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Featured News Stories

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UDDI Version 2 Specification Submitted for Approval as an OASIS Open
On behalf of the OASIS UDDI Specifications Technical Committee, TC
Co-Chairs Tom Bellwood and Luc Clement have submitted the UDDI v2
Committee Specifications for consideration as an OASIS Open Standard.
UDDI v2 components include the UDDI Version 2 API Specification, Data
Structure, XML Schema, Replication Specification, XML Replication
Schema, XML Custody Schema, Operator's Specification, WSDL Service
Interface Descriptions, and UDDI tModels.

HR-XML Consortium Approves Specifications for Background Checks and
Payroll Deductions.
The HR-XML Consortium has revised the
architecture of its human resource data exchange schemas and has
announced the approval of two key specifications. HR-XML schemas are
now under a single XML namespace, making it easier to use the Cross-
Process Objects outside the HR-XML specifications. The Background
Checking specification 2.0 supports new screenings for criminal
records. The Payroll Instructions specification supports payroll
deduction requests.

RosettaNet Software Interoperability Trials Test RNIF Connectivity
RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF) connectivity
software from ten vendors was tested in recent RosettaNet Software
Interoperability Trials. The successful completion of the trials is
expected to accelerate mass adoption of RosettaNet Standards through
reduced time and costs. Each of the ten participating companies was
required to successfully perform a suite of thirty-six (36) test
scenarios with every other participant.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Common Information Model: Simplifying Storage Management." By John
Mallory ( In Storage Management Solutions (SMS) Volume
7, Issue 6 (February 2003), pages 64-68. The SNIA Storage Management
Interface Specification (SMIS) promises interoperable heterogeneous
storage network and storage management solutions; SMIS is based upon
the Common Information Model (CIM) and Web-Based Enterprise Management
"Sun's Project JXTA Goes Over 1 Million Mark." By Darryl Taft. In
eWEEK (March 04, 2003). Sun Microsystems Inc. announced that its peer-
to-peer technology, known as Project JXTA, has experienced strong
adoption since its rollout nearly two years ago.,3959,912625,00.asp
"Tamino Gains Query Power." By Timothy Dyck. In eWEEK (March 04,
2003). Organizations that need to archive or query large numbers of
XML documents will find Tamino XML Server 4.1.1 a capable option; it
provides a flexible system for storing and searching XML-formatted
"HP Creates New Web Services Unit. HP's Web Services Management Team
Unveiled." By Ashlee Vance. In InfoWorld (March 03, 2003). Hewlett-
Packard is realigning its corporate structure to help push Web
services within the organization and the industry; a Web Services
Management team has been announced.
"Tip: Use 'rdf:about' and 'rdf:ID' Effectively in RDF/XML. Minimize
Confusion in Specifying Resources." By Uche Ogbuji (Principal
Consultant, Fourthought, Inc). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone.
February 2003. Uche Ogbuji illustrates various behaviors of the
RDF/XML rdf:ID and rdf:about attributes, showing how to use XML Base
to control their behaviors.
"Have We Had Enough XML Specs Yet Already? -- Don Box at XML
Conference." By Jack Vaughan. In Application Development Trends (March
04, 2003). In a keynote yesterday at the XML Web Services One
Conference, SOAP co-author Don Box advised XML developers to read less
specs, write more apps and less code.
"An Introduction to Streaming Transformations for XML." By Oliver
Becker, Paul Brown, and Petr Cimprich. From (February 26,
2003). STX (Streaming Transformations for XML) is an approach which
attempts to merge the stream-based efficiency of SAX with the
programming convenience of XSLT. The authors provide working examples
and pointers to implementations.
"Inside the RSS Validator." By Mark Pilgrim. From (February
26, 2003). Describes an open source RSS validator and its
implementation in Python.
"XML, SOAP and Binary Data." By Adam Bosworth (BEA Systems), Don Box
(Microsoft), Martin Gudgin (Microsoft), Mark Nottingham (BEA Systems),
David Orchard (BEA Systems), and Jeffrey Schlimmer (Microsoft). From (February 26, 2003). White paper Version 1.0, February 24,
2003. The white paper discusses the architectural issues encountered
when using opaque non-XML data in XML applications, including Web
services and SOAP.
"Special Characters, Database Mappings." By John E. Simpson. From (February 26, 2003). Discusses XML special characters and
"ISO-ANSI Working Draft XML-Related Specifications (SQL/XML)." Draft
text for: Information technology -- Database languages -- SQL -- Part
14: XML-Related Specifications (SQL/XML). // Technologies de
l'information -- Langages de base de donnée -- SQL -- Partie 14:
«Specifications à XML» (SQL/XML).] Edited by Jim Melton. ISO/ANSI WD
Reference: WG3:DRS-020, H2-2002-365. August, 2002. ISO Reference:
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32/WG 3. Date: 2002-08-09. ISO/IEC 9075-14:200x(E).
Produced by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and
ANSI (American National Standards Institute). ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32/WG
3; ANSI TC NCITS H2. 154 pages. This part of ISO/IEC 9075 defines ways
in which Database Language SQL can be used in conjunction with XML.
"Scripting Web Service Prototypes." By Christopher Vincent (Internet
Technology Team, IBM Systems Group). In ACM Queue Volume 1, Number 1
(March 2003), pages 22-27. Presents IBM Lightweight Services (LWS), an
experimental hosting environment which aims to support rapid
prototyping of complex services while insulating developers from
advanced issues in multi-threading, transactions, and resource
"Office Beta Eyes SMB." By Peter Galli. In eWEEK (March 03, 2003).
Microsoft's second beta of Office 2003 has new CRM-type features
designed to attract more small and medium-size businesses, including
digital rights management and XML-based smart documents.,3959,908364,00.asp
"Dual Tragedies: IP Rights in Industry Standards." By Daniel Lin
(Kirkland & Ellis). In IEEE Computer Volume 36, Number 2 (February
2003), pages 25-27. SSOs inherently have great incentives to
contribute proprietary technologies that 'set the standard'; however,
it is up to the SSOs themselves to create the correct incentives for
users to actually accept and adopt such standards.
"HP Zeros In on Web Services Management." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(March 03, 2003). Hewlett-Packard has announced several initiatives
around Web services management, including the formation of a dedicated
Web services management team within the company, a focus on Web
