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                        October 29, 2002

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Featured News Stories

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OASIS Members Propose TC for User Interface Markup Language (UIML).
An OASIS technical committee for the User Interface Markup Language
(UIML) is being formed to develop a specification for an abstract
meta-language that can provide a canonical XML representation of any
user interface (UI). The language should be capable of specifying the
requirements, design, and implementation of any UI. The TC will use
UIML v3.0 as a starting point and expects to deliver a revised spec
within eight months.

Diffuse Final Conference Focuses on Web Services, Grid Services, and
Semantic Web.
The Diffuse Final Conference will held December 12, 2002 in Brussels.
The conference title: "Convergence of Web Services, Grid Services and
the Semantic Web for Delivering e-Services?" Keynotes will be given by
Erkki Liikanen (Member of the European Commission responsible for
Enterprise and Information Society), Carl Kesselman ('Grid' Founder),
Bruce Perens (Author of the Open Source Definition), and Guus
Schreiber (W3C Web Ontology WG).

CIMI Consortium Releases SPECTRUM XML Schema Version 1.5 for Testing.
The Consortium for Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI) has
announced the v1.5 CIMI XML Schema for SPECTRUM. CIMI is a consortium
of cultural heritage institutions and organizations that encourages
open, standards-based approaches to creating and sharing digital
information. The XML Schema supports encoding of descriptive
information relating to museum objects and associated information
about people, places, and historical events.

Sun Secure Trading Agent Technology Preview Supports ebXML MS and CPA.
Sun has announced a Technology Preview for the Sun ONE Integration
Server Secure Trading Agent (STA). STA v1.0 Beta implements a
standards-based, secure, reliable system that provides for the
exchange of business documents between trading partners. It supports
the ebXML Message Service Specification v2.0 and ebXML CPA
Specification v2.0, including transport security, encryption and
digital signing, authorization, and nonrepudiation.

Microsoft XSD Inference Tool Creates Schemas from XML Instances.
Dare Obasanjo announced the availability of a Microsoft XSD Inference
utility. The Beta 1 XSD Inference Tool is used to create an XML Schema
definition language (XSD) schema from an XML instance document. When
provided with well-formed XML file, the utility generates an XSD that
can be used to validate that XML file; one can refine the XSD
generated by providing additional well-formed XML files. An online
version and binaries are available.

Sun Microsystems Announces Java Architecture for XML Binding Beta
Sun Microsystems announced the availability of a JAXB beta Reference
Implementation, version 0.75 Public Draft Specification, API
documentation, and User's Guide. JAXB provides an API and tools that
automate the mapping between XML documents and Java objects. The new
specification includes support for a subset of W3C XML Schema and
Namespaces, more flexible unmarshalling/marshalling functionality, and
validation process enhancements.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"UDDI and WSIL for e-Science." By Rob Allan, Dharmesh Chohan, Xiao
Dong Wang, Mark McKeown, John Colgrave, and Matthew Dovey. Technical
Report from the CLRC e-Science Centre and Distributed Computing
Programme. October 14, 2002. 19 pages.
"An Introduction to WSIL." By Timothy Appnel. From O'Reilly
(October 16, 2002).
"Streamline Your Code and Simplify Localization Using an XML-Based GUI
Language Parser." By Paul DiLascia. In MSDN Magazine (October 29,
"Sun Unveils Upgraded App Server." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld
(October 28, 2002).
"Sun One Application Server 7 Debuts." By Clint Boulton. In (October 28, 2002).
"XML Watch: Exploring Alternative Syntaxes for XML. Weighing the Pros
and Cons." By Edd Dumbill (Editor and publisher, From
IBM developerWorks, XML zone. October 2002.
"XML and Database Mapping in .NET." By Niel Bornstein. From
October 23, 2002.
"Whither Web Services?" By Edd Dumbill. From October 23, 2002.
"XML 1.1: Here We Go Again." By Kendall Grant Clark. From
October 23, 2002.
"Captured in XML." By Jon Udell. In InfoWorld (October 25, 2002).
"Authoring Challenges for Device Independence." Edited by Rhys Lewis
(Volantis Systems). W3C Working Draft 18-October-2002. Latest version
URL: First public Working Draft. Produced
by members of the W3C Device Independence Working Group (DIWG).
"Migratable User Interface Descriptions in Component-Based
Development." By Kris Luyten, Chris Vandervelpen, and Karin Coninx
(Expertise Centre for Digital Media, Limburgs Universitair Centrum,
Belgium). Presented at the Ninth International Workshop on Design,
Specification, and Verification of Interactive Systems (DSV-IS 2002),
Rostock, Germany, June 12-14, 2002. 15 pages, with 14 references.
"Specifying User Interfaces for Runtime Modal Independent Migration."
By Kris Luyten, Tom Van Laerhoven, Karin Coninx, and Frank Van Reeth.
Paper presented at CADUI 2002, Fourth International Conference on
Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces, Universite de Valenciennes,
France, May 15-17, 2002. 12 pages, with 18 references.
"Jabber, WebMethods Tackle Enteprise Integration." By Richard
Karpinski. In InternetWeek (October 21, 2002).
"XSL-FO Inline Elements." By Dave Pawson. Sample Chapter 6 (pages
112-125) in XSL-FO: Making XML Look Good in Print (Sebastopol, CA:
O'Reilly, August 2002).
"EMC Adopts SMI Standard." By Scott Tyler Shafer. In InfoWorld
(October 25, 2002).
"Web Services Key To Groove 2.5." By Barbara Darrow. In CRN (October
25, 2002).
"Liberty, WS-Security Uniting Over SAML Standards." By Vance McCarthy.
From Integration Developer News. October 21, 2002. Case Study.
"Tip: Traversing an XML Document with a TreeWalker. Navigate your DOM
tree while maintaining parental relationships." By Nicholas Chase
(President, Chase and Chase, Inc). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone.
October 2002.
"Adding Custom Functions to XPath." By Prajakta Joshi (Microsoft
Corporation). MSDN Library. October 8, 2002.
"Adobe Fires Server Barrage." By [Seybold Staff.] In The Bulletin:
Seybold News and Views On Electronic Publishing Volume 8, Number 4
(October 23, 2002).
"Use Recursion Effectively in XSL. An Introduction to Recursion in XSL
and Techniques for Optimizing Its Use." By Jared Jackson (Researcher,
IBM). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. October 2002.
"OASIS Tees Up Digital Signatures, Time Stamping." By Richard
Karpinski. In InternetWeek (October 24, 2002).
"OASIS Group Forms to Tackle Digital Signature Quagmire." By Brian
Fonseca. In (October 21, 2002).
"Microsoft Promises Arbitrary XML in Office 11." By [Seybold Staff.]
In The Bulletin: Seybold News and Views On Electronic Publishing
Volume 8, Number 4 (October 23, 2002).
"MS Office XML." By Tim Bray. Posting to XML-DEV. October 24, 2002.
"Co-Inventor of XML Says Office 11 is 'A Huge Step Forward for
Microsoft'." By Tim Bray [and XML-J Industry Newsletter]. In XML
Journal (October 24, 2002).
"Sun Joins WS-I." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (October 24, 2002).
"Phaos Looks to Boost Liberty Single Sign-On." By Paul Krill. and
James Niccolai. In InfoWorld (October 22, 2002).
"Phaos Releases Liberty Identity Toolkit." By Richard Karpinski. In
InternetWeek (October 22, 2002).

