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                          August 20, 2002
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Featured News Stories
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ISO Prepares Reference Ontology for Interchange of Cultural Heritage
ISO TC/46 has published a Committee Draft reference ontology for the
interchange of cultural heritage information. Crosswalks have been
established with major data schemas and metadata standards such as
Dublin Core, ABC, and Spectrum. XML and RDFS implementations have been
developed using the Conceptual Reference Model and data migrations
have been made using test data provided by different institutions.

Tiny API for Markup (TAM) and Parser for Lightweight XML Processing.
A posting from Simon St.Laurent announces the initial release of
a Tiny API for Markup (TAM) and supporting Java 2 Micro Edition
parser. The Tiny API for Markup (TAM) provides a very small
interface for parsing XML and similar documents, targeted at
Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). DOCTYPE processing will be added in
a later version of the parser which supports more of XML 1.0 and
also Markup Object Events (MOE).

W3C Working Groups Update Specifications for XSLT, XML Query, and
Seven revised working draft specifications have been published by the
W3C Working Groups for XML Query, XSL, and XML Schema. Several working
drafts represent collaborative work by the XSL and XML Query Working
Groups, which are jointly responsible for XPath 2.0, a language
derived from both XPath 1.0 and XQuery. The XPath 2.0 and XQuery 1.0
Working Drafts are generated from a common source.

SALT Forum Contributes Speech Application Language Tags Specification
to W3C.
An announcement from the SALT Forum describes the contribution of the
Speech Application Language Tags specification to the World Wide Web
Consortium (W3C). The SALT Forum has asked the W3C Multimodal
Interaction Working Group and Voice Browser Working Group to review
the SALT specification as part of their development of standards for
promoting multimodal interaction and voice-enabling the Web.
Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:
"Automating Business Processes and Transactions in Web Services. An
Introduction to BPELWS, WS-Coordination, and WS-Transaction."  By
James Snell (IBM Emerging Technologies).  From IBM developerWorks,
Web Services Zone. August 2002.
"Java and UDDI Registries."  By Paul Tremblett.  In Dr. Dobb's Journal
[DDJ] (September 2002) #340, pages 34-40.
Open Management Interface Specification. Version 1.0. Revision 1
OASIS.  From webMethods (Geoff Bullen, Ash Nangia, Doug Stein, Mona
He, Prasad Yendluri, Steve Jankowski) and Hewlett-Packard (Art Harkin,
Victor Martin, Homayoun Pourheidari, Fu-Tai Shih).  118 pages.
Submitted 2002-08-20 to the OASIS Management Protocol Technical
"ASR On The Fly."  By Ellen Muraskin.  In Communications Convergence
(August 2002), pages 42-55.
"Wireless Standards Group Picks Up ODRL."  By [Seybold Staff]. In The
Bulletin: Seybold News and Views On Electronic Publishing, Volume 7,
Number 47 (August 21, 2002).
"The Web Services Scandal. How Data Semantics Have Been Overlooked in
Integration Solutions." By Jeffrey T. Pollock. In EAI Journal, Volume
4, Number 8 (August 2002), pages 20-23. Cover Story.
"Application Integration: Business and Technology Trends." By Eric
Roch (Tibco). In EAI Journal, Volume 4, Number 8 (August 2002),
pages 34-39.
"Sun Unveils New Standards-Based Storage Software." By Lucas Mearian.
In Computerworld (August 19, 2002).,10801,73606,00.html
"Easier Financial Reporting at Hand With XBRL. Nasdaq First Stock
Market to Adopt XML-Based Tags for Financial Data." By Eileen Colkin
and Paul McDougall. In InformationWeek (August 12, 2002), page 22.
"ODRL 1.1 Review. Release of Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL)
1.1 and its endorsement by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)." By
[Bill Rosenblatt] GiantSteps/Media Technology Strategies. In
DRM Watch. August 19, 2002.
"NeoCore Adds Muscle to XML Database." By Matt Hicks. In eWEEK
(August 19, 2002).,3959,476168,00.asp
"XML Firewalls Aid Services." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(August 19, 2002).,3959,474122,00.asp
"Web Services Extend Tools' IQ To Other Apps. Cognos Developers' Kit
Provides Links to Query and Reporting Capabilities." By Rick Whiting.
In InformationWeek (August 19, 2002).
"Cognos to Unveil Support for Web Services." By Heather Harreld.
In InfoWorld (August 16, 2002).
"Web Services Management Protocol Spec Eyed." By Paul Krill.
In InfoWorld (August 15, 2002).
"The XMLPULL API." By Elliotte Rusty Harold. From
August 14, 2002.
"XSLT Processing in .NET." By Joe Feser. From
August 14, 2002.
"The Absent Yet Present Link." By Kendall Grant Clark. From
August 14, 2002.
"Ventura 10 Throws Down the XML Gauntlet to Frame. [Content
Management.]" By Mark Walter (TSR Senior Editor). In Seybold Report:
Analyzing Publishing Technology [ISSN: 1533-9211] Volume 2,
Number 10 (August 19, 2002).
"Standard Practice." By Aaron Walsh. In New Architect Magazine,
Volume 7, Issue 09 (September 2002), pages 26-30.
"Supporting Limits on Copyright Exclusivity in a Rights Expression
Language Standard. A Requirements Submission to the OASIS Rights
Language TC." By Deirdre K. Mulligan and Aaron Burstein, with
John Erickson (Principal Scientist, Digital Media Systems Lab,
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories). August 13, 2002. 17 pages.
Comments submitted by the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy
Clinic on behalf of the Clinic and the Electronic Privacy
Information Center (EPIC).
"SALT Forum Submits Multimodal Spec to W3C." By Ephraim Schwartz. In
InfoWorld (August 13, 2002).
"SALT Forum Submits Spec to W3C." By Dennis Callaghan. In eWEEK
(August 13, 2002).,3959,465570,00.asp
"Converting Between Java Objects and XML with Quick. Integrating Java
Objects and XML Data." By Brett McLaughlin (Author and Editor,
O'Reilly and Associates). From IBM developerWorks, XML Zone.
August 2002.

