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                        November 19, 2002

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Featured News Stories

Recently featured news stories from the Cover Pages news at:  OR

Liberty Alliance Releases Draft Version 1.1 Specifications for Public
The Liberty Alliance Project has released a public review draft of the
v1.1 specifications, incorporating reviewer feedback on v1.0. The
Liberty specifications focus on enabling interoperability between
technology systems to make it easy for businesses to provide opt-in
account linking and simplified sign-on functionality to partners,
customers and employees. The document suite includes an Overview,
Glossary, and Implementation Guidelines.

IBM alphaWorks Releases Web Services Toolkit for Mobile Devices.
IBM alphaWorks has released a Web Services Tool Kit for Mobile
Devices. WSTKMD provides tools and run-time environments that allow
development of applications that use Web Services on small mobile
devices. Its Java Web service run-time environment using the kSOAP
SOAP API built upon kXML is supported on PoctketPC, Palm, and
BlackBerry. The C Web service run-time environment using small-
footprint gSOAP is supported on the Palm.

ISO SC34 Publishes Draft Reference Model for Topic Maps (RM4TM).
A draft of "The Reference Model for Topic Maps (RM4TM)" has been
published by members of the ISO Topic Map Models Project. The
Reference Model defines an abstract graph structure for the
representation of relationships between subjects, rules for defining
Applications of the Topic Maps paradigm, and rules for processing the
information contained in topic maps. Topic Maps help make "subject"
information accessible from a single location.

W3C Patent Policy Working Group Issues Last Call Royalty-Free Patent
Policy Working Draft.
W3C has released a last call working draft for the "Patent Policy
Working Group Royalty-Free Patent Policy". The draft policy governs
the handling of patents in the process of producing and implementing
W3C Recommendations. Patent disclosures are required for WG
participants and others in W3C Member organizations; WG participants
in W3C Recommendation development must agree to license essential
claims (patents) on a royalty-free (RF) basis. Publishes BPML 1.0 and Business Process Modeling Notation
(BPMN) Working Draft.
The Business Process Management Initiative ( has announced
the final draft for the Business Process Modeling Language (BPML 1.0)
and the first public working draft for the Business Process Modeling
Notation (BPMN). This business process modeling language and graphical
notation can be used by business analysts for the modeling of
executable and manageable business processes. Mappings from BPMN to
BPML and BPEL4WS are documented.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Comdex: Open Mobile Alliance to Announce Eight Mobile Specs."
By Ephraim Schwartz. In InfoWorld (November 19, 2002).
"Web Identity: Weighing the Alternatives." By Carol Sliwa. In
Computerworld (November 11, 2002).,10801,75764,00.html
"Liberty Alliance Updates Net Identity Specification." By John Blau.
In InfoWorld (November 19, 2002).
"Liberty Alliance Updates Identity Specification." By John Fontana. In
Network World (November 19, 2002).
"ASC X12 Reference Model For XML Design." From ASC X12C Communications
and Controls Subcommittee. [And from] Data Interchange Standards
Association, Inc. (DISA). Technical Report Type II. ASC X12C/2002-61.
October 2002. 112 pages.
"Mixed Messages. Organizations Can Manage Both EDI and XML to Get the
Best of Both Worlds." By John Moore. By John Moore. In Federal
Computer Week (November 18, 2002).
"XML For the Rest of Us. [Microsoft Office 11 and XML.]"  By Jon
Udell.  In InfoWorld Issue 46 (November 18, 2002), pages 18-19.
"Developer's Introduction to JAX-RPC, Part 1: Learn the ins and outs
of the JAX-RPC type-mapping system. Type mapping lays the foundation
for interoperable Web services."  By Joshy Joseph (Software Engineer,
IBM OGSA Development Team). From IBM developerWorks, Web services.
November 2002.
"Scoping Out Web Services Problems." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(November 19, 2002).,3959,715680,00.asp
"SAML 1.0 is Adopted - What Developers Can Expect." By Vance McCarthy.
From Integration Developer News (November 18, 2002).
"Enosys Puts Liquid in Liquid Data." By Carolyn A. April. In InfoWorld
(November 18, 2002).
"IBM Builds Mobile Web Services Toolkit." By [ComputerWire Staff]. In
The Register (November 18, 2002).
"Get Ahead With Java Web Services: Get Up to Speed on the Java Web
Services Developer Pack." By James McCarthy (President, Symmetry
Solutions, Inc). From IBM developerWorks, Web services. November 2002.
"Sun Boosts Enterprise Java. The Upcoming J2EE 1.4 Release Supports
New XML and Web Services Semantics." By B. J. Fesq. In Java World
(November 15, 2002).
"ebXML Adoption Update." From the OASIS ebXML Awareness Team. November
2002. 17 pages. An update reporting on ebXML implementations.
"Normalizing XML, Part 1." By Will Provost. From November 13,
"RDF, What's It Good For?" By Kendall Grant Clark. From
November 13, 2002.
"Proper XML Output in Python." By Uche Ogbuji. From November
13, 2002.
"W3C Promotes Royalty-Free Web Services Standards." By Paul Krill. In
InfoWorld (November 14, 2002).
"New Oracle App Server To Bolster Mobile Support, Toplink
Integration." By Barbara Darrow. In CRN (November 13, 2002).
"On XML Objects." By Martin Kempa and Volker Linnemann (Institut für
Informationssysteme, Universität zu Lübeck, Germany). Paper
presented at the PLAN-X Workshop on Programming Language Technologies
for XML (October 3, 2002, Pittsburgh, PA, USA). 11 pages, with 27
"An Algorithm for Streaming XPath Processing with Forward and Backward
Axes." By Charles Barton, Philippe Charles, Marcus Fontoura, and
Deepak Goyal (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center); Vanja Josifovski and
Mukund Raghavachari (IBM Almaden Research Center). Paper presented at
the PLAN-X Workshop on Programming Language Technologies for XML
(October 3, 2002, Pittsburgh, PA, USA). 10 pages, with 15 references.
"Static Analysis for Dynamic XML." By Aske Simon Christensen, Anders
Moeller, and Michael I. Schwartzbach (BRICS, Department of Computer
Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark). Paper presented at the PLAN-X
Workshop on Programming Language Technologies for XML (October 3,
2002, Pittsburgh, PA, USA). 12 pages, with 11 references.
"Web Services Development: Jean Paoli on XML in Office 11." By Jon
Udell. In InfoWorld (November 14, 2002).
"Business Process Standard Moves Forward." By Richard Karpinski. In (November 13, 2002).
"XML Forms Specification Approved by W3C." By John Fontana. In Network
World (November 12, 2002).
"Systinet Announces WASP 4.5 Beta Web Services Platform."
"XML Thunder for COBOL."

