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OASIS Assumes Responsibility for DocBook DTD

SGML/XML Industry Consortium Takes Ownership of Documentation DTD

San Diego, CA, July 27, 1998 -- OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, today announced that the Davenport Committee (http://www.ora.com/davenport/index.html) will transfer responsibility for and ownership of the DocBook DTD to OASIS. The DocBook DTD is a definition of the structure used for an SGML document, developed specifically for computer software documentation, user manuals, and programming references. DocBook work previously sponsored by Davenport will now take place as a technical subcommittee of OASIS, and OASIS will host the DocBook mail lists and web pages.

"DocBook is the most widely used DTD for computer software documentation in the world today," said Karl Best, Manager of Frame Developer Support at Adobe Systems and Chief Strategy Officer for OASIS. "As the only international, non-profit consortium dedicated to structured information standards, OASIS is uniquely positioned to guide the future of DocBook."

"OASIS is happy to assume the responsibility for the Docbook DTD," added Robin Tomlin, executive director of OASIS. "This new addition continues to reflect the expansion of the consortium and provide leadership in different technical disciplines for structured information standards."

In meetings to be held this week at the OASIS Summer Workshop in San Diego, a technical subcommittee will be formed, officers chosen, and an agenda set for the continuance of the technical work of the DocBook DTD.

Active participation in the OASIS DocBook technical committee will be limited to members of the OASIS consortium. Non-OASIS members may join the technical committee as "invited experts" if asked to do so by the committee chair, or may join the DocBook Special Interest Group by subscribing to the DocBook mail alias soon to be set up at the OASIS web site.

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