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                        March 11, 2003

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Featured News Stories

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Draft Requirements Document on Topic Maps Published Subjects.
The OASIS Topic Maps Published Subjects TC has published a final
review draft for "Published Subjects: Introduction and Basic
Requirements." The document provides an introduction to Published
Subjects and specifies requirements and recommendations for publishers
of PSI sets. The TC welcomes all relevant and knowledgeable comments
from librarians, taxonomists, and other domain experts in IT areas
impacted by the PSI requirements.

Microsoft Ships Beta 2 Version of Microsoft Office System.
Microsoft has announced the worldwide distribution of some 500,000
copies of Microsoft Office System Beta 2 to customers and partners.
Key components in this set of programs, servers, and services include
Microsoft Office, FrontPage, InfoPath, OneNote, Publisher, and
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. The XML Software Development Kit
(SDK) included in the Beta 2 package supports customized enterprise
solutions based upon XML Web services.

ISDA Publishes Financial Products Markup Language (FpML) Version 2.0.
The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) has
published a Version 2.0 Recommendation for Financial Products Markup
Language (FpML) specification. FpML is an XML-based, freely licensed,
e-commerce standard supporting OTC trading of financial derivatives.
FpML establishes the industry protocol for sharing information on, and
dealing in, financial swaps, derivatives and structured products over
the Internet.

Government Agencies Join Liberty Alliance to Support Digital Identity
The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Department
of Defense (DoD) have joined the Liberty Alliance in its pursuit to
develop open and interoperable standards for electronically managing
identity information. Liberty Alliance is composed of 160 companies,
non-profit and government organizations formed to develop and deploy
open, federated network identification standards for network devices
in the digital economy.