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Open Mobile Alliance Announces New Specifications, OMA Release
Program, and Additional Industry Forum Consolidation."
"Liberty Alliance Releases Version 1.1 Specification Draft for Public
Review. Version 1.1 Draft Provides Maintenance Updates to Existing 1.0
"Mindreef Announces Availability of SOAPscope Personal 1.0 at SD East.
Industry's First Web Services Diagnostics System Helps Solve Common
Web Services Problems."
" Founder Announces World's First FpML Tools Community. Gem
Soup Launches Collaborative Software Development for OTC Derivatives."
"Enosys Powers New Class Of Enterprise Information Integration
Applications. Selection of Enosys as BEA Systems Partner Endorses
XQuery. New XQuery Products from Microsoft, IBM and Oracle Mark
Growing Demand for XQuery-based EII."
" Releases Final Draft for BPML 1.0 and First Public Draft for
the BPMN Notation. Specification Duo Enables Standards-Based Business
Process Management for the Enterprise."
"eXcelon Announces Release of XIS Lite. New Version of Native XML
Database Provides Key Benefits of Full-Scale Offering at Lower Cost
Point of Entry."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

19th International Conference on Data Engineering. ICDE 2003. March
5 - March 8, 2003.  Bangalore, India.
18th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. ACSAC 2002.
"Practical Solutions to Real Security Problems."  December 9 - 13,
2002. Alexis Park Resort & Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
XML Conference and Exposition 2002. "XML 2002: Putting the Pieces
Together."  December 8 - 13, 2002. The Baltimore Convention Center,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
OeBF Tablet PC Digital Publishing Conference. December 5, 2002.
McGraw-Hill Auditorium, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY,
XML Security 2002. 2002 ACM Workshop on XML Security.  November 22,
2002.  Johnson Center in George Mason University, Fairfax VA, USA.

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