services management in the Java environment, expansion of HP OpenView
into Web services management, and a leading role in setting standards
for Web services management.,3959,910093,00.asp
"Trades at Top Speed. Straight-Through Processing Means that Financial
Services Firms must Move to All-Digital Processes to Remain
Competitive and Connected." By Lucas Mearian. In Computerworld (March
03, 2003). In order to support straight-through processing (STP) of
securities trades, financial services companies will spend an
estimated $6 billion over the next two years to replace their manual
"Experts: Copyright Law Hurts Technology." By Robert Lemos. In CNET (March 01, 2003). Experts speaking at a UC Berkeley
conference on the law and policy of digital rights management agree
that more is going wrong than right with the current approach to
protecting digital content.
"The Standard Bearers Close Ranks." By Frank Tansey (Project
Administrator, In Syllabus Volume 16, Number
8 (March 2003), pages 12-14, 36-37. With sidebar: 'Alphabet Soup:
eLearning Standards Organizations.' Discusses collaboration among five
key organizations developing specifications and standards for
eLearning: IMS, OKI, ADL CoLabs, SIF, and IEEE LTSC.
"XML in Higher Education. SMIL: Multimedia Rides the XML Wave." By
Frank Coyle (School of Engineering, Southern Methodist University). In
Syllabus Volume 16, Number 8 (March 2003), pages 22-25. SMIL, an XML-
based language for describing the layout and synchronization of
multimedia applications, opens the door to sophisticated multimedia
"Product Roundup: XML-Based Tools: Writing to Next Big Standard." By
[Syllabus Staff]. In Syllabus Volume 16, Number 8 (March 2003), pages
40-41. An overview of six XML-aware applications suitable for use by
educational institutions.
"The Need for Digital Archiving Standards." By Michael Looney (Adobe
Systems Inc). In Syllabus Volume 16, Number 8 (March 2003). Discusses
the potential role of PDF-Archive (PDF/A) for the archival storage of
electronic documents.
"HP Sets Stage for Web Services." By Martin LaMonica. In CNET
(March 03, 2003). HP and BEA are working jointly to drive the business
adoption of Web services; BEA, Tibco, WebMethods and Iona Technologies
are to contribute a Web services management specification to a
distributed management working group at OASIS.
"Requirements for Format for Incident Report Exchange (FINE)." By Yuri
Demchenko (NLnet Labs), Hiroyuki Ohno (WIDE Project, Japan), and Glenn
Mansfield Keeni (Cyber Solutions Inc.). IETF Network Working Group,
Internet Draft. Reference: 'draft-ietf-inch-requirements-00.txt.'
Category: Informational. February 2003, expires August 2003.
Functional requirements for the Format for Incident Report Exchange
(FINE), proposed as a common data format for the exchange of incident
"Web Services Security, Part 1. Securing Web Services." By
Gopalakrishnan U and Rajesh Kumar Ravi (IBM India Software Labs) From
IBM DeveloperWorks, Web Services. February 25, 2003. The article
introduces various aspects of the Web Services Security Framework and
provides step-by-step guidelines on how to write and deploy secure Web
services applications using HTTP as the transport vehicle.
"WS-I Announces Board Nominations." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(February 26, 2003). Representatives from Cape Clear Software Inc.,
Nokia Corp., SeeBeyond Technology Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc.,
VeriSign Inc., and webMethods Inc. have been nominated for election to
the WS-I Board.,3959,904655,00.asp
"Topic Map Constraint Language Requirements." By Graham Moore and Mary
Nishikawa. 2003-02-23. ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC34 N0xxx. Work product from
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC34 Information Technology -- Document Description and
Processing Languages. This is the first public working draft for TMCL
"XML Puts Content In Play. Merrill Lynch, Aliant Telecommunications
and the U.S. Navy are Among the Innovators Moving Extensible Markup
Language from Concept to Reality." By Bill Trippe. In Transform
Magazine (March 2003). XML has been overhyped, but it seems to be
everywhere; developers love it, and many now see it as an essential
tool in their programming toolkits.
"Oracle Adds Standard to Server Software." By Sandeep Junnarkar. In
CNET (February 27, 2003). Oracle's application server
software now supports RosettaNet standards.
"XML Matters: Kicking back with RELAX NG, Part 1. Doing Better Than
the W3C XML Schema." By David Mertz, Ph.D. (Idempotentate, Gnosis
Software, Inc). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. February 2003. The
virtue of RELAX NG is that it extends the well-proven semantics of
DTDs while allowing orthogonally extensible datatypes and easy
composition of related instance models.
"Relax NG." By Eric van der Vlist. Website for the online book.
2002-2003. Work in progress, with substantial content as of
"Oracle App Server Certified for RosettaNet. Software Meets Standards
for Electronic Sharing of Data." By Joris Evers. In InfoWorld
(February 26, 2003). Oracle's 9i Application Server is the first to
meet compatibility standards for electronic sharing of business data
as set by the RosettaNet consortium.
"RosettaNet Members Trumpet Interoperability." By Clint Boulton. In (February 26, 2003). Led by Oracle, members of the
RosettaNet consortium have announced the successful completion of
software interoperability tests.
"OASIS Takes On Reliability Spec for Web Services." By John Fontana.
In Network World (February 26, 2003). The Web Services Reliable
Messaging (WS-RM) technical committee will develop a specification to
[help] guarantee the delivery of messages between applications.
"OASIS Eyes Web Services Messaging. IBM, Microsoft Not Behind Spec
Yet." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (February 26, 2003). The newly
formed OASIS Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) Technical
Committee plans to establish a standard, interoperable way of
achieving reliability at the SOAP messaging level and potentially with
other messaging protocols.
"Providing a Value Set For Use in UDDI Version 3." Edited by Claus von
Riegen (SAP). With contributions from Tom Bellwood (IBM). TC Technical
Note produced by the UDDI Specification Technical Committee. Document
identifier: uddi-spec-tc-tn-valuesetprovider-20030212. Supplies
guidelines for providers of value sets on how to model, register, and
validate their value sets for use in UDDI Version 3.
"Rights Management? Or Restriction? Don't Be Fooled. Windows Rights
Management Isn't About Safeguarding Your Rights." By Mary Jo Foley. In
Ziff Davis Microsoft Watch (February 25, 2003). Rights Management
controlled by Microsoft's RMS might not be all that good, says
Microsoft Watch editor.,4248,903461,00.asp