I3A Announces CPXe Interoperability Specifications and UDDI-Based
Picture Services Network.
I3A has announced new CPXe interoperability specifications and the
creation of the Picture Services Network (PSN). The Common Picture
eXchange Environment (CPXe) and PSN will simplify the process of
finding, accessing and using Internet-connected and retail photo
services. CPXe specifications are available for the Core
Implementation, Fulfillment Access, Service Locator, Web Browser
Interaction, and CPXe Defined tModels and Profiles.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Introduction to the Liberty Alliance Identity Architecture." From the
Liberty Alliance Project. Revision 1.0. March, 2003. 14 pages. The
paper provides a brief overview of the Liberty Alliance's federated
network identity management architecture.
"OASIS Expands Scope of Web Services Management Work." By John
Fontana. In Network World (March 11, 2003). OASIS admitted that its
original work on management specifications for Web services did not go
far enough, so it is regrouping and redefining its goals.
"Navy Forms XML Groups." By Dawn S. Onley. In Government Computer News
(March 10, 2003). The Navy has adopted a formal structure to
coordinate the implementation of Extensible Markup Language with the
department's systems and applications.
"OASIS Looks at Web Services Management. Technical Committee Joins
With W3C, DMTF, sans Microsoft." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March
10, 2003). "The newly formed OASIS Web Services Distributed Management
Technical committee (WSDM) plans to work with the W3C and with the
Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).
"Standards Group Tackles Web Services." By Martin LaMonica. In CNET (March 10, 2003). OASIS is creating a technical committee to
tackle the problem of managing Web services applications.
"Microsoft Delivers New Office Beta, Beta Includes One Note, InfoPath
XML-Based Apps." By Ed Scannell. In InfoWorld (March 10, 2003). With
the release of a second beta of Office 2003, Microsoft continues its
mission to broaden the suite's appeal to both corporate and mid-size
companies by including three new XML-based applications.
"Microsoft Rebrands Office For Enterprises." By Joe Wilcox. In CNET (March 09, 2003). Microsoft plans to rebrand its flagship
productivity suite as 'Office System,' in an attempt to reposition the
software as a base on which businesses can custom-build products.
"BEA Eyes Standards Implementations. Third-Parties Back BEA at
eWorld." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March 10, 2003). BEA Systems at
its eWorld conference took steps to promote two proposed standards for
XML and Web services, including its own XMLBeans technology and JSR
181 for Web Services Metadata.
"Iona Boosts Mobile Workers with Web Services Link. Mobile
Orchestrator Offers Process Integration Broker."  By Paul Krill. In
InfoWorld (March 10, 2003). Iona rolls out Mobile Orchestrator
software that serves as a Web services-based process integration
broker for users working while disconnected from the corporate
"Sun Signs Pact for UML Tool." By Michael W. Bucken. In Application
Development Trends Volume 10, Number 3 (March 2003), page 9. The
Describe UML modeling tool bundled into the new SunONE toolset
supports OMG's UML 2.0 specification and the XML Metadata Interchange
(XMI) standard.
"Principles of SOA." By Jason Bloomberg. In Application Development
Trends Volume 10, Number 3 (March 2003), pages 22-26. The next step
for many companies is to move beyond simple point-to-point
applications of Web services to loosely coupled, standards-based
Service-Oriented Architectures.
"B2B Comes Back On A Smaller Scale." By Colleen Frye. In Application
Development Trends Volume 10, Number 3 (March 2003), pages 28-33. B2B
marketplaces or exchanges have morphed considerably since the heady
dot-com days.
"Sun Set to Release StarOffice Beta." By Peter Galli. In eWEEK (March
07, 2003). Sun Microsystems Inc. will soon release the first beta of
StarOffice 6.1, further heating up the competitive war in the office
desktop productivity market.,3959,920465,00.asp
"Using Topic Maps to Extend Relational Databases." By Marc de Graauw.
From (March 05, 2003). Shows how to make databases more
adaptable with Topic Maps.
"The HyTime Topic Maps (HyTM) Syntax 1.0." By Martin Bryan. In (March
07, 2003). ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC34 Information Technology -- Document
Description and Processing Languages. ISO 13250 Project deliverable
for review and comment. March 08, 2003. Defines a HyTime Topic Maps
1.0 (HyTM) syntax for topic maps based on the use of SGML
architectural forms defined in ISO 10744.
"Prototyping One-to-many Links with XSLT." By Bob DuCharme. From (March 05, 2003). Explains how to use XSLT to prototype
different representations of one-to-many links.
"The Social Meaning of RDF." By Kendall Grant Clark. From
(March 05, 2003). Comments on a W3C discussion about the social
meaning of RDF.
"Web-Services Policy Language Use-Cases and Requirements." Edited by
Tim Moses (Entrust) Contributors: Anne Anderson (Sun Microsystems) and
Simon Godik (Overxeer). Produced by members of the OASIS Extensible
Access Control Markup Language TC. Committee Working draft version 01.
7-March-2003. Document identifier: wd-xacml-wspl-use-cases-01.doc 19
pages. A first draft of the WSPL use-cases document.
"Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Version 1.2." Edited by
Roberto Chinnici (Sun Microsystems), Martin Gudgin (Microsoft), Jean-
Jacques Moreau (Canon), and Sanjiva Weerawarana (IBM Research). W3C
Working Draft 3-March-2003. Produced by members of the Web Services
Description Working Group as part of the W3C Web Services Activity.
Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Version 1.2 is an XML
language for describing Web services; the specification defines the
core language which can be used to describe Web services based on an
abstract model of what the service offers.
"Web Standards Burnout Decried. Industry Panel Predicts Return to Core
Internet Values." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March 07, 2003). Over-
standardization, royalty-free standards, and browser wars were on the
minds of industry dignitaries serving on a panel discussing the future
of the Web at the XML Web Services One conference on Thursday.
"XML for Data: Reuse It Or Lose It. XML Reuse in the Enterprise." By
Kevin Williams (CEO, Blue Oxide Technologies, LLC). From IBM
developerWorks, XML zone. March 2003. Part 1 in a 3-part series. One
of the great features of XML is that you can easily reuse your designs
all the way down to the component level.
"Peek Into the Future of XSLT 2.0." By Charles White (The Tumeric
Partnership). From (March 04, 2003). XSLT 2.0 provides
powerful new features that XSLT 1.0 was missing. Although XSLT 2.0 is
still under development, Mike Kay's Saxon 7 implementation lets you
experiment with the new capabilities now.
"Web Services in Serious Jeopardy. [Reality Check.]" By David Berlind.
In ZDNet Tech Update (March 06, 2003). Includes sections: 'BPEL4WS vs.
WSCI' and 'Penchant for patents?'. To the extent that multiple systems
are involved in the processing of a transaction or series of
transactions, the order of execution of every step is imperative; this
API and the current disagreement over it are threatening the future of
Web services.,14179,2912083,00.html
"Has Jeff Bezos Patented E-Mail Discussion Groups?" By Cade Metz. In
PC Magazine (March 05, 2003). Jeff Bezos first received a patent for
1-Click e-commerce; now he has one for e-mail discussion groups.,4149,916103,00.asp
"Sybase Releases New Version of PowerBuilder. Features Aim to Make
Life Easier for Developers." By Agam Shah. In InfoWorld (March 06,
2003). PowerBuilder 9.0 will include RAD JavaServer Page Targets,
which will allow the development and deployment of JSP Web
applications through wizards and other RAD tools.
"GSA, DOD Sign On to Liberty Alliance." By Joab Jackson. In Government
Computer News (March 06, 2003). Liberty Alliance hopes the U.S.
government's involvement will help set the standard for large-scale
digital authentication and identity management.
"Key Agencies Join Digital ID Alliance." By Rutrell Yasin. In Federal
Computer Week (March 5, 2003). Whether GSA's membership will help
advance the government's e-Authentication services remains to be seen.
"Welcome to Web Services." By Edd Dumbill. From Web Services
(March 04, 2003). is launching a Web Services site as a forum
for examining the infrastructure, application, and fun of web
"Corel To Beat Microsoft Office To Market." By Gregg Keizer. In
InformationWeek (March 05, 2003). The Canadian vendor plans to ship
its WordPerfect Office 11 by the end of April, months before Office
2003 is ready.
"Web Services Security, Part 1." By Bilal Siddiqui. From Web
Services (March 04, 2003). The first of a four part series of articles
that will examine issues related to web services security; the goal is
to explain and demonstrate the use of emerging XML-based security
standards from W3C and OASIS.
"IBM Eyes Services Provisioning Role for Websphere. Apps Platform
Providing Integration." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March 06, 2003).
IBM envisions its WebSphere application platform serving increasingly
as a focal point for services provisioning.
"Thinking about Implementing a Web Services Strategy? Make Sure You've
Done Your Homework." By Brian Buehling. From Web Services
(March 04, 2003). Before rolling up your sleeves and plunging into a
Web Services project, make sure you've asked yourself some important
"Web Services Enhancements 1.0 and Java Interoperability, Part 1." By
Simon Guest (Microsoft Corporation). In Microsoft MSDN Library
(February 2003). The article covers interoperability between Web
Services Enhancements 1.0 for Microsoft .NET and Java.
"Does Fair Use Apply? Software Vendors Want the Kind of Lock on
Products That Has Never Been Allowed in Book Publishing." By Ed
Foster. In InfoWorld (March 03, 2003). If I loan a book to a friend to
read, am I committing an act of piracy?
"ID Management Logs On: Who's Who When." By Cameron Sturdevant. In
eWEEK (March 03, 2003) pages 31-32, 36. eWEEK Labs Special Report.
'Single sign-on and other technologies are evolving to deliver on the
promises of lower costs and easier provisioning -- if you can get over
the implementation hurdles.,3959,910223,00.asp
"Whirlpool Cleans Up With Single Sign-On." By Anne Chen. In eWEEK
(March 03, 2003) pages 31-33. Whirlpool needed to provide Web-based
single sign-on to reduce the number of passwords within the
organization, synchronize user names and passwords for legacy
applications, and reduce help desk calls.,3959,910263,00.asp
"SOAP Author Says Enough Specs Already. Get On With Writing
Applications, He Tells Developers." By James Niccolai. In InfoWorld
(March 05, 2003). Speaking at the XML Web Services One conference, Don
Box discusses the 'cacophony' of Web services specifications,
including some specifications that have been proposed for competitive
reasons as much as because they solve any pressing need.
"BEA Shows Web Services Allegiance. Suite Backs IBM-Microsoft
Proposal, But Not Rival Sun Plan." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (March
04, 2003). Details of BEA's new WebLogic Platform 8.1 product suite
reveal that BEA is moving closer to the IBM-Microsoft camp.
"IBM Delivers SOAP for CICS. Tech Preview Due Out By Month's End." By
Ed Scannell. In InfoWorld (March 05, 2003). IBM announced it will
offer a CICS (Customer Information Control System) SOAP Technology
Preview designed to help developers build connections to its CICS-
based mainframe applications through Web services.