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"OASIS UIML Technical Committee Call For Participation"
"Sun Microsystems Radically Changes Application Server Market With
Release of Sun One Application Server 7. Free Platform Edition With
New Integrated Java Tools Makes Creating Web Services Faster and More
Economical. Sun ONE Application Server 7 is More Than 50 Percent
Faster than IBM WebSphere in JSPs, Servlets, and JDBC."
"Alcatel Makes It Easier to Integrate Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 Features
into Web Applications and Communication Portals. XML Telephony
Software Development Kit ushers in new generation of applications for
Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 IP-PBX."
"Special Information Days on Financial Services, Transportation, C4I
and Systems Engineering Highlight Upcoming OMG Standards Meeting
Members to Form Model Driven Architecture (MDA) User Group."
"Microsoft XML Architect to Unveil XML in 'Office 11' At XML
Conference & Exposition 2002."
"Jabber and webMethods Form Strategic Alliance. webMethods and Jabber
Team to Provide Real-Time Information to Financial Services Companies
Using webMethods' Market-Leading Integration Platform."
"Sun STA Technology Preview Supports ebXML MS, CPA."
"RevXml: A Tool for the Tracking Of Revision of XML/ SGML/ XHTML-
Tagged Documents and Data."
"Sun Microsystems Joins WS-I. Web Services Leader Plans to Run for
Board Election."
"OASIS Members Work to Develop Digital Signature and Timestamping
Protocols. Entrust, IONA, NIST, webMethods, TIBCO, Verisign, and
Others Collaborate on Security Standard to Accelerate Web Services
"Mindreef Previews Web Services Diagnostics Technology at Meta Group
and DCI's The Summit on Web Services Conference. NuMega Founders Form
New Company to Address Challenges of Isolating Problems in Distributed
"Phaos Technology Releases Liberty Toolkit 2.0. e-Security Provider
Offers Developer Toolkit for Liberty Alliance Specifications."
"Global eXchange Services Offers AS2 Outsourcing Service. New GXS
Service Enables Companies of All Sizes to Transact Over the Internet
Using AS2 Without Complex System Upgrades or Additional In-house
Technical Expertise."
"ChemConnect links to Global eXchange Services. ChemConnect Members
Gain Cost-Efficient Access to Thousands of Customers and Suppliers
through GXS Network. Occidental Chemical Corporation among First to
Reap Benefits of GXS Connection."

Selected references from the events calendar at:
PODS 2003 Conference.  22nd ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on
Principles of Database Systems. June 9 - 12, 2003.  Town and Country
Hotel, San Diego, California, USA.
Euroweb 2002 Conference. "The Web and the GRID: From E-science to
E-business."  December 17 - 18, 2002.  St Anne's College, Oxford, UK.
Diffuse Final Conference.  "Convergence of Web Services, Grid Services
and the Semantic Web for Delivering e-Services?"  December 12, 2002.
European Commission Conference Centre Borschette, Brussels, Belgium.
XML BeLux Conference 2002.  "Applied XML: Annual Conference of XML
Belux."  November 21, 2002.  Aula Omnia Schaubroeck, Nazareth/Ghent,
SMIL Europe 2002.  November 20 - 22, 2002.  Ecole Nationale Superieure
d'Arts et Metiers (ENSAM), Paris, France.
Digital Resources for the Humanities 2002 (DRH 2002).  September
8 - 11, 2002. Edinburgh University Library, The University of
Scotland, UK.

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