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Sun Continues to Innovate as Project JXTA Speeds Past One Million
Downloads. Only Peer-to-Peer Computing Technology that Enables
Collaboration and Communication on Any Networked Device. Commercial
Products Available from InView Software, Internet Access Methods, and
Implemented by National Association of Realtors and National
Association of Convenience Stores (NACS)."

"Payroll Deduction Specification Approved by HR-XML. Data Interchange
Standard Enables Requests to Payroll Processors for Payroll Deductions
and Other Change Instructions."

"BEA First to Unify Application Development and Integration into a
Single Software Environment. BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1 Offers
Breakthrough in Time to Value, Dramatically Increases Developer

"Fiorina: HP Makes Strategic Investments in Web Services Management.
Company Unveils Software, Services, Standards Framework to Help
Customers Adopt Web Services, Bridge Competing J2EE and .NET Worlds."

"Employment Background Check Specification Approved by the HR-XML
Consortium. HR-XML Background Check Specification Enables Integration
of Critical Data in the Midst of Heightened Workplace Security."

"I3A Announces Release of CPXe Specification Suite and New Online
Directory Service. Picture Services Network and v1.0 Interoperability
Specifications Put CPXe Into Motion."

"OASIS Members Advance Reliable Message Delivery for Web Services.
WS-Reliability Specification Submitted to OASIS."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

EDOC 2003. Seventh IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object
Computing Conference.  September 16 - 19 2003.  Brisbane, Australia.
2003 JavaOne Conference.  June 10 - 13, 2003.  Moscone Convention
Center, San Francisco, CA, USA.
O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2003.  April 22 - 25, 2003.
Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA, USA.
First Conference (OOoCon 2003). March 20 - 21, 2003.
University of Hamburg, Germany.
Conference on Open Source for National and Local eGovernment Programs
in the U.S. and EU. March 17 - 19, 2003.  Cafritz Conference Center,
The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA.
Documation France 2003.  March 17 - 19, 2003.  Le hall Albinoni du
CNIT, CNIT, Paris La Défense, France.
W3C Third Annual Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Event. March 3 - 7,
2003. Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA, USA.

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