
Hypermedia.  August 26 - 30, 2003.  Jubilee Campus, University of
Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.

First Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) Conference. "Industry
Trends Toward Automated Data Integration."  August 19, 2003. Whitaker
Hall, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

ECDL 2003. Seventh European Conference on Research and Advanced
Technology for Digital Libraries. August 17 - 22, 2003. Britannia
Hotel, Trondheim, Norway.

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