SGML: Microsoft Corrects TechWire article on XML

Microsoft Corrects TechWire article on XML

Jean Paoli of Microsoft wrote, with respect to certain misimpressions likely to be conveyed in John Gartner's article on XML:

Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 13:12:04 -0800
From: Jean Paoli <>
> John Gartner's article in TechWeb:
A TechWeb reporter issued today an article on CDF & XML.

He said wrongly (I am quoting him twice):

> "Microsoft had formally submitted a proposal for the Extensible Markup
> Language (XML) to the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) on March 9,
> which 
> seeks to open the Web to a plethora of custom-formatted information."
> "Two Java-based XML viewers are available" 

This is bad and wrong.

This article has a lot of mistakes and the reporter overstated a lot
what Thomas Reardon
was telling him. We are correcting this with him.

Microsoft -and me personnally- apologize if this article implies as if
Microsoft owns XML.
This is not our not our intention and is obviously not true.

The press has yet obviously a lot to learn about XML.
I am also going to ask the XML ERB to help me correct this.

-Jean Paoli