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:
"CIDX, GPA Join Forces to Promote XML Standards."
"F5 Joins the Web Services Interoperability Organization."
"Contivo and Open Applications Group Team to Ease Application
Integration. OAG to Use Contivo Modeling Solution to Manage XML
Dialects to Solve the 'Data Babble' Problem."
"Cognos Announces Immediate Availability of Cognos Web Services.
Platform Support for Unix, Microsoft -- Extends Value of Broad
Range of Cognos Series 7 Business Intelligence."
"Emery Forwarding Uses Microsoft BizTalk Server And Windows Powered
Pocket PCs to Build Comprehensive EAI Solution. Leading Global
Transportation Company Uses Winning Combination of XML and Mobility
to Send Shipment Information From Drivers to Customers in Real Time."
"Corel Corporation Introduces Corel Ventura 10. Enterprise
Publishing Software Provides XML and Enhanced Graphics Support
for Visually-Rich Documents."
"Choreology's Cohesions Product Will Support
"Journee Software Joins OASIS CIQ Technical Committee. Accelerates
Delivery Of XML Standards to Customers."
"SALT Forum Contributes Speech Application Language Tags
Specification Version 1.0 to World Wide Web Consortium. Contribution
Furthers Goal of Establishing Open, Royalty-Free Standard for
Speech-Enabling Multimodal and Telephony Applications."
LISA Forum Europe 2002. "Standards in Localization and Translation
Multilingual Content Authoring, Web-Services, Workflow and Your
Company's ROI."  November 4 - 7, 2002. Marriott Hotel, Heidelberg,
Liberty Alliance Project All-Participant Meeting.  September 19, 2002.
Chicago, Illinois, USA.
NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) and Digital Rights Management
(DRM) Workshop.  September 9, 2002.  Georgetown University
Conference Center, Washington, D.C., USA.
NLPXML-2002.  Second Workshop on NLP and XML.  September 1, 2002.
Taipei, Taiwan.
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