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Featured News Stories

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New DMTF Server Management Working Group to Evolve CIM Specification.
The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) has announced the
formation of a Server Management Working Group chartered to define a
platform independent, industry standard management architecture
instantiated through wire level protocols built upon IP based
technologies. The architecture will extend the Common Information
Model (CIM) schema to represent new server system topologies, defining
new profiles for the management of server system hardware. Releases Investment Research Standard RIXML Version 2.1.
The consortium of buy- and sell-side financial industry
leaders has announced the Version 2.1 release of its RIXML
specification, including the XML Schema and "RIXML Users Guide: Data
Dictionary Report." This investment research standard was designed by
asset managers and investment banks as an open protocol that will
improve the process of categorizing, aggregating, comparing, sorting,
searching, and distributing global financial research.

RELAX NG XML Schema Language Published as an ISO Standard
(DSDL Part 2).
James Clark announced the publication of the RELAX NG specification as
an ISO standard, being Part 2 'Regular-Grammar-Based Validation' of
the multi-part ISO 19575 Document Schema Definition Language (DSDL).
In Clark's vision, the RELAX NG schema language is "based firmly on
the labelled-tree abstraction," distinguished from other XML schema
languages by what it leaves out. RELAX NG is supported by a growing
collection of software tools.

Metadata Envelope for IETF MMUSIC Internet Media Guides (IMG).
A draft document "Metadata Framework for Internet Media Guides:
Metadata Envelope" has been submitted to the IETF MMUSIC Working
Group, together with an XML Schema for the IMG transfer envelope.
Using SDP, IMG metadata is encapsulated into an IMG transfer envelope
before it is passed to an IMG transport protocol such as MUPPET. It
provides information describing resources and multimedia programs for
streaming or downloading via multicast or unicast.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Introducing WS-CAF: More Than Just Transactions." By Mark Little and
Jim Webber (Arjuna Technologies). In Web Services Journal Volume 03,
Issue 12 (December 2003). This article provides a high-level view of
Web Services Composite Application Framework (WS-CAF) starting from
the bottom up, explaining the layered architecture of the trio of
specifications that comprise WS-CAF, and demonstrating how each of the
specifications can be used in its own right or as a whole to provide a
rich framework for building reliable composite applications.
"Sun Sets Up European RFID Test Center." By Andy McCue. In CNET (December 05, 2003). Demonstrating confidence in a lucrative
RFID market, Sun's Chief Executive Scott McNealy checked out a
shopping basket of RFID-tagged goods. Sun Microsystems announced that
it will open a facility in Europe where companies can test their radio
frequency identification systems.
"New Storage Management Specification Key to Managing Multi-Vendor
SANs." By Shankar Subramanian. In CNET Asia (December 09, 2003). The
Storage Management Interface Specification (SMI-S) is a specification
for a standardized interface for storage management applications. The
use of the CIM-XML over HTTP standard allows vendors to dynamically
extend the features and functions of their products without redesign
of the management transport.,39006407,39160252,00.htm
"Reusable Asset Specification Advances at OMG." By David Rubinstein.
In Software Development Times (December 15, 2003). The OMG
architecture board has given its approval to the Reusable Asset
Specification (RAS), basing it on the XML Metadata Interchange to
facilitate the growth of what the group is calling asset-based
"Draft RFC Submitted to OMG: Reusable Asset Specification (RAS)." An
OMG Draft. Version 2.1. August 2003. Copyright (c) 2003 IBM,
Flashline, LogicLibrary, ComponentSource, and Adaptive. 84 pages. The
Reusable Asset Specification (RAS) defines a standard way to package
reusable software assets. A reusable software asset is, broadly
speaking, any cohesive collection of artifacts that solve a specific
problem, created with the intent of reuse.
"BEA Thinks Simple With Weblogic Revamp." By Martin LaMonica. In CNET (December 16, 2003). BEA Systems is hoping to simplify the
management of Java software with an upcoming release of its WebLogic
product, underscoring a broader industry push to lower the cost of
managing applications. BEA WebLogic 9.0 application server software is
being designed to help businesses see how well their Java business
applications are performing.
"Optimizing Web Services Using Java, Part I: Generic Java and Web
Services." By Jordan Anastasiade. In Web Services Journal Volume 03,
Issue 12 (December 2003). The author describes some proposed changes
to Java ("generics") and shows how they work together to make Java
technology a more expressive language for Web services development. A
second article uses the Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP 1.3),
JAX-RPC 1.1 with its improved schema binding, and the architecture for
Basic Profile 1.0, to demonstrate how to design Web services that
perform well.
"Screen XML Documents Efficiently With StAX." By Berthold Daum (BDaum
Industrial Communications). From IBM developerWorks. December 11,
2003. This article shows you how to retrieve specific information from
XML documents and how to stop the parsing process once this
information is collected. With StAX you retrieve the information you
want, then stop the parsing process.
"Longhorn for Developers: Controls and XAML." By Brent Rector. In
Microsoft MSDN Library (December 16, 2003). From Introducing
"Longhorn" for Developers. Longhorn platform applications typically
consist of an Application object and a set of user interface pages
that you write in a declarative markup language called XAML. A XAML
page describes the classes that the runtime should create, the
property values and event handlers for the instances of the classes,
and an object model hierarchy.
"BitTorrent and RSS Create Disruptive Revolution. XML Syndication and
Peer-To-Peer Meet to Extend the Power and Efficiency of Web-based
Information Distribution." By Steve Gillmor. In eWEEK (December 14,
2003). RSS feeds are XML text files generated by blogs, websites and
other web servers that desktop clients download on a set schedule,
usually once an hour. As RSS gains momentum, it begins to strain the
boundaries of its current infrastructure. Feeds are increasingly
containing full text, graphics, and even multimedia files.,4149,1413403,00.asp
"Sun Bolsters Services Efforts. Company Emphasizing Technologies
Involving Managed Services and Utility Computing to Solve Services-
Related Problems." By Ed Scannell. In InfoWorld (December 16, 2003).
Sun Microsystems has underlined its commitment to driving cost and
complexity out of corporate IT shops with a hard focus on technology-
based solutions through its professional services group, combining its
utility computing and managed services groups under one roof.
"Server Vendors Launch Management Initiative. Intel, IBM, HP, Dell to
Work in Conjunction with DMTF to Standardize the Way Servers are
Managed." By Robert McMillan. In InfoWorld (December 16, 2003). Intel
Corp., Dell Inc., IBM Corp., and Hewlett-Packard Co., and others have
announced a new industry organization to standardize the way servers
are managed. The new Server Management Working Group being formed
within the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) standards
organization will enhance the CIM specification.
"Atom in Depth." By Sam Ruby. Presentation at the XML 2003 News
Standards Summit. December 08, 2003. Sam Ruby (Senior Technical Staff
Member in IBM Emerging Technologies Group, also VP, Apache Software
Foundation) provided a state-of-affairs overview of the Atom news
syndication format at the recent News Standards Summit. The
presentation summarized in 59 slides covers: Background to Atom, Core
model, Syndication, 'API', and the Web Accessible Archive.
"XML 2003 Session Report: News from the World of DSDL." By Uche
Ogbuji. From (December 15, 2003). On 10-December-2003 at
the XML 2003 Conference in Philadelphia, Eric van der Vlist kicked off
a block of presentations opening up the world of ISO Document Schema
Definition Languages (DSDL), a project of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 34 WG 1.
The multi-part DSDL uses RELAX NG and Schematron.
"BEA Pushing XML Document Effort. Company Also Eyeing Notification
Technology for Browsers." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (December 15,
2003). BEA Systems is offering up to the Apache open source community
its XML Beans technology for XML document management; the company is
submitting XML Beans as an Apache Project to ensure its
interoperability and support of a broad spectrum of XML and schema
"The Atom Syndication Format 0.3 (PRE-DRAFT)." By Mark Nottingham
[WWW]. With contributions from Tim Bray, Mark Pilgrim, and Sam Ruby;
the content and concepts within are a product of the Atom community.
APE (Atom/Pie/Echo) Working Group. December [12] 2003 [or later].
Reference: 'draft-nottingham-atom-format-01'. Supersedes: The Atom
Syndication Format (PRE-DRAFT), 'draft-nottingham-atom-format-00a',
August 2003. "Atom is an XML-based file format intended to allow lists
of information, known as 'feeds', to be synchronised between
publishers and consumers. Feeds are composed of a number of items,
known as 'entries', each with an extensible set of attached metadata.
"A 'Suite' Deal for Adobe Developers." By Jim Rapoza. In eWEEK
(December 08, 2003). The newly released Adobe Creative Suite Premium
is the first package that includes all Adobe Systems Inc.'s popular
design development tools. It offers users the opportunity to
effectively and affordably use these products to create and edit
images, print content, and generate online content in an integrated
and collaborative work environment.,4149,1405029,00.asp