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Liberty Alliance Project Completes Federated Network Identity
"OASIS Members Collaborate to Define Web Services Management."
"IONA Unveils Mobile Orchestrator, the First Component of Its Next-
Generation Rapid Integration Solutions. New Mobile Orchestrator
Delivers Simple, Fast, and Secure Process Integration to Enhance
Mobile Workforce Productivity. Extends Intel Centrino Mobile
Technology with Occasionally Connected Computing Applications."
"ISDA Releases FpML Version 2.0 Recommendation."
"ASC X12 Defines 2003 Strategic Direction, Develops New EDI Messages
in X12 and XML Formats."
"GSA and the Department of Defense Join the Liberty Alliance Project.
Government Groups Look to the Open Liberty Alliance Project to Address
Digital Identity Challenges."
"Software AG's Tamino XML Server Validates Digital Signatures for
Secure Electronic Communication. Security Extensions for Tamino XML
Server 4.1 Enables Organizations to Securely and Conveniently Exchange
Sensitive or Legally Binding Documents over the Internet."
"Sybase PowerBuilder 9.0 Available. Open IDE Powers Rapid Application
Development Across Leading Technologies, with Support for XML, JSP,
EJB, .NET and Web Services."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

ISWC 2003.  Second International Semantic Web Conference.  October
20 - 23, 2003. Sundial Resort, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA.

XML Database Symposium (XSym 2003).  September 8, 2003.  The Humboldt-
Universitaet zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

First International Mobile IPR Workshop.  Rights Management of
Information Products on the Mobile Internet.  August 27 - 28, 2003.
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), Helsinki,

DAMA International Symposium and Wilshire Meta-Data Conference.  The
7th Annual Wilshire Meta-Data Conference and the 15th Annual DAMA
International Symposium.  April 27 - May 1, 2003. Renaissance Orlando
Resort at Seaworld, Orlando, Florida, USA.

VoiceXML Users Group Spring Meeting 2003. March 31 - April 03, 2003.
Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California, USA.

IUC 23.  Twenty-third International Unicode Conference.  "Unicode,
Internationalization and the Web: The Global Connection."  March
24 - 28, 2003.  Marriott Prague Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic.

Cisco Learning Institute / OpenVES Spring 2003 Open eLearning
Conference.  March 16 - 19, 2003. Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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