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                        December 03, 2002

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Featured News Stories

Recently featured news stories from the Cover Pages news at:  OR

IBM WebSphere Voice Application Access Supports VoiceXML.
IBM has announced a new WebSphere Voice Application Access middleware
product which simplifies building and managing voice portals, and more
easily extends web-based portals to voice. Implemented on an open-
source, vendor-neutral platform using VoiceXML and Java, the speech-
interface application helps mobile users improve accessibility to
their information, including e-mail, address book, calendar, web
content and e-business applications.

ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement 2.0 Approved as
OASIS Open Standard.
OASIS announced that "ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and
Agreement (CPPA) v2.0" has been approved as an OASIS Open Standard.
CPPA ensures interoperability between two parties, even organizations
that use software from different sources. The CPP defines a party's
message-exchange capabilities and its supported business
collaborations. CPA defines the way two business parties interact in
performing the chosen business collaborations.

Last Call Working Draft for W3C Speech Synthesis Markup Language
The W3C Voice Browser Working Group released a Last Call Working Draft
of the "Speech Synthesis Markup Language Version 1.0." The
specification describes markup for generating synthetic speech via a
speech synthesizer, and forms part of the proposals for the W3C Speech
Interface Framework. With this XML-based language, content authors can
generate synthetic speech on the Web, controlling pronunciation,
volume, pitch, and rate.

Aries Systems Proposes Submission and Manuscript Exchange Format
(SMXF) for STM Publishing.
Aries Systems Corporation has announced a new initiative that would
formulate a publishing industry standard to support the exchange of
scientific manuscripts between differing online manuscript tracking
systems. The proposal calls for the creation of an XML-based, system-
neutral standard for the exchange of manuscript metadata and content.
The Submission and Manuscript Exchange Format (SMXF) would support the
needs of STM journals publishers.
Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Web Services Security Core Specification". Edited by Phillip Hallam-
Baker (VeriSign), Chris Kaler (Microsoft), Ronald Monzillo (Sun), and
Anthony Nadalin (IBM). Working Draft 05. 02-December-2002. 49 pages.
"XML Takes a Step Forward, Hits Snag on Another Front." By Lisa Vaas.
In eWEEK (November 25, 2002).,3959,727953,00.asp
"Declaring Web applications with AppML. [Exploring XML.]" By Michael
Classen. In (November 25, 2002).
"Rich Client Redux. Action Engine Bolsters the Wireless Experience by
Bringing Web Services to Mobile Devices." By James R. Borck. In
InfoWorld Issue 47 (November 25, 2002), pages 33-34.
"Getting Started with XOM." By Michael Fitzgerald. From
November 27, 2002.
"Hacking XUL and WXS-based Transformations." By John E. Simpson. From November 27, 2002.
"RDF Update." By Shelley Powers. From November 27, 2002.
"IBM Bets On 'Smart' Computing." By Steve Gillmor and Mark Jones, with
Steve Mills (IBM). In InfoWorld (December 03, 2002).
"Where the Standards Stand." By Gary H. Anthes. In ComputerWorld
(November 25, 2002).,10801,76121,00.html
"IBM Bolts Voice Support Onto Existing Applications." By Carmen Nobel.
In (December 02, 2002).,3959,740828,00.asp
"IBM Boosts Voice Portals." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (December 03,
"Multi-Party Business Transactions." By Bob Haugen (Logistical
Software LLC, ebXML and UN/CEFACT TMG Business Process Work Group) and
Tony Fletcher (Choreology Ltd, OASIS Business Transaction Protocol
Committee and UN/CEFACT TMG Business Process and Architecture Work
Groups). 'UNCEFACT White Paper'. Version 1.01. 25-November-2002.
31+ 4 pages.
"Adobe Ships Graphics, Document Servers." By [ Staff].
In Internet Week (December 02, 2002).
"Using WSDL in a UDDI Registry." UDDI Spec TC Best Practice document.
Reference: Version 1.08, uddi-spec-tc-bp-using-wsdl-v108-20021110. 12
pages. Edited by John Colgrave (IBM) and Karsten Januszewski
(Microsoft). Contributors: Francisco Curbera (IBM), David Ehnebuske
(IBM), and Dan Rogers (Microsoft).
"Traversing the Tree: Using the 'get_relatedCategories' API in UDDI
Services." By Karsten Januszewski (Microsoft Corporation; UDDI Blog).
From Microsoft MSDN Library. November 2002.
"IBM Adds New WebSphere Tool for Voice Apps." By Stacy Cowley. In
InfoWorld (December 02, 2002).
"Office 11 Needs XML." By Timothy Dyck. In eWEEK (December 02, 2002).,3959,741733,00.asp
"E-gov Agenda Takes Shape. E-Government Act Promotes Web standards,
Procurement Reform, Security Policies." By Judi Hasson, Diane Frank,
and William Matthews. In Federal Computer Week (December 02, 2002).
"Liberty Alliance Waves White Flag at Passport." By Peter Galli and
Dennis Fisher. In eWEEK (December 02, 2002).,3959,740753,00.asp
"Reality Check: What it Takes to Achieve Standards Success." By
Matthew Josefowicz (Senior Analyst, Celent Communications). Paper
presented September 18, 2002 at the Insurance Standards Leadership
Forum (ISLF), New York City, New York. 27 pages.
"Realising XML Benefits in Life Insurance. By Umesh Kumar Rai
(Business Analyst, Insurance Practice). Wipro Technologies White
Paper. 20 pages.
"Cornering the Office." By P.J. Connolly. In InfoWorld (November 29,
"Building Rules into Web Services Applications." By Henry Bowers (ILOG
Inc). In Web Services Journal Volume 02, Issue 12 (December 2002),
pages 7-8.
"Building Interactive Web Services With WSIA and WSRP. One Step Toward
Making Web Services What They Were Meant to Be." By Eilon Reshef. In
Web Services Journal Volume 02, Issue 12 (December 2002), pages 10-16.
"Modeling Biz Docs in XML." By Jon Udell. In InfoWorld (November 29,
"A New Way of Collaborating." By David M. Ewalt. In Information Week
(November 25, 2002).
"Ipedo Upgrades Native XML-Based Suite." By Lisa Vaas. In eWEEK
(November 27, 2002).,3959,732234,00.asp
"Explore the Web Services Bus, Part 1. Using a UDDI-Based Discovery
Mechanism to Make Publishing and Discovering Web Services a Breeze."
By Greg Flurry (Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Software Group).
From IBM developerWorks, Web services. November 2002.
"IBM developerWorks Web Services Demos." By [IBM Staff]. From IBM
developerWorks, Web services. November 2002.
"XML Content Standard Could Challenge Microsoft." By [Analytical
Source] Rita Knox. Gartner FirstTake Report. Reference: FT-18-9097. 25
November 2002.
"Web Services We'd Like To See." By Timothy Appnel. From O'Reilly
Network Weblogs. November 26, 2002.
"Updated IBM Web Services Tool Kit (WSTK) Version 3.3."

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"IBM Advances Pervasive Computing Strategy With New Software. Voice
Portal Technology and Tools Extend IBM Momentum With Device
Manufacturers, Service Providers, and Enterprises."
"Extended Systems' SyncML SDK Compliant with New SyncML Standard.
Company Returns From SyncFest 9 With v1.1.1 Certification."
"OMG Announces Integrate 2003. January 28-29 in Burlingame, CA, USA."
"Adobe Ships Server Products to Automate Document Processes in the
Enterprise. Based on Adobe Acrobat and Adobe PDF, New Server Products
Enable Organizations to Reduce Document Production Costs."
"ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement Ratified as OASIS
Open Standard. New Version of OASIS UN/CEFACT Work Enables E-Business
"New Data Modeling Technology Speeds Integration Projects Across and
Beyond the Enterprise. Contivo's EIM Solution Extends Reach to Legacy
and Web Services Integration."
"Proposed XML-based Standard to Allow Journals and Publishers to
Exchange. In-Process Manuscripts Between Different Online Submission
and Tracking Systems."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

ELPUB 2003.  ICCC/IFIP Seventh International Conference on Electronic
Publishing. June 25 - 28, 2003. University of Minho, Guimaraes,
DAMA International Symposium & Wilshire Meta-Data Conference.  The 7th
Annual Wilshire Meta-Data Conference and the 15th Annual DAMA
International Symposium.  April 27 - May 1, 2003. Renaissance Orlando
Resort at Seaworld, Orlando, Florida, USA.
TDWI World Conference Winter 2003.  February 9-14, 2003.  New Orleans
Marriott, New Orleans, LA, USA.
OMG Integrate 2003.  January 28-29, 2003.  Hyatt Regency San
Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA, USA.
First IEEE International Security In Storage Workshop (SISW 2002).
December 11, 2002. Greenbelt, Maryland, USA.
e-GIF and XML in Government. "Applying the e-Government
Interoperability Framework."  December 10, 2002.  Clifton Pavilion,
College Road, Clifton, Bristol, UK.
Online Information 2002 Conference and Exhibition.  December
3-5, 2002.  Olympia Conference Centre and Grand Hall, Hammersmith,
London W14 8UX, UK.

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