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"BEA Systems Delivers New Innovations, Standards Contributions to Help
Developers Reduce Coding Complexity for Dramatically Increased
Productivity. New Portability Kit, Open Source Project and Web Site
Further Drive Investment Protection and Faster Time to Value for

"OASIS Interoperability Demos Showcase ebXML, SAML, UBL, WS-
Reliability, and XACML at XML 2003. Adobe, BEA, Citrix, Cyclone
Commerce, Drake Certivo, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Korean National
Computerization Agency (NCA), NEC, US National Institute of Standards
and Technology (NIST), Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Vignette, and Others
Demonstrate Interoperability of Standards."

"WS-I Delivers Sample Applications for Basic Profile. Sample
Applications Provide Real-World Business Requirements to Web

"IDEAlliance Issues ICE 2.0 RFC at Industry News Standards Summit.
Industry Strength, Web-Services Compliant Syndication Protocol Nears
Final Approval."

"XML Cup 2003 Awards Presented to Michael Sperberg-McQueen of W3C,
Adam Bosworth of BEA. Annual Awards Honor Achievements, Contributions
to XML Standard."

"OMG Announces Workshop on Deploying Service Oriented Architectures."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

WWW2004. The Thirteenth International World Wide Web Conference. May
17-22, 2004.  New York Sheraton, New York, NY, USA.

ODRL International Workshop 2004. April 21 - 23, 2004. Vienna
University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna, Austria.

The Gilbane Conference on Content Management.  March 24 - 26, 2004.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

AIIM 2004 Conference. March 8 - 10, 2004. Javits Convention Center,
New York, NY, USA.

Web Services Edge 2004 East International Conference & Expo.  February
24 - 26, 2004.  Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, USA.

OMG Workshop on Deploying Service Oriented Architectures.  February
23 - 26, 2004.  San Jose, CA, USA.

Third Annual O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference.  February
9 - 12, 2004. Westin Horton Plaza San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA.

First International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC
2003). "The New Computing Paradigm for the Networked World."  December
15 - 18, 2003.  Trento, Italy.

IASTED Special Session on Architectures and Languages for Digital
Rights Management and Access Control. December 11, 2003. New York
City, NY, USA.

19th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference.  "Practical
Solutions to Real Security Problems."  December 8 - 12, 2003.  Aladdin
Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

XML 2003 Conference and Exhibition.  "Now We're Cooking".
December 7 - 12, 2003.  Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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