ICWS-Europe 2003. The International Conference on Web Services - Europe 2003

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ICWS-Europe 2003. The International Conference on Web Services - Europe 2003.
"Web Services Architectures, Infrastructures and Applications."
September 23 - 24, 2003. Erfurt, Germany.
Tuesday, 2003-09-23
Constructing and Running Service Oriented Architectures
10:15 N. Gioldasis, N. Moumoutzis, F. Kazasis, N. Pappas, S. Christodoulakis:
A Service oriented architecture for managing operational strategies
10:45 O. Marjanovic: Managing the Normative Context of Composite e-Services
11:15 J. Oberleitner, S. Dustdar: Constructing Web Services out of Generic Component Compositions
Web Service Security
12:00 G. Brose: A Gateway to Web Service Security -- Securing SOAP with Proxies
12:30 I. Melzer, M. Jeckle: Using Corporate Firewalls for Web Services Trust
13:00 T. Fink, M. Koch, C. Oancea:
Specification and Enforcement of Access Control in Heterogeneous Distributed Applications
Configuration and Communication Issues
15:30 V. R. Aragao, Alvarao A. A. Fernandez: Conflict Resolution in Web Services Federations
16:00 R. Schmidt: Web Services-based Architectures to Support Dynamic Inter-Organizational Business Processes
16:30 B. Verheecke, M. A. Cibrán: AOP for Dynamic Configuration Management of Web Services
Wednesday, 2003-09-24
Confluence with Agent Technology and Semantic Web Enabled Web Services
10:15 P. De Meo, D. Rosaci, G. M. L. Sarnè, G. Terracina, D. Ursino:
An XML-based adaptive multi-agent system for handling e-commerce activities
10:45 V. Ermolayev, N. Keberle, S. Plaksin: Towards Agent-Based Rational Service Composition -- RACING Approach
11:15 V. Terziyan, O. Kononenko: Semantic Web Enabled Web Services: State-of-the-art and Industrial Challenges
Current and Future Issues I
12:00 J. He, H. Rong, Z. Luo, J. Z. Huang, F. Tong: Uni-Grid P&T: A Toolkit for Building Customizable Grid Portals
12:30 M. M. Naing, E.-P. Lim, D. H.-L. Goh: On Extracting Link Information on Relationship Instances from a Web Site
13:00 U. Zdun, M. Völter, M. Kircher: Design and Implementation of an Asynchronous Invocation Framework for Web Services
Current and Future Issues II
15:30 H. Paques, L. Liu, C. Pu: Adaption Space: A Design Framework for Adaptive Web Services
16:00 Open Space for Discussions