Title: SGML UK October Meeting Announcement
Author: Francis Cave <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 15:24:49 -0700
--------------------------------------------------------- [See The published agenda for the meeting] MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT SGML UK, an affiliate chapter of the International SGML Users Group, are pleased to announce an all-day open meeting on the theme of "The eXtensible Markup Language (XML)" to be held at the Wiltshire Hotel, Swindon, on Thursday 23rd October. XML holds out the very real prospect of giving online publishers the ability to use practically the full power of SGML for Web-based document delivery and presentation. With support from major Web developers, including Microsoft, and a wide range of applications, from scientific publishing to electronic commerce, XML is arguably the most exciting development in the SGML world since CALS, with major implications for all Web users. The meeting is being planned to enable you to: * bring yourself up to speed on the nature and purpose of XML * find out about the wide range of XML applications being developed * check out the availability of tools to support XML use. The meeting programme will include: - a full programme of presentations by XML experts, developers and users - a technology showcase for system developers and vendors to demonstrate XML and SGML tools - buffet lunch The meeting will be followed by a closed session for SGML UK members, to discuss the future direction and activities of SGML UK. Further details on the programme, fees and registration instructions will be issued in mid-September. Enquiries should be directed to: Francis Cave: email, tel +44 1372 802213, fax +44 1372 802238) or Kirsten Pymer: email, tel +44 1793 512515, fax +44 1793 512516). -- Francis J Cave, Publishing and New Media Group, Pira International Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7RU, United Kingdom Direct line +44 1372 802213 Assistant +44 1372 802212 Switchboard +44 1372 802000 Fax line +44 1